Thursday, April 10, 2014

Those Pushing Romney 2016 Are Sniffing Glue

With Chris Christie's popularity plummeting and Jeb Bush's latest comments about illegal immigrant law breakers committing "acts of love," the GOP establishment is running out of slip and fall moderate candidates to force upon the conservative electorate for 2016.  Rumors abound that the establishment is looking to get behind Mitt Romney for 2016 once again.  If you think Mitt Romney should be the nominee in 2016, your official certificate of insanity awaits.  Joining this chorus of lunacy is none other than talk show host Tammy Bruce, who recently wrote  an article in the Washington Times in support of Romney 2016.  I explain why this rumor/pipe dream is not only insane, but also makes absolutely no sense.

Friday, April 4, 2014

What I Would Like To Say to the Republican Establishment in Defense of Sarah Palin

This clip from the 2013 comedy "The Heat" pretty much sums up what I would like to say to the republican establishment in defense of Sarah Palin. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

US Needs Another Bush Paul Clinton POTUS Candidacy Like It Needs a Clap Epidemic

America has had enough of political dynasties and the "wife of, son of, brother of" POTUS candidacies. Is there much difference between Rand Paul and Jeb Bush?  Both are for amnesty.  Both call for the republican party to moderate or push to the left on social issues.  If we do not stand for social and cultural issues now, then when will we? Is Rand Paul simply an establishment republican who espouses libertarian populist speak?  Rand Paul is not feared by the establishment.  Some of he and his father's former supporters believe Rand is "controlled opposition." Paul should not be commended for getting applause at college campus that is known for its far left radicalism.  My horrifying online conversation with a libertarian re: amnesty  proves why libertarianism is nuts and doesn't work.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Extortion 17, COIN & ROE--What The F%@*K Is Going On With This Country?

I don't know what pisses me off more, the fact that this is what is going on with our military or the fact that this video currently only has 160 views. EVERYONE should watch this video. EVERYONE who has a son who is interested in enlisting in the US Armed forces should watch this video. EVERYONE should share this video. EVERYONE should be outraged that this is going on right now. Stop with the damn conspiracy theories about the damn missing plane. Stop with the other damn distraction stories of the day. This is serious. Obama's rules of engagement are putting our combat troops in danger. Do you know that, in this touchy feely "win the hearts and minds" war that Obama and the Pentagon is fighting, Afghan jihadis are allowed to sit in a watch tower ON BASE, ARMED, while our soldiers walk about below UNARMED? Such an asinine policy led to the death of an American solider when an armed jihadi opened fire on the soldiers who walked below.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sarah Palin –Leader Of The American Awakening CPAC 2014

Sarah Palin rocks the house delivering the key note speech at CPAC 2014.  The former governor of Alaska lampooned the Obama administration by reading a conservative version of "Green Eggs and Ham."  Palin to the GOP establishment:  You didn't build that 2010 victory—the tea party did.  She told packed house that the age of Obama is almost over and there has been a great awakening in America.  Sarah Palin—who was right on a whole list of issues besides predicting Russian aggression in the Ukraine—is the leader of that great American awakening.  Palin's speech drew both praise from supporters and criticism from some in the media.  Also, a word about some "friends of Sarah Palin" who "love Sarah Palin but..." opinions and their online polls.
Mark Levin discusses Sarah Palin's CPAC 2014 speech>>>

Monday, March 3, 2014

Another Palin Reagan Comparison

Since I posted the segments "The Reaganish Sarah Palin" back in November, some listeners/readers have asked if there will be ever be a part three.  I have no intention of doing a third segment and have often said that a third segment would depend on whether or not Governor Palin runs for higher office in a few years.   
But I did find an interesting paragraph from a book that I read this weekend called "Kennedy & Reagan--Why Their Legacies Endure" by Scott Farris. The eerie paragraph describing Reagan during the years before he won the presidency in 1980 sounds like it could be written for Sarah Palin today.

