Monday, October 13, 2008


People, I live about 45 minutes from mid-town Manhattan. It's just a Metro North train ride away. I used to work in the city and would commute there on a daily basis. Before that I would always commute there to see two of my old friends who lived there. Now, one old friend is gone to California and the other has moved 1 hour and 10 minutes north.

I have no other reason to go to Manhattan ever again and couldn't be farther from it, especially around this time. Watch the whole video if you haven't already and you'll hear what I'm saying.

Only in New York City. But this is not the real New York.

I've often said, whether on my show or in blogs that. only in a SICK place like Manhattan, you could be a convicted rapist, an illegal immigrant who drove drunk and wiped out an entire family of six or even a pedophile, once you tell a tolerant liberal that you're a Republican/conservative you will then find out how INTOLERANT ILL-liberal liberals can be.

The people in this video are the same kind of people who allowed a Muslim anti-American rally in 2006, where they burned flags and chanted "Death To America" right on the same city streets.

Did we hear any jeers or boos in that video? Nooooooooo!

Only in New York City.

Don't get me wrong. I love the city. I love the beauty of it. I love the energy of it. I love Central Park, Bryant Park, the museums, the comedy clubs, the food, the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square. I love BBQ ribs at Brother Jimmy's and cheese burgers at PJ Clarke's. Trust me, there's a lot to love.

But I can't stand the people. Especially the ones who are in this video. This is not the real New York. This is not the New York where I come from.

These losers, who call themselves the intellectual elite (although you might think differently with the intelligent middle fingers that are counted in this video), DO NOT represent me as a New Yorker. These are people who elected Mayor Dinkins out of white guilt/black pride. Dinkins, in just four short years, drove the city further into the gutter. Then, the same ILL-liberals secretly cheered when their one bedroom condo dollar values soared under a Giuliani administration. They're the same disgusting, despicable, liberals who would call you a racist if you told them you wouldn't vote for Barack Insane Obama.

Meanwhile, these intolerant, ill-liberals remain idle and silent when faced with sexism regarding Sarah Palin. You know, it's racist that a woman at a McCain rally would call Obama an Arab (although it's still up in the air whether or not that woman was an Obama plant to set McCain off) but it's IS alright when a group of degenerates want to sport "Palin's a cunt" t-shirts at Obama's rallies. And what about the comments from Obama himself, who claims McCain is "out of touch" and "can't use a computer" implying that he's old?

I ask you intolerant, ill-liberal liberals, is John McCain a victim of AGEISM? Or is that ISM above your pay-grade???

I'll say this again, the fact that McCain can't use a computer because his shoulders were broken by the Vietcong is a plus. Because it will be one less politician in Washington who won't be on Craigslist looking for whores.

Only in New York City.

Not my city. Not the New York that I know.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


MR.L’s TAVERN 23 this Saturday night at 9:30pm EST. on ChimpsyRadio.

I thought McCain did well in the second debate last night, especially on the economic issues. I have a feeling McCain is waiting to really pounce on Obama in the third debate. Brit Hume claimed that McCain lost. I’d personally like to cancel Brit Hume like a subscription of Newsweek for such an absurd analysis.
Laddies and Lasses, I caught one major LIE that Obama told last night. I don’t know if you did either. Here it is from the transcript where McCain and Obama responded to a question regarding the bailout. Laddies and Lasses, anyone with a one half of a brain knows that all roads that to this economic crisis begin with Fannie and Freddie. Here’s what Obama said:
“I wrote to Secretary Paulson, I wrote to Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, and told them this is something we have to deal with, and nobody did anything about it. A year ago, I went to Wall Street and said we've got to re-regulate, and nothing happened.”
When I looked further into the matter, I found that he claims he wrote the letter on October 17th 2007. In past press releases, Obama has stated that he wrote the FTC and asked them to “investigate subprime lenders to determine whether minority borrowers have been victims of discrimination.”
First of all, I wish we could all SEE the letter. Wouldn’t you like to see it? But, even if it does exist, why it would mean that he lied about it last night. If he did write it, just a year ago when the bubble was about to burst, it would mean that he wanted more minorities to get mortgages just on the principle that they are minorities.
Why, if we looked at what Obama said last night and then read the so-called letter that he wrote, we would need to ask ourselves what does regulation mean to Obama? Does it actually mean DE-regulate to him. :
On June 28, 2008, Obama told the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, "We have to stabilize the housing market. And the Latino community as well as the African-American community was particularly hard hit when it comes to foreclosures.”

