Tuesday, December 1, 2009


On my show, Mr.L’s Tavern Episode 44: Palin Reloaded, that aired on Saturday night on Chimpsy Radio, I spoke about the Obama/ Holder show trials for the 9/11 conspirators who will be tried just a stones throw away from site they attacked on 9/11/2001.

The commentary is not filled with liberal legalese and gibberish that grabs at straws to make the case as to why these scum bag terrorists should be tried, of all places, lower Manhattan. For me, it’s simple, it’s wrong, PLAIN WRONG, and will most likely be one of the biggest mistakes that Obama has ever made.

That’s right this decision rests on Obama. It’s his call. He’s the only one to blame. Holder has no constitutional or statutory authority to order the DOD to hand over military detainees so they can stand trial in civilian court. Just like Holder couldn’t order the Air Force to bomb a particular target. It’s all on Obama and Holder is simply another putz doing this disaster in a suit’s bidding.

Whatever you may think of Lindsey Graham who, yes is an imperfect Republican, but he asked an extremely important question: When in the history has an enemy combatant been tried in a civilian court? Holder chose a stammer and then silence. In the end, the only answer is NEVER. And that by doing this, Obama is on the wrong side of history, sets a dangerous legal precedent, weakens us and makes a mockery of our justice system.

Back to my show, I asked: if this trial is going down, who will serve as the jury of these terrorists peers??? After all, you’ve got to have a jury of their peers to have a fair trial right? I had a list of deviants in my mind who would sit in the jury box as the jury of their peers but since I’m not good with photo shop, I couldn’t make it happen.

Well and very special thanks to DC of Chimpsy’s Real American who used his photoshop skills to give us this picture below. Pass this sucker around, paste on your homepages and let people know this decision to let these bastards be tried in court as if they broke into your home and stole your TV, is just FUCKING wrong.

Thanks DC.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Coddling Killers and the McVeigh Myth

That’s right Hasan considered himself a SOA (Soldier of Allah) or, simply, Allah’s assassin. What ever you want to call it or, however some in this country would like to ignore it and shrug off and say that this terrorist attack on Ft. Hood was the workings of some lone nut job know this: Hasan proudly wore his affiliation and his radical allegiance to Islam on his sleeve.  Or in this case, in his wallet, as he passed these business cards to let stupid American infidels who were sleepwalking among him know just who he was and that his allegiance to Allah was well above his allegiance to United States Army or the USA.

There are some, and I stress some, who may view what he did as a terrorist attack but STILL calling this murderer a "Major" and that we can’t be pissed off at this guy and his ideology because, after all, “he’s still a soldier."  If you think this way, you’re a part of the problem. You are guilty of coddling killers and you and your PC absurdity along with traitors are forming a fifth column within the ranks of the US military.

So if you want to use the word “soldier” with Hasan, we’d appreciate it if you put it in the correct context. Yes, he was a soldier alright. A soldier of Allah who would've laughed at you if you tried to reason with him while you under the gun. He would have given you the same respect he gave solider Pvt. Francesa Valez, who was pregnant when he shot and killed her.

You know, you’ve got to hand it to these Islamist jihadis. They use very simple language and they don’t like to complicate things. They don’t care about PC and they don’t care about offending you. They don’t care about freedom of speech. They don’t care about your due process. They don’t care about your feminist big mouth. They don’t care or do they acknowledge your gay lifestyle, etc. etc. Nope. For them, it’s quite simple. Either we convert you or we kill you.

I’m so sick of hearing “You’re just a racist and Islam is a peaceful religion” and “Christianity is just as radical” and that “99% of all Muslims are just wonderful and they all love America”. Well, that might be true. But if there are an estimated 1.5 billion Muslims in the world and, just to be fair, 1% of them were like Hasan, that’s 15 million. You may disagree, but that’s a serious problem and shouldn't you be asking just where are the 99% who are actively trying to help us with the 1%??? And while not all Muslims are terrorists a disproportionate amount of terrorist attacks are committed by Muslims. And if they’re all innocents and have nothing to do with jihad, how come a poll taken in early 2008 by PEW Research that recorded 1 and 4 American Muslims condone suicide bombing attacks against civilians?

Where are the moderates? And if they are helping us, I’d like to know how. I’d like it documented and published. Now.

