Thursday, March 19, 2015

I'll Leave the GOP w/Sarah Palin & Not a Rodeo Clown Like Glenn Beck

It appears that the established order in America, political elites and media networks including Fox News, are hell bent on forcing average middle class Americans to drink a hemlock known as "amnesty" aka Comprehensive National Suicide. Glenn Beck says he's done with and leaving the Republican Party.  After all of the side shows Beck has performed over the years, including handing out soccer balls and teddy bears to illegals during a border crisis in 2014, it is amazing how people still take his shtick seriously.  Finally, some straight talk on two republican sacred cows.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Democrats Want to Talk TREASON? Let's talk OBAMA

Democrat calls of treason against republican lawmakers is quite laughable considering the Democrat Party's long history of providing aid and comfort to America's enemies. The Obama administration's deals with the rogue state of Iran is another example of why republicans should have heeded Sarah Palin's call to impeach Obama over a year ago.  Thanks to ball-less republican leaders, I think it is too late for impeachment.  If Democrats want to talk treason, then let's talk Obama.  The case against Obama on the charge of committing treason would be open and shut.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

I Love Sarah Palin Because She Loves America- CPAC 2015

Sarah Palin storms CPAC 2015 with a fierce and heartfelt speech about the American military and veterans.  Her powerful speech proves she still towers over a crowded republican 2016 primary field.  Usual critics of Palin are doing what they normally do when she delivers a stem-winder speech like she did at CPAC--they ignore it. Palin offered sharp criticism of Obama's foreign policy and some tough words for the head cutters of Islam. Sarah Palin's full throated defense of our veterans and our active duty military is just one example of how she loves America.  The speech was pure Palinism.  Palinism is Americanism. Palin is not an elite. She is a  regular citizen who loves Constitutional America. She is one of us and that is why so many love her.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Imagine No Islam

Imagine there's no Islam. It's easy if you try.  While Obama appeases Muslims by blaming their extremism on poverty and not piety, 300 US Marines hunker down in an Iraqi base just a few miles from where ISIS burned 45 people alive. While Obama glibly speaks, ISIS targets Italy.   How does the West win the war against organized political Islam?  There are several ways, but none of the ways involve quisling Western politicians like Obama.   Walid Shoebat says that we cannot win this war without advancing our own Judeo Christian faith and I agree.  If the RICO Act is used against the Mafia, why isn't it used against the Muslim Brotherhood and other anti American Islamic conspirators?  A song parody sung by Mr.L.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Palin's Presence Looms Over GOP Field & Reason Why Conservatives Can't Have Nice Things

Various media attacking Sarah Palin for eight days after one speech suggests she might be making the establishment nervous as her presence looms over a crowded GOP 2016 field.  American Thinker goes into the stinker with latest anti Palin diatribe.  Questioning "Walker Mania" isn't forming a circular firing squad against him. It's called basic vetting.  What Rush isn't telling you about Walker's record.  Low info voters on the right are the reason why conservatives can't have nice things.  Why I will face palm the "lesser of the two evils" argument for 2016.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gov. Sarah Palin Outlines Conservative Agenda for 2016

On Hannity's Fox 1/27/15 show, Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin outlined her bold conservative agenda if she runs for President of the United States in 2016.
Energy independence.
Cutting taxes.
Securing our borders. A nation without borders is not a sovereign nation.
Putting education back in the control of local communities.
Fighting corruption and crony capitalism.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Screw the GOP's 2016 "Deep Bench!" We Want Palin!

Sarah Palin rocked the Iowa Freedom Summit 2015 in full force. The speech came hot off the heels of Palin's reveal to the media that  she is seriously considering a presidential run in 2016.  Palin's speech featured personal stories about experiences in the Hawk Eye State as well as harsh words for Obama and the anti military left.  Palin also trolled Hillary Clinton towards the end of her speech.  After watching that speech I say, screw the GOP's 2016 deep bench--we want Palin!  How do we end up with the GOP baseball team and possibly 20-25 candidates on a debate stage come August 2015?  Answer: Too many on the right, whether it be influential pundits or rank and file, do not do basic vetting on White House hopefuls and continue to prop up flavor of the month and untested and unknown political commodities.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Enough Of Islam

Islamic attacks like the one on Charlie Hebdo will soon be, I predict, a regular occurrence in America.  We are repeating the mistakes of France and other European countries by expanding our Muslim immigration into America.  As with every Islamic attack, Obama and other political quislings insist it is "extremism" when it is, in fact, Islam. You don't want me to call them Islamic Supremacists?  How about we call them what they really are: repressive, depraved, psychopathic, murderous Satanists who need to be eradicated from the Earth.  How about that?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