Farris writes:
"Far from making him a pariah within the party, the fratricidal challenges by Reagan made him, more than ever, the undisputed leader of the conservative cause. Still, many in the media questioned whether Reagan's time as a viable presidential candidate had passed. By 1980, he had been out of public office for six years, though he remained in the public eye and ear through his television appearances, radio commentary, syndicated columns and multiple speaking engagements. Early supporter, businessman and conservative activist Henry Salvatori had been right. Reagan's appeal as a presidential candidate had not been based on his record as a governor any more than Kennedy's was not based on his service in the Senate, nor had it been diminished because it had been a half a dozen years since he held office."
When the 2015-2016 election cycle rolls around, it will be roughly six years since Sarah Palin held public office. She continues to remain in the public eye and ear via social media, Fox News, books and speaking engagements. Her record as a governor is stellar and whether one agrees, disagrees, or doesn't understand why she resigned due to cognitive issues, it doesn't seem to have hurt her popularity judging from polls published in recent weeks.
According to Gallup, she remains on the list as one of the most admired women in the world.
In case you missed it, you can listen to parts one and two of the Reaganish Sarah Palin here and here. –Mr.L 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

If You Believe Hillary Clinton Can Beat Sarah Palin in Alaska in 16'—You're High

The campaign for the inevitable Hillary Clinton presidency has begun.  Last week, PPP released a poll claiming Hillary Clinton could beat Sarah Palin in the state of Alaska in 2016.  Many Alaskans laugh at this poll. Know why?  Alaska has been a republican state since became a state in the 1950s.  Alaska is a state where three republicans can run in a race, along with a libertarian, and the democrat will trail them all.   Put down the crack pipe and let that sink in.  Hillary Clinton has never won a competitive race in her life.  Sarah Palin’s list of accomplishments in Alaska is a matter of record.  While Hillary Clinton has collected several titles over the course of her life, her actual accomplishments do not exist.  Like Sarah Palin once said regarding Clinton’s involvement in Benghazi, "anyone who would just throw away 200 years of military ethos and leave our men behind to be murdered" should "never be considered as a commander in chief."

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Gutfeld Is Right. You Need a Strong Republican Woman Like Sarah Palin To Beat Hillary in 2016

The Fox News Bush/Rove girls of "The Jive" have made it clear—they do not want Sarah Palin running for president against Hillary Clinton in 2016.  But co-host Greg Gutfeld is correct.  Mr.L made the same observation in April 2013.  Republicans need a strong conservative woman with name recognition like Sarah Palin to beat Hillary Clinton should she run for president in 2016.
Excerpt from Mr.L: Why Sarah Palin vs. Bush/Clinton Showdown in 2016 Must Happen
April 15, 2013
Full show here

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Don't Complain When Chris Christie Is The GOP Presidential Nominee

This is for those on the right who are foolishly defending Chris Christie during his George Washington Bridge issue. I elaborate on the inspirational words from BigFurHat's blog at IOwnTheWorld.
To Christie-cans: If Christie could not pass Team Mitt's vetting for VP in 12', why should he lead the GOP in 16'?

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Reaganish Sarah Palin—Part 1

In an appearance on the Today show to promote her new book "Good Tidings," Sarah Palin said, "There is no Ronald Regan on the scene today."  I disagree. There is and that person is Sarah Palin.  In part one of this segment, I demonstrate that there is no other politician that is as "Reaganish" as Sarah Palin.  The similarities between the two run the gamut from the political to the professional to the personal.  There is no other conservative figure since Ronald Reagan who withstood irrational attacks and ridicule from the media and the left like Sarah Palin.

The Reaganish Sarah Palin—Part 2

In an appearance on the Today show to promote her new book "Good Tidings," Sarah Palin said, "There is no Ronald Regan on the scene today."  I disagree. There is and it is Sarah Palin.  In part two of this segment, Sarah Palin has an enthusiastic, motivated and passionate group of supporters behind her as Ronald Reagan did.  It's back to the future with the GOP.  As it was in 1973 as it is in 2013, not much has changed with the republican establishment.  They are still the gang that can't shoot straight.  They still alienate their base of voters. They still strive to be Democrat light. They still disrespect and distance themselves from conservatives like Sarah Palin as they did to Reagan.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Obama Legacy: From Hope & Change to Lie & Blame