I’m sick and I’m tired at the fact that, every time one of these so called “incidents” occur, the left and the jihad sympathizers in this country will cite Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing.  See, they use moral relativism when bringing up McVeigh. They lie to you and tell you that McVeigh was some whacked out Christian Crusader and no different than the Islamo-fascist. There’s several problems with this theory. First, McVeigh wasn't a Christian. He was agnostic as reported in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a publication that covered his execution. Unlike Hasan, there were no warning signs of McVeigh espousing religious ideology in the lead up to the Oklahoma city bombing.

McVeigh harbored serious animosity towards the US government and some believe that McVeigh might have had a little help from Islamic jihadists. You may remember just a few months ago when it was reported that the footage from outside of the Murrah building just moments before the explosion was altered and some of those moments missing.

Conspiracy? Maybe. Or, maybe another attempt to shield Muslims from backlash.

In September on my talk show, I spoke about a book called Triple Cross by Peter Lance. Lance outlines the events leading up to 9/11 in a detailed timeline that you can view in it’s entirety here:


Here’s the excerpt of the timeline regarding the Oklahoma City bombing:

On page 13 of the timeline, you will see a man named Walid Khan Amin Shah. Shah,  an Uzbeki, who was called “the lion” by Osama bin Laden and set up funding for three terrorist attacks in 1994.

Anyone notice the resemblance between John Doe number 2 who was police sketched from eye witnesses and Walid Shah pictured here?

Again YOU, the leftist or PC obsessed sympathizer, are part of the problem and you simply will never learn. You can continue to live in your fantasy land of utopia on Earth with the idea that if “we’d just leave the Soldiers or Assassins of Allah alone they’ll leave us alone” and BLAH AND BLAH. The reality is, if you do not deal with the killers then the killers will deal with you. It’s that simple.


Monday, November 9, 2009


I’ve always been a person who believes that out of something horrific or negative can give way to something positive.

First off, I would like to say thank you Nadal Hassan. No I’m not thanking Hassan for his heinous, ruthless, premeditated murder of 13 soldiers and wounding dozens of others while chanting “Alu Akbar” at Fort Hood. I’m thanking you Hassan because your cowardice act, and no question is firing on those who are unarmed in an act of the utmost cowardice, it reminds us sane Americans that are in this country of the enemy that lurks within.

You, the murderous Islamo-Sleeper Hassan, remind us of the radical Islamic jihad that walks and breathes in our society. You’ve proved, by your horrible actions that the liberal media and regressives in America, who called the Fort Dix Six plotters “would be terrorists” and “leaderless” with no “rigorous military training”, just what it would look like if Fort Dix would’ve been executed.

Translation of those media quotes: Not a threat. Just conservative paranoia.

Thank you Hassan, you traitorous, seditious Koran beater, as your slaughter reacquainted us with a totally PC and inept mainstream media, some who took over an hour to finally read your Arabic name. They did this because they know that real Americans in this country, not the rat commie pinko Obama-gandizers, have a knack of putting two and two together and knew right away that you were a Muslim. Your wicked act, once again proves that the media, compromised of a bunch of undereducated and common sense deprived bunch of whores (think Shepard Smith) are still playing by the “Diversity Guidelines Issued to Journalists” circa 2001. One of their tenants is “When writing about terrorism, remember to include white supremacist, radical anti-abortionists and other groups with a history of such activity.” You can read the rest of this politically correct bat shit crazy non sense here: http://www.spj.org/divguidelines.asp

Let’s not forget this is the same media who, if we white male/females would successfully commit such a vile act and the FBI would just happen to have come across a copy of Michael Savage’s “Liberalism is A Mental Disorder” or Glenn Beck’s “Arguing with Idiots” in our home library, we would be thrown under the bus as fanatical, right winged radio listening, white Christian extremists.

Thank you, you dirty, rotten Jawa in a headscarf terrorist, for showing us that the Army, NOT THE TROOPS but THE UPPER ECHELON of the Army is rife with political correctness and who tuned the other cheek and protected you, a budding terrorist, who was waving one red flag after another. Quite frankly, those high in the Army food chain sat back and did NOTHING while you Hassan, for whom I’d proudly take a dump on your Koran, visited and participated with Anti American Mosques and websites that linked you to al queda. They were more interested in appeasing liberalism and afraid of a lawsuit if they called you on jihadist ways. They’re all an embarrassment and a testimony to what is wrong in this country and in the military.

