Monday, December 22, 2008


The useless idiots in America that voted for Obama and the people who glorify Che Guevara are one in the same. You’re neither liberal or conservative, moderate or independent, Democrat or republican. You hate your Western heritage, look at your country with great shame and want America to fail and fall.

Simply, you’re the lowest of the lowest scum and plaguing this great country like a cancer.

A new movie has come out, directed by Steven Soderbergh, that glorifies the life of Che. I don’t know what is more shocking, the fact that anyone in Hollywood would want to make a movie about this murderous piece of garbage or how Soderbergh defends Che in this clip. Here, Soderbergh stands in front of a packed house at a screening for his new rag on a reel at New York City’s Ziegfeld Theater. Watch and listen to this insanity carefully:

First of all, I’m sure most of you realize that Hollywood is predominately controlled by gays and lesbians. With that said, I really cannot understand why a town that is run by the gay mafia would make a movie about a man who detested gay people and even went so far as to unjustly incarcerate people, gay or straight, who was inflicted with AIDS.

In the video, Soderbergh (sounding like Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times At Ridgemont High) claims that Che was a "hardass". One person of sane mind shouts out "MURDERER". Now I want you to pay attention to this line as this piece of filth justifies Che’s crimes:

"I would say to you, that Che that is portrayed in this film tonight, was absolutely capable of those acts (murder). And I would say that they’re necessary." He goes further: "Whether you agree with him or not, he’s says ‘we’ve done this we will keep doing this because it’s necessary to secure the revolution."

Bullshit. You and the rest of the scum like you in this country do agree with him don’t you. I don’t know about you but, all of this talk about committing murder in order to support the revolution sounds an awful like what was coming out of Obama’s old pal Bill Ayers’ mouth. You all remember this video and what this witness described what the Weather Underground would do to the "counter-revolution". That would be us. Those who still believe that America is the greatest country in the world.
See similarities?

What’s the most laughable are the useless idiots in the audience who call out "SO! BUSH IS A MURDER!" and "THEY DO THE SAME IN THIS COUNTRY".

What this little snot nose (most likely from The New School University of Bending Minds) doesn’t realize is that, if he was in a country run by a man like Che or if he was in the former Iraq under Saddam Hussein, he’d be taken out and, if he was lucky, shot and killed.

And if they would just put down the bong long enough and leave their world of never-ending group think to take a look into Hussein Obama’s plans for a National Civilian Security Force, they’d realize that America is getting closer and closer to being such a place.

But they don’t realize that. Viva Le Revolutione! They don’t get it because they’re living in a fantasy world. And it’s because the New School University of Bended Minds doesn’t teach them that Che Guevara promoted one of the most unjust social systems imaginable.
The number of gagged and blindfolded men who Che sent – without trials – to be bound to a stake and blown apart by bullets runs from the hundreds to the thousands. The first three months of the Cuban Revolution saw 568 firing squad executions. Even the New York Times admits it. The preceding "trials" shocked and nauseated all who witnessed them. They were shameless farces, sickening charades. Ask Barry Farber. He was there.

Any serious analyst of Che's "guerrilla" campaigns cannot escape the conclusion that Ernesto Guevara was actually incapable of applying a compass reading to a map. Yet seemingly sane historians place him alongside Mao Tse Tung of (the 8 thousand mile) "long march" fame. He abolished Habeas Corpus while his chief hangman (Che Guevara himself) declared that judicial evidence is an archaic bourgeois detail. Yet Harvard Law School invited him as their guest of honor, then erupted in cheers and tumultuous ovations after his every third sentence.

He drove out a higher percentage of Jews from Cuba than Czar Nicholas drove from Russia. Yet Shoah Foundation Founder Stephen Spielberg, considered his dinner with Fidel Castro, "the eight most important hours of my life." He jailed the longest suffering black political prisoner of modern history (Eusebio Penalver who suffered longer in Castro's dungeon's than Nelson Mandela suffered in South Africa's).