The Obama legacy will be defined as one that transformed from hope and change to lies and blame.  Is Barack Obama capable of telling the truth about anything?  From issues such as the killing Osama Bin Laden to Obamacare, there are lies found in all of them.  Obama's lie "you can keep your insurance or doctor" will do for his legacy what "Read my lips—no new taxes" and "I didn't have sex with that woman" did for the legacies of George HW Bush and Bill Clinton. The Democrats are frantically doing damage control for Hillary Clinton after 60 Minutes piece on Benghazi.  The Democrat party girls who claim that embassy attacks under previous administrations are the same as Benghazi are wrong.  Unlike Benghazi: The previous attacks were sudden suicide bombings that came without any warning. The previous attacks did not happen on the anniversary of a major attack like 9/11/2001. The previous attacks did not include Pres Bush or Condi Rice ordering John Bolton to go on Sunday morning talk shows to blame the attacks on a video. The previous attacks did not last 7 hours where an ambassador was raped and then killed, resulting in the first high level diplomat killed since the Jimmy Carter years. To the "what difference does it make" hens in the Democrat party who continue to defend the indefensible I ask—how do you sleep at night?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Note To GOP Leaders, You Didn't Stop Sarah Palin

In 2010, the Republican establishment vowed to stop Sarah Palin. They failed.  In 2013, the former governor of Alaska shows no signs of stopping and remains a strong voice for constitutional conservativism.  Sarah Palin remains a political force due to her pitch perfect message against corruption, cronyism and both party establishments in Washington.  That same message resonated with Alaskans and carried her all the way to Governor's office in 2006.  If she wants it, that message could also resonate with Americans and carry her all the way to the White House in a few years.  Prediction: Obamacare will do for Obama and the Democrats much like what Hurricane Katrina and Sunni/ Shiite civil war in Iraq did for Bush and the Republicans in 2008.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Obamatopia—Left Wing Extremists Pushing America Into Single Payer Health Care

Many in the conservative intelligentsia believe that the failure of the Obamacare websites and the law itself was by design.  It was meant to fail so that the solution for America will be what the left have always wanted—single payer government run insurance system.  This means HELLO to Medicaid and Medicare for all, doctor shortages, and rationing of medical care.  If this is the grand scheme of the Obamatopians, then the law must be destroyed before it destroys America.  I ask, just what is an Obamacare exchange and what does it do?  This law and the manner in which it was implemented, as well as the millions of dollars given to incompetent IT companies to build a failed website, is crony capitalism on steroids.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Explaining To Obamakeets Who Really Wins & Loses If Obamacare Is Allowed To Remain As Law

When debating Obamacare or Obama's pitiful performance as president, Obamakeets like to claim "they won."  This is true. Obama won in 2012, but he didn't win the right to act like a dictator.  He also didn't win the right to act like an economic terrorist and threaten America with default.  I explain to Obamakeets like Mean Jehmu Greene who really lost with the re-election of Barack Obama and the implementation of his Health Care Law.  Obamacare is rife with cronyism, wasteful spending and corruption.   When all is said and done, a political death sentence may be the only thing that Obamakeets, liberal democrats, and RINO republicans who refused to fight against Obamacare will have won.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rand Paul Talks Compromise & Goes to Wall Street w/For Sale Sign on His Back

President Obama negotiates with Mullahs and not Republicans. He shut down the War Memorials of Washington, DC and threw old folks of Lake Mead out of their homes. In short, Obama is a dick.  So why is Rand Paul looking to "compromise" with Obama and the democrats on the issues Obama and Harry Reid's shut down and Obamacare?  Mr. Paul goes to Wall Street with a "for sale" sign on his back.  Recently Rand Paul attended a fundraiser at the home of NY Jets owner Woody Johnson and is competing with Lord Christie of Trenton for that Wall Street bling.  Paul was seen rubbing elbows with those formerly of Goldman Sachs & the GW Bush administration. These are the same people who his supporters call "globalist neo cons of the Illuminati."

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Strange Case of Miriam Carey

There are still many questions surrounding the case of Miriam Carey, who was shot by Washington, DC police on October 3rd, 2013.  Was Carey a real threat to Obama?  Don't go looking for answers from the media.  They dropped the story after they discovered it was not a white conservative hayseed causing DC to lock down.  It was, in fact, an unarmed black woman with a young child in the car.  The media have speculated that she was mentally ill and claimed Obama was stalking her.  Whatever her beef was with Obama, real or imagined, it was no reason for her to be shot and killed.  The DC incident proves once again that we need mental case control and not gun control in America. Threats against this president are more than any other president in modern history.  That fact coupled with a Secret Service that is over extended is a recipe for disaster.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Obama Reid & the Degeneratecats Shut Down Government & I Don’t Care