Lastly, thank you Hassan, you homicidal Islamo for showing us that we have the Worst. President. Ever. As I told my readers and listeners over the summer when Obama ignored the protesting Iranians in the streets of Tehran that he couldn’t deal with foreign policy improv. Hussein Obama can only read from his script of left winged domestic policy that is certain to cripple and further bankrupt the nation. Instead of heading to Ft. Hood immediately, he felt more important to give a pep talk and twist elbows of those in his own party to pass a sick bill that will likely never get past the Senate. Of course, the worst president ever didn’t want to “rush to judgment.” Yes, let’s not rush to judgment like you did when you immediately condemned the Cambridge police as acting “stupidly” through stereotyped racial profiling.

After all, he wouldn’t want the sheeple in this country to suddenly put two and two together and associate the religion of Hassan with his middle name Hussein.

I wonder if the worst president ever after, God forbid, a few more of these “incidents” occur in America will be so proud to show off his middle name or will he hide it like he did before he was elected?

In a perfect world, this animal Hassan would be quickly found guilty of premeditated murder and sedition and sentenced to death. However, we see the reality coming. A long trial at the tax payer expense. A Upper East side Manhattan liberal lawyer representing him pushing an insanity plea.

How much more can you take?

Mr.L’s Tavern

Friday, October 16, 2009


I’m a New Yorker but I cannot help look at the New Jersey Governor’s race as a glimpse into the year 2012, another four years of Obama and an absolute and total destruction of America. The NJ race began with Democratic current Governor John Corzine and Republican Chris Christie. Corzine has presided over one of the worst economies that New Jersey has ever seen. Jersey’s has the highest property taxes in the nation, no jobs and corruption in Trenton that parallels Chicago. Flashback to this past summer and corruption sting involving many in New Jersey government with a few Rabbis thrown in for fun who were laundering money and selling black market kidneys from Palestine to the highest bidders.

It was Chris Christie who busted them all. He also handed convictions or guilty pleas to 130 public officials from both parties. In essence, the man is a modern day Elliot Ness. By August he held on to a huge lead over Corzine and it seemed like the state of NJ was starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Enter Chris Daggett. He’s the so called independent who like !puff! appeared in the race just recently as a third party candidate. He’s taken most of Christie’s lead on Corzine with 9% of the vote and now the two rivals are neck and neck. The NJ Star Ledger newspaper, which is probably more liberal than the NY Times (if that’s possible) has endorsed Chris Daggett.

Hmmm. I wonder why.

Who is Chris Daggett? Beats the shit out of me. If you want to know where Daggett stands on the issues, good luck. From my own research I’ve found that he has a PhD in education, is relatively inexperienced, spent a life time working on environmental issues. New Jersey, like my state of New York, is heading towards fiscal fallout. Yes, that’s financial troubles not environmental troubles. New Jersey, like New York, needs a state government and leader that has a clear fiscal plan.

Chris Daggett is an independent in name only. On the Lou Dobbs show today, Daggett offered nothing of substance and aired out tried and true populist platitudes like “the two party system isn’t working, we need another voice in New Jersey, both parties are failing us” etc. etc. Now, I have nothing against Lou Dobbs, but Dobbs is wrong for supporting Daggett just on the merits that Daggett is calling himself an independent. After all, it was Barack Obama who stated during the campaign that he was a centrist. Just give him a chance they said.

While Daggett may have an (I) in front of his name he’s the farthest from an independent. And when these moderates and independents claim that it’s not about republican or democrat parties, they’re right. It’s about ideology. And therefore, Daggett’s history states clearly that he’s a liberal and no different from Corzine. You may say, how did you arrive at that conclusion? Well let’s start with the fact that he has a Doctorate in Education. Those who have those are usually liberal. And he’s spent a life time working on environmental issues and in the non profit sector. Guess who grants funds to non profits? Rich liberals via donations and the federal government via you, the working class tax paying putz.

Like Obama, Daggett plans to implement a voodoo tax plan where he claims he will lower property taxes, and get how he’s going to do it? He’ll raise sales taxes, gasoline taxes and increase highway tolls. And if you’ve ever been to the state of New Jersey, you’d know that the tolls there are out of control already.

What does it have to do with Obama? Everything.

Obama’s tumbling poll numbers aren’t coming from democrats or republicans. They’re coming from the millions of independents who realize they’ve made a mistake by either, voting third party or sitting it out. Whatever they decided to do was a vote for “change”. Well, you got it alright.

According to the polls in NJ, Daggett only holds 9-11% of the vote. Translation: he doesn’t have a shot. Most likely, and I hope that I’m wrong, NJ will be stuck with Corzine for four more years.