3rd Romney Run Will End Like Most of His Runs-- w/a Concession Speech

Can't Mitt Romney find something else to do with his retirement other than run for president? While Romney 2016 auto-bots still declare that Mitt is the most electable, the stubborn fact is Romney has made more concession speeches than he has won elections.  The major networks continue to ignore son Tagg Romney's 2012 Boston Globe interview where he revealed Mitt didn't want to run in 2012 and didn't even want the job as POTUS.  Why should anyone believe that Romney is serious about another White House run this time?  The Boehner vote and both Jeb Bush and Mitt threatening to run for the GOP nomination is the reason for the season of third party talk.  My Jeb Bush conspiracy theory is revealed in this 21st Century of Lunacy. Give me Palin or give me death 2016!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Devoted Supporters Make the Case for Sarah Palin 2016 with New PAC

This week, Sarah Palin supporters announced the arrival of "Political Earthquake PAC."  PEQPac is a grassroots organization with members from all over America who are fully committed to supporting Sarah Palin if she chooses to run for President in 2016.  If you care to donate money or talent to this all volunteer organization, please go to:
Meanwhile, Reince Priebus and those in the party of stupid aka GOP continue to boast about their "deep bench" for 2016.  I've got news for these clowns--you're managing a political party, not a baseball team.  Your deep bench and team of 35 potential candidates will not mean diddly squat if you choose to bench your best player-- Sarah Palin.  The 2016 speculation silly season has begun, and while do not profess to know what Sarah Palin will do, I do know that she has just as much of a chance, if not more, of winning the nomination and general election than any of the GOP establishment favorites, frauds and no names found in a Fox News (Romney/Bush News) line up of presidential hopefuls. Palin 2016.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

An Open Letter To Sarah Palin Urging Her To Run For President in 2016

Dear Governor Palin,

I am writing to you today as a supporter and as one of the forgotten men who have been left behind thanks to the corruption and cronyism of both political parties in Washington D.C. I'm urging you to run for President of the United States of America in the 2016 election cycle.

When you declined to run for president in October of 2011, there were many pundits who thought that your political influence would fade.  Those claims are absurd.  In the past six years, your influence has only grown stronger.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

GOP Still Avoiding Sarah Palin At Their Own Peril

Now that the mid terms are over, let the war on the GOP establishment begin. The GOP won historic landslides in 2010 and 2014 and they still act as if they lost. Some are pro Obamacare, pro Amnesty, and want to assist Obama in wrecking America. It is obvious to many that the democrats will play the gender card in 2016.  The RNC's answer to this appears to be finding a McCain or Romney in a skirt as they continue to ignore the conservative female powerhouse Sarah Palin at their own peril.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What's More Important? Winning the Culture or Winning the Power?

Is winning the culture more important than winning elections and power to push an agenda?  Know this, you don't win the culture by giving into everything that the Democrat left wants.  Sarah Palin asks, who pulls Obama's strings?  Is it that farfetched to believe that is acting against America's interests on behalf of foreign powers? Obama was elected in 2008 to bring an era of transparency. Instead, he gave America transparent tyranny.  Obama continues to commit impeachable offenses and lawless acts. Taking impeachment off the table will only embolden him.  The Republican Party should take Sarah Palin's advice from July 2014 and begin the articles of impeachment against Barack Hussein Obama.
How bad will it get before something is done?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Spreading the Poor-- Obama, HUD and the Left's Coming War on the Suburbs

When lefty progs get tired of spreading the wealth, they will spread the poor.  Coming soon to a neighborhood near you, the "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing" plan.  Obama via HUD will force all cities and suburbs to accept subsidized housing in the name of racial diversity, superceding all local zoning ordinances.  If you think it cannot happen, it already has.  This plan has already begun in the County of Westchester, NY. and landed the County Executive's Office in a years-long battle with HUD.  The plan of forcing subsidized housing of minorities in predominately white neighborhoods goes back to the 1980s in the City of Yonkers, NY where a federal judge accused the city of deliberate segregation and forced the citizens of East Yonkers to accept subsidized housing in their neighborhoods.  The case, United States vs. Yonkers, tore a community apart and almost bankrupted the city.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

GOP Takes the US Senate & Sarah Palin Racks Up Endorsement Wins

The morning after.  My thoughts on the 2014 midterm elections. This is another major victory for the republican party.  The question is, what will the republican party do with this major victory?  Remember, they had a major victory in 2010 and squandered it in 2012, so let's not pop the Moet bubbly just yet.   Sarah Palin continues to rack up endorsement wins.  So far, 15 out of the 20 people she endorsed won their elections.  What is next for the former Governor of Alaska?   Many conservatives and supporters believe the next logical step for Palin is a run for POTUS in 2016.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

PDS Inc Palin Brawl Story Ends Up Being Another Popcorn Fart

The "Palin Family Brawl" story that was hyped for a month by Palin Derangement Syndrome sufferers, appears to be yet another popcorn fart.  Were the Palins set up?  If the media covered Obama-- his background, his alcoholic father, his half brother with terrorist ties, the shadowy souls surrounding his rise in politics-- like they've covered Sarah Palin and her family, would he have been elected president?