Obama, Harry Reid and the degenerate democrats have shut down the government. They are allowed to get away with this and place the blame elsewhere because of the media.  The mainstream media still operates as a political action committee providing cover and attacks opponents for Obama and the Democrat Party.  Is Obama evil or is he just a clown?  Perhaps Obama is nothing more than a domestic terrorist who has caused more damage to America that has exceeded Bill Ayers' wildest dreams.  In the 1970s, Bill Ayers threw bombs.  In 2013, Obama signs bad bills and executive orders into law.   Ayers used WMDs. Obama uses PMDs (Policies of Mass Destruction).   Obama sycophants continue to parrot the talking point that Obamacare "is the law" and it cannot be changed or defunded.  These morons need to be reminded that Obama himself has already illegally granted exemptions to the requirements of Obamacare, illegally delayed the employer mandate for one year, and illegally delayed over 20 provisions of his own "law".   He has done all of this and it is all illegal.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Same DC SOBs Who Forced Obamacare on Us Want Exemptions From It

The same SOBs in Washington, DC who forced the horrible Obamcare law on millions of Americans, want to be exempted from it.  This proves just how out of touch Obama and the District of Corruption are with regular working class Americans.  It also shows the growing chasm between the country and ruling classes of America.  Sarah Palin comes out roaring against Obamacare supporting Sen. Ted Cruz & Mike Lee's effort to defund the law.  In 2009, Palin coined the phrase death panels that ignited the public's frenzy against it.  In 2012, she helped a principled conservative like Ted Cruz into the Senate to fight it.  This week was a great victory for the great lady of Alaska.  If not for Palin's focus and influence on the debate and the 2010/2012 elections, the conservative movement would not be where it is now.   2014 is just around the corner.

In honor of Ted Cruz’s filibuster, I read my own Obamacare version of Green Eggs & Ham. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

12 Years After 9/11/01, Obama & the Left Have Turned USA into the US of Absurdity

Does it piss you off that, after we were attacked by Islamic Al Qaeda on 9/11/2001, the US Senate plans to vote on aiding Al Qaeda in Syria on 9/11/2013?  Revisiting the words of Barack Hussein Obama found in the Hyde Park Herald just eight days after we were attacked in 2001.  If Obama attacks or invades Syria over WMD and crimes against humanity reasons, then he is admitting that the Iraq war—the same one that he campaigned against—was warranted.   Obama claims Al Qaeda has been decimated, however, the many attacks on his watch, either successful or attempted, say otherwise.  The public schools, both establishments of the Republican and Democrat parties, and the media continue to sanitize the events of 9/11/2001.  The West's struggle with global Islamic Supremacy continues.  The struggle with it is not that different from the struggle with global communism in the past.  The West will win the struggle once we address the problem and call it what it is instead of constantly sanitizing and tip toeing around this murderous ideology.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Is Obama Wagging The Dog On Syria?

Is Obama wagging the dog on Syria to distract Americans from his many scandals? Or is something more sinister going on behind his plan to overthrow another dictator in the middle east?   While Obama's actions this week make America look really bad, many on the right cannot help delight in Obama's melodrama over Syria.  What is coming out of the Obama administration in regards to Syria sounds awfully like what came out of the Bush administration in regards to Iraq.  Sarah Palin mocks Obama on Syria and she has every right to do so.  She was mocked by the left for appearing to not know the Bush doctrine in a 2008 interview. Meanwhile, it is Obama who continues the Bush doctrine.  While Palin's doctrine on Syria is "let Allah sort it out,"  Obama is engaged in helping radical Muslims set the stage for a caliphate in the middle east.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

What’s Sarah Palin’s Next Move? Senate 2014 or President 2016?

Will Sarah Palin run for Senate in 2014 or for President in 2016?   Reading the Mark Leibovich book "This Town" reminds me why I don't want Palin in that town as a one of a hundred senators.  I want her running that town.  Contrary to what the well fed right and Bill Kristol say, Sarah Palin doesn't need to rehabilitate her image.  Yes, the GOP does need rehab, but has it hit rock bottom?  I don't think it has.  When it does, I don't want Sarah Palin running the intervention from the Senate.  Dealing with overly confident and cocky Ted Cruz supporters.  The Christie Paul feud continues to linger in the media like a bad fart in a car.