Can this happen on a national level in 2012? Of course.

Are you going to let it happen again?

According to Obama from this appearance in the video below, he’s just getting started.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


For those of you who have forgotten about Robert Reich, the second video in this blog may interest you. Reich, as you well know, is what we in conservative circles call a progressive liberal “red diaper doper baby”. Reich, 4 ft 10 inches, lifetime liberal, served under Bill Clinton, former labor secretary, former advisor and rabid Barack Hussein Obama supporter. You may have seen Reich appear in many TV talk shows as a pundit, in particular, on CNBC where he shills on a daily basis for all of Obama’s policies. You may remember his most memorable comment from last January where he stated in front of a panel of Congressional panel regarding the stimulus:

“I am concerned, as I'm sure many of you are, that these jobs not simply go to high skilled people who are already professionals or to white male construction workers. I have nothing against white male construction workers. I'm just saying that there are a lot of other people who have needs as well. And therefore, in my remarks, I have suggested to you, and I'm certainly happy to talk about it more, ways in which the money can be -- criteria can be set so that the money does go to others. The long- term unemployed, minorities, women, people who are not necessarily construction workers or high skilled professionals.”
So what does Reich think about Health Care. Well, if you want to know what he thinks of Obama’s plan now he may paint a very rosy picture of a public option as he does in the first clip. But if you listen to this newly obtained audio, where Reich speaks to Berkeley University students back in September 2007 while the presidential campaign was taking place, it’s a completely different story.

First the usual left winged propaganda about government run Health Care in 2009:

And then, the truth back in 2007:


Robert Reich to students re: government health care: “Young people are going to have to pay more. Oh and by the way, we’re going to have to, if you’re very old, we’re not going to be able to give you all that technology and all those drugs in the last years of your life, that may keep you going for another couple of months, because it’s too expensive, so we’re going to let you die.

Sarah Palin, consider yourself vindicated.

Mr.L’s Tavern

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Dear Dr. Savage,

I’ve been a listener of your program ever since your show was syndicated on WOR in New York. I’ve bought all of your books and donated money to your legal fund. I will still listen. I’m doubtful that I’ll ever donate to your fund again and the sole purpose that I’m writing to you today is that I’m slowly losing all respect for talk show hosts like yourself, Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, Levin and etc.


On your July 15th show, you and a guest presented an unbelievable case against the Barack Obama Health Care plan which, I agree, will be nothing about insuring the uninsured and only about control of the masses. Then you began railing against Republicans, in particular, Sarah Palin.

You read from an article by Ellis Washington which chastises Republicans calling them the GIP (Grand Irrelevant Party) instead of the GOP. Ok, I can take criticism of the GOP and Sarah Palin. But, then you read a quote from Sir Edmund Burke who said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”.

Ironically, you and the other talk show titans are doing just that. You simply sit at your golden microphones day after day and talk yourselves to death and still you do nothing. Again, I respect that you get on the air and present the truth to a population that is bamboozled by lies from the mainstream media on a daily basis. However, I think you and the talk show hosts of America can do more.

Question: What could I do? Answer: A lot.

This health care bill was on the horizon for months. I’ve listened to you threaten to organize a march and stop road traffic in America for issues less critical. Couldn’t you have organized a march on Washington? Couldn’t you or any of the other talk show hosts organized one million people out of your millions of listeners to make a statement that we are not welcoming in the ruination of America?

Instead, you all continued to be good men who do nothing. All you do is give out information and tell us to call our Congressman and Senators in one breath and, in the other, you tell us it’s pointless because we don’t have a representative government. Also, I’m beginning to see NO difference between talk show hosts who hide behind microphones and Congressmen who hide behind their voicemails or secretaries.

Yeah, that’s right. You talk to thousands of unknown callers, most of who you can give a damn about. Most of you don’t even have an office with an assistant to call or even email that, when I send the email, it will be read and not thrown into some spam folder.

As you can see below, I’ve copied all of the major talkers on this letter. I want you to know that this is not so much about you but ALL of you. As a working class, conservative putz, I have no voice and no activists. Afro-Americans have NAACP and Al Sharpton. Latinos have LaRaza. Gays have Act-up, Liberals have Code Stink and Move.On.org who actually use THEIR POWER to create change.

And what do we have? Stugots!

All thanks to powerful influential men like you who do nothing while evil triumphs.