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Why the Attacks on Sarah Palin & Family Continue

Whether it is due to rumors or campaign stops, Sarah Palin has been making news over the recent weeks. From the set of The View to stuff left wing bloggers spew, the rumors and attacks keep coming at the former Governor of Alaska and her family.  Many who follow politics wonder why these rumors and attacks--directed at a woman who currently does not hold office-- continue after all of these years.  The reason is simple. It is highly likely that the democrats will play the gender card in order to win in the 2016 presidential elections. Sarah Palin is the only conservative republican woman with the name recognition and following that can win against Hillary Clinton or any other female democrat that will be pedestaled by the DNC and the media.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sarah Palin Calls ISIS "Death Cult" & Obama "Impotent"

Thirteen years after  the 9/11/2001 attacks and it appears that America hasn't learned a damn thing. Beheadings, threats...oh my... the Department of Homeland Stupidity still will not acknowledge the threat of Islamic terrorism in America.  Why does Obama call ISIS "ISIL"?  Sarah Palin appears at the United We Stand for America rally in Arizona and calls ISIS a "death cult" and Obama "impotent."  The left can prove Obama is pro-American much like they can prove Hillary Clinton has accomplishments.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Obama Retires In Place While The World Goes Up In Flames

re-tired—in –place: bureaucrats who basically stop doing their jobs, but don’t retire because that would mean giving up the income. Since almost nobody in government can be fired, they work at half-speed and get away with it.
From Ferguson, Missouri to Mosul, Iraq the world burns and where is Barack?  My thoughts on the death of Robin Williams.  My thoughts on the riots in Ferguson.  From ISIS in Iraq to squeegee men in New York City, we are witnessing the fulfillment of the leftist utopian worldview crashing in on itself.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sarah Palin Stands For The Forgotten Man At WCS 2014

On July 19th, Sarah Palin spoke to a packed house at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado.  She discussed themes such as crony capitalism and the permanent political class in Washington, DC.  These are themes that she has been cultivating since her Indianola, Iowa speech of 2011.  Palin also talked about "the forgotten man."  They are the millions of American men and women of all races and cultures who feel that they have been forgotten by both political parties in Washington.  Palin asked, "Who stands for the middle class? Who stands for the forgotten man?"  I say, she does.  Palin also reinforced her call for the impeachment of President Obama. I briefly discuss anti Palin and ruling class enablers in the media such as Joan Walsh, Wesley Pruden and Matt K. Lewis.  Also, my discussion about immigration with my neighbor, an immigrant from Haiti.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sarah Palin Is Right. How Far Does Obama Go Before He Is Impeached?

Sarah Palin calls for the impeachment of Barack Obama and the predictable pearl necklace clutching ensues from many of the usual suspects in both the left and right media.  Fact of the matter is, the truth hurts and Palin once again says what the left fears to hear and what the spineless republicans are afraid to say.  Is it really that hard to believe the idea that Obama is ready for impeachment?  What Sarah Palin said this week is no different than what a prominent prosecutor, Andrew C. McCarthy, has said and wrote about in a bestselling book, except it is Palin who is taking all the heat.  Sarah Palin has been right in her previous predictions about Obama and his policies. Sarah Palin writes "how bad does it have to get before Obama is impeached?"  If that moment arises where Obama does cross that line, will it be too late? And will you wish that you heeded the former Governor of Alaska's call?

UPDATE:  I believe Governor Sarah Palin has touched a nerve with her calls for impeachment of Obama. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Senate Race 2014-- Does the Corrupt GOP Establishment Deserve More Power?

After what the republican establishment pulled in the Mississippi run off, I am no longer interested in giving these corrupt jerks more power.  In fact, they have shown that when they get more power they use it against their own base.  In 2010, we were told we must take the gavel away from Nancy Pelosi. We did that. We got Boehner, Preibus and a mess in Mississippi. What will we get by taking Harry Reid out of power and turning the keys of the Senate over to the GOP establishment and Mitch McConnell?  My guess is nothing. Oh, and before you pass judgment on what I am saying, listen to the whole segment. If you make criticism at what I am saying, without hearing the full message, you will be blocked and mocked.