It’s as clear as the blue sky that Obama wasn’t talking about regulating banks because they were lending out too much money to people who couldn’t afford the mortgages. Or, that perhaps banks shouldn’t have been lending 120% and engaging in poor due diligence. No…

The only issue that mattered to Obama (which is hard to detect in all of his double speak) was whether or not minority borrowers were being discriminated against and if Latino or black home owners were going through “unfair” foreclosure. Perhaps he wanted to give them more of a break than they already got? Perhaps if he was president, he would let some of these buyers, some who were living well out of their means, too stupid to read the note or have a lawyer present when signing, off the hook and have us pay their debt for them.

I will remind you that there was a clause in the first bailout bill that wanted to grant amnesty to over 500,000 illegal immigrants who up and left their distressed homes and went back to where ever the fuck they came from.

On this issue alone, Obama exposes his far left ideology that wants to keep giving more to the deadbeats and let the sucker, the hard-working responsible taxpayer, to pick up the check.

He’s no moderate.

He’s a stealth liberal.

He’s an economic dunce.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I was on the phone with Lis Wiehl of Fox News. Lis was filling in for Steve Malzberg, a popular conservative radio talk show host here in New York. Basically, I called into give my assessment of the Vice Presidential debates tomorrow night. Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up! It’s…


I don’t know about you but I’d rather be a “barracuda” than a “sloppy Joe”.

Anyways, I believe that this debate will be watched more than the first McCain/Obama debate that went down last Friday. No question, the whole world will be watching. Why? It’s the only VP debate and BOTH candidates have so much to lose.

So what was Mr.L’s assessment to Ms. Weihl?

Playing possum.

I’m taking a gamble when I say this but, Sarah Palin, and the entire McCain campaign, have been “playing possum” with the national knee jerk liberal news media. John McCain knows what the liberal media did to him. After all, for many of us conservatives, McCain wasn’t our first choice. Since our “come to Jesus” moment, we can recall that, during the primaries, the media held McCain up like their darling.

We knew this was a set up from the get-go. They were setting McCain up for the ultimate fall. They patted Gramps on the head until he was nominated and, when he was, they turned on him like rabid pit bulls. All of a sudden, they brought up everything. They brought up his age, McCain/(enter) and his association Keating Five. The latter for which he was long ago exonerated.

They played possum.

But it didn’t work. John McCain is a man who spent time in solitary confinement in a Viet-Cong prison. When you spent time in a room the size of a box you know how to stay alive. You know how to fight.

Flash forward to the present.

Sarah Palin is playing possum.

This is just one man’s humble opinion. I could be right, I could be wrong. I’d rather be any of those two than be left.

Sarah Palin, an avid hunter, knows what playing possum is all about. It’s the art of apparent death. It’s a defense mechanism. Play dead, the predator thinks your dead you live another day and figure out when to strike out at your opponent.

Think it can’t be applied to presidential politics? Think again.

The media underestimated Palin before. They did it from the moment that John McCain picked her. They commented that she wasn’t ready. They doubted whether or not she could deliver a home run speech at the RNC. They doubted whether or not she could hold the public’s attention. McCain’s rallies, which only had 2-5,000 people in attendance pre-Palin, now average 10 to 12, 0000. Not to mention her appearance in Flordia, which drew 70,000 people.

You see where I’m going with this?

You saw the Katie Couric interview. What do you think? Do you really believe that Palin doesn’t know what McCain stands for specifically? And why should Sarah Palin or John McCain reveal ANYTHING to a person who once had the Clintons over to her Park Avenue apartment for a sleepover?

And why should Palin even tell this woman, who’s just one appendage of the Obama campaign, who let SLOPPY JOE slide when he told her that “FDR was president during the great depression” or “I’d like to introduce Barack America”, what newspapers she reads?

They attacked her. They attacked her kids.

Play possum. Let them think you’re stupid Sarah.

It’s worked for you so many times before.
And when the time is right, pull out the shotgun and blow his fucking head off.