I often dream about a day when all of you so called titans of talk radio would put aside your petty, childish radio wars and come to an agreement that America is in dire straits. But this time you’re going to do something about it. That maybe one or two of you, or dare to dream, all of you would have a come to Jesus moment, band together and fight against the take over of America by stealth communists.

Then I woke up. Ahh, what a burden it is to be a dreamer in such a competitive, ratings obsessed and profit driven world.

Best wishes,

Conservative, working class putz
New York

Glen Beck
Sean Hannity
Rush Limbaugh
Mark Levin

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Well, there they go again.

Sarah Palin resigns and the left winged media, newspapers, blogs spun into action against her. More speculation and double standard. CNN’s Rick “Hit & Run” Sanchez asked another anchor if she stepped down because she was pregnant again. On the same network, some fatso Candy Crowley speculated whether or not she was reading from a teleprompter. Could you believe this when we have the TOTUS at the helm?

“She’s done. She’s finished. She’s over.” It’s all that you hear.

One blogger, Max Blumenthal is crying about an alleged embezzlement scandal that that remains unproven. Allegedly and according to Blumenthal, she gave a contract to a company of good old boys in an exchange to build her lake house.

You gotta be fucking kidding me right? Maybe next week they’ll be comparing her to Bernie Maddoff. This of course comes from Blumenthal who is still harping on whether or not Todd Palin, or even Sarah, was part of the secessionist party in the 1990s. I hate to break to Blumee, but there are a couple of Governors in America who have publically raised the idea of succeeding from the union recently. It’s a shame that such a genius of the blogosphere would miss that.

Yesterday, I posted a rebuke to a Vanity Fair hit piece on Palin and you can hear it below. The writer, Todd Purdumb, had rehashed many of the 16 ethics probes which have all been thrown out. Yet, if this so called embezzlement story is something that is so well known around Alaska, why didn’t the great Vanity Fair writer include it in his piece?

Where was all of this stellar reporting when Obama’s home was purchased with the help of Tony Rezko and possibly other foreign dollars? So easy how the left in this country forgets about those 13 condemned buildings in Obama’s Chicago’s district belonging to Rezko. Notice how the left is completely silent to the fact Obama has given GE 1 billion dollars in soft environment contracts.

As you may know, GE owns the MSNBC family of networks. GE CEO Jeffery Immelt is on Obama’s economic advisory board. Hmmmm. That would explain why the entire MSNBC family and a majority of it’s anchors dirty their knees for Obama on a daily basis.

So even if this “scandal” with Palin comes to fruition, I could care less. And I would like to thank Palin from the bottom of my heart for getting Michael Jackson off my TV screen this weekend. I’d much rather see her face than his.

Would I have liked to see her finish out her term? Sure. But I think I know why she did it. Palin has a book deal in the works which could be followed up with multiple speaking engagements around the country. A speaking venue for a political figure like her will likely take in 100k per venue. Fighting off all of these so called ethics probes has left her broke. She cannot go public speaking all around the country while remaining as the Governor of Alaska.

Oh yeah and to the all of the geniuses in the media: people who are broke are usually not corrupt.

Does this mean she’ll run in 2012? I don’t know.

I do know this: If unemployment continues to rise past 10%, if people in this country keep getting taxed beyond belief while some arrogant clod like David Axelrod lie and tell the press that Obama lowered taxes for 95% percent of the population, if Obama keeps telling us that the nation should follow the model of California as it gives out IOU’s and goes bankrupt, this little episode with Sarah Palin will be easily forgotten.

And frankly, if she did, nothing would please me more than to see the rotten left winged socialist in this country bleed from their eyes. Or worse:

Off to a cook out. Getting smashed. Have a great day all.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


We told you so dummies….

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about or watched the video above. I get such a feeling of satisfaction when I see Helen Thomas, one of the most far left prog-lib (progressive liberal) and supporter of Obama, frustrated and demanding for the “openness” and “transparent” government that Obama promised during his campaign. Of course, their talking about the show town halls that Barack Obama puts together filled with Union members, supporters, Acorn members and screened emails and Twitter messages from the “little guy”.

To Helen Thomas, members of the White House press core and to any other liberal or douche bag moderate that got this not ready for prime time player into the highest office of the land I say…

We told you so dummies.

You were warned. You were warned not only by those of us conservative Americans, but by many former citizens of the former Soviet Union who had fled that country years ago to make a better life here. They’re voices rang the loudest. After all, they were the ones who knew Communist propaganda all to well. They ran from it. We as a majority in this country were embracing it. Oh, the horror…

I watched this clip at least five times just for kicks. I did it to watch both Press Secretary Robert “Mr. Stay Puft” Gibbs squirm and to see the buyers remorse in the eyes of Obama’s most ardent supporters.

Something else crossed my mind. In between the Michael Jackson coverage, you’re still hearing all about Mark Sanford’s infidelities in the media. Again, I’m not condoning what Sanford did. It was idiotic. Although, I would have to question the timing. The leak occurred right around the same time the Democratic Congress rammed through Cap and Fraud. The press had Sandford’s emails since the winter. To spring them on the public now would appear….curious ( Dr. Evil finger to mouth;).

But that’s an argument for another time. I heard a liberal pundit call out Sanford and say something to the effect that “when Republicans do this, the crime is more damaging because they are supposed to be a party of family values and principles”. True. Sanford, sans this infidelity, was pretty conservative. He promised his constituents conservative values. He’s broke the promise.

But why isn’t Obama held in the same regard? I would argue that, in just six short months of his presidency, Obama has committed a political infidelity on the American people. He’s promised an open and transparent administration and, according to his supporters, he’s not delivering.

These show town halls are just the tippy top of the ice berg. Obama’s blackberry, which he refused to give up, is off limits to the Freedom of Information act and because of that, the public can never see who or what he’s emailing if necessary. Also, when NPR starts asking about why they cannot see the logs to account for those who go in and out of the White House to see the president, you’ve got a problem.

His disapproval ratings are beginning to show it with each climb.

Those who voted for Obama to fix the economy, how’s that been working for you as we inch toward 10% national unemployment? Obama was elected because he convinced many of the vulnerable minds of this country that he could fix the economy. Instead, he opts to fix the planet with the Cap and Trade legislation. Which is a tax. He said he would never raise taxes on anyone who makes under 250k. But, what is a tax on your air conditioners and home heaters? A national sales tax? A cigarette tax? A health benefits tax? Alcohol tax? Telecommunications tax?

There’s no limit to Obama’s infidelities. Could you imagine if there was 10% unemployment under Bush and the next day he came out and said that his stimulus was working? Obama did. Could you imagine if John McCain were to come out, after the Dept. Of Labor said X amount of jobs have been cut and said that, if it weren’t for the stimulus an X amount more jobs would’ve been cut? Obama did.

And it’s not the end. And I hate to tell you, it’s only going to get worse.

Host of Mr.L’s Tavern

www.blogtalkradio.com/mrltavern w

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Last night, I watched a documentary that gave me another reason to cancel my HBO subscription. What else is left to watch on HBO anyway? I mean, how many times can you watch Meet The Parents? And this new series about vampires, True Blood? Let’s face it, when Entourage is the only half way decent show on your network, it’s not saying much.

The documentary, which was very boring and biased, is called Shouting Fire: Stories from the Edge of Free Speech in America. The way the creators, Martin and Liz Garbus (Father/Daughter) portrayed the endangerment of free speech in America, they should’ve called the doc Stories from the Edge of Liberal Free Speech. Right Free Speech, We’re Willing To Throw Under the Bus.

I’d like to say I was shocked, but I knew it was coming. Throughout the whole documentary, NOT ONE mention of the Fairness Doctrine which is a mission for Democrats to muzzle talk radio. Not one word about talk show host Michael Savage being added to a British watch list by ousted homeland secretary Jaqui Smith. Not one word about the peaceful assemblies of tea parties that were lampooned by liberal media elites.

I tried to keep my self control. I did throw a tissue box at the screen. Obscenities flew around the room. But then I remembered, it’s not TV, it’s HBO. I thought, let’s not forget, HBO ( Home Barack Office), was the same channel who served as media apparatchik for Obama when he won the presidency. They followed up that historic moment with that appreciation concert for the One called We Are One.

We Are One. I just got douche chills reading that out loud.

While watching this documentary, I wondered, did the creators Martin and Liz Garbage, ever hear about an ABC movie called Path to 9/11? You ever wonder why you cannot go to Amazon.com and get yourself a copy of that film? Well, because Bill and Hillary Clinton and various and sundry liberal Democrats won’t let you. They put a kabal on the film being distributed and riddled the network and producers with lawsuits to suppress re-runs of that film every year around that awful day. Why? Simply, because it shows Clinton in a bad light. Well then, where are the so called champions of free speech banging on Oliver Stoned’s door after his chop and slop film on George W. Bush and dark noir of Richard Nixon?

You might ask, what did these champions of freedom of speech in America feature in this so called documentary? The usual. McCarthyism. They can’t forget it. They also can’t come to the realization that it has been proven that there were people trying to destroy this country back then and working for the enemy. I wondered, why aren’t they featuring Julius and Ethel Rosenberg? After all, they were the most high profile case in the McCarthy Era! And, after all, the American left has championed the couple as poster children of right winged persecution. Perhaps, they weren’t featured because they were actually communists plotting with the enemy to destroy America all along!

Last fall, a co-defendant of the Rosenbergs, Morton Sobell, independently gave a statement that he believed the couple was plotting against America. According to him, a fellow comrade, they were passing atomic secrets off to the Russians.

It also featured the story of mass indoctrinator Ward Churchill who called the victims of the World Trade Center “Little Eichmanns”. And it actually places what happened to Churchill in the context of McCarthyism. However, what the creators or, should I say, propagandists didn’t mention was that Churchill was thrown out because of the back lash of the public and not by the government. They also forgot to mention that Churchill was charged with academic fraud and reinventing history in his classroom. I personally believe that Churchill’s greatest crime was putting activism above teaching. We certainly have enough of that going around the country. If you stepped foot on any college campus of America, you’d know what I mean.

In the effort to clear the air about free speech in America, Shouting Fire barely highlights the viewpoint of the other side, that would be the right or even indpendents in this country. They give Ken Starr a total of two minutes. Conservative writers Daniel Horowitz and Daniel Pipes get very little time as well. What about all of the scientists in America and the world who have been telling you that global warming is a fraud? Why don’t you go look at the emails from the EPA to find your answer. And I’ll mention this again, no talk radio hosts, who are under fire the most in this country, were featured in this fraud. Instead it’s filled with schmaltzy liberal Jewish academics, lawyers who gleefully call out right winged extremism. They even threw in a Rabbi for fun.

It’s pathetic. The film begins with the highlighted words from the first amendment “Congress shall pass no laws” regarding the suppression of free speech. The filmmakers neglected to mention that the Democratic Congress, many times, have tried to pass the Fairness Doctrine, in order to muzzle the last voice of the little guy: Talk Radio.

The largest crime of liberal bias in the film comes with the narration of Debbie Montasser. Montasser was the principal of the Brooklyn Madrassa who was believed connected to a controversy involving a T Shirt called Infitada NYC. However, the doc barely gives mention to the fact that Montasser, when first accused of the passing around these shirts, never confirmed or denied that they were of her own doing. The filmmakers also failed to include ANY of the writers from the New York Post who covered the story daily for their say in the matter.

Lastly, let’s not forget who Martin Garbus is. He’s a Jewish/American who’s parents fled the pogroms of Poland to come to America for a better life. It’s amazing how this same Garbus doesn’t have anything to say about the current Obama administration’s lust for government power and take over whether it be the big banks, auto, health industries or what light bulbs you can and cannot use in your home. I would love to know what Garbus thinks of Obama’s statement on the 2008 campaign trail where he stated he wants to create a civilian national security force that would take the place of the military. I think a man who came from the Jewish struggle would find that offensive to civil liberties, yet, he left it out. Let’s not forget that Garbus is the lawyer who argued for Neo Nazi’s right to free speech and to demonstrate in the 1970’s.

I’m sure that went over well when he told those in his circle of Jewish family and friends that he was going to do that.

Perhaps going after the “right wingers” in this film is his day of atonement.

Mr.L's Tavern

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I'm sure you're all glued to the sham elections in Iran that ignited thousands of Iranians taking to the streets to riot for a more democratic and moderate Iran. It is a revolution by the way. Don't let the pop tarts on MSOBC tell you different. President Obama ( I’m having a hard time putting president in front of his last name because he’s behaving anything but presidential these days) has yet to come out and say something substantial about this crisis in Iran or a bellicose North Korea.

Like his very short term in the US Senate, Obama refuses to take a position against the Mullahs and, like most of his votes in the Senate, he is simply voting PRESENT for liberty, democracy and freedom of the Iranian people from the dictator Mahmood Anythingforajihad and the mad Mullahs.

This is an embarrassment and, quite frankly, is like watching Jimmy Carter help overthrow the Shah by supporting the Ayatollah in the 1970’s. By saying nothing or, coming out with a mealy-mouthed statement of “wait and see” or that he’s “troubled” shows that he, like his predecessor Carter did with the Ayatollah, supports the Mullahs and Anythingforajihad. Let’s not forget that, Obama is a man who, while campaigning for presidency, stated that we shouldn’t build nuclear power plants in America. But now as president, he thinks that it would be ok for Iran to have nuclear power. Obama, the man who ran on a campaign of “hope and change”, chooses to sit silent and refuses to support the Iranians, most of them young and pro-West, who want “hope and change” in their country.

Saying one thing in Cairo and another in America proves to the world that you’re, at best, another political animal. At worst, a hypocrite.

A few weeks ago, Jon Voight said in a speech to the GOP that Obama was nothing more than a bad actor. Being a veteran actor, Jon Voight should know bad acting when he sees it. I was once a struggling actor in my early, early twenties. I took classes at HB Studios and the Second City Improvisational Group. There are some actors who can only rely on the script. There are other actors who are more than comfortable deviating from the script. As with improvisation techniques, you have a situation thrown at you that’s not in the script and it’s up to you to react to it. The way you handle it makes the scene either better or worse.

Here lies the problem with Obama. While Iran burned and North Korea sent a ship possibly laden with nuclear materials into the South Pacific and threatened to shoot a missile at one of Obama’s birthplaces which would give a whole new meaning to rockets on the Fourth of July, what did Obama do?

He talked to the AMA about health care, swatted a fly and spoke about regulating the real estate industry. Suggesting that the real estate market needs to be regulated only makes him look like a fool. Regulating the RE or Mortgage industries will make it harder for the housing market to recover. And after so many got burned in the housing market collapse, it’s highly unlikely that people will risk anything in RE for a very long time.

But why did he choose to practically ignore all of this? After all, he’s a man who’s in our faces everyday holding one press conference after another! I'll tell ya why. Because international crisis’ are not on the script. They’re Improv. The scriptwriter, God only knows who wrote it *cough George Soros*, wants him to stick to the lines. The script, of course, entails monologues about socialized health care, the need for industry regulation, amnesty for about 30 million illegal immigrants, apologizing to the Muslim “world” new taxes and tall tales about evil Republican white male capitalist pigs.
That’s right, he’d rather demonize American business than demonize the North Korean pot bellied pig.

I’m sure that Obama is longing for the campaign days where all he had talk about was the script. However, the real world isn’t about campaigning, it’s more about leading. It’s not about reading lines from a script or, in Obama’s case a teleprompter. It’s more about dealing decisively with impromptu adversity.

A friend asked me the other day that if I had one minute with Obama, what would I say to him? Simply this:

I would really like to like you. However, you’re making it impossible for me to do so with each passing day. A state like Michigan has an unemployment rate of 14% and others are following suit. You’re stimulus isn’t working. Stop addressing the so called “Muslim World” or “street” and address those Muslims that are pro-Western and fighting for liberty. Could you imagine if the Iraqis could’ve done what the Iranians are doing after the Persian Gulf War. And how about dealing with North Korea before you get us all killed. Seriously.

If you’re a person like myself who wakes up everyday and is afraid to turn on your computer and go to Drudge, you’re not alone. The world’s a stage and day by day the scene playing out gets worse. And it’s not helping that we, as Americans, have to worry about what the teleprompter won’t say or do next.

Perhaps one day we’ll wake up and the teleprompter will declare war on Canada?

You just never know…

Mr.L’s Tavern

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Those who are a part of this site, or who come from My Space or any other political forum, know that arguing with a Ron Paul kook about Dr. Paul is no easy feat. For the Ron Paulies, he is the messiah. The obsession with Paul for those who go to his church of worship is much like the messianic complex attached to Barack Hussein Obama with his followers. When arguing with a Ron Paulie, they will insist that Dr. Paul is the most brilliant man in the United States Congress who is “spot on” about our military “occupation” in the middle east. They will not let you forget that Dr. Paul is the most knowledgeable on economic issues facing the state of the union and the most fiscally responsible than any other congressman in the history of American government.


For most of us, Ron Paul was a thorn in the side during the lead up to this election. His followers constantly told us “they’re needs to be a third party, man” and that “the corruption of both parties makes this an oligarchy, man”. Congressman Paul is nothing more than a fraud. Worse, a fiscal fraud. This man who prides himself on being the King of coin is nothing more than a porker. Pork barrel that is. Paul the Porker, this year, has obtained 22 earmarks worth 96 million dollars. For your enjoyment, here’s a list of earmarks invited to the Paul Pork Party listed below. Ron Paul states on his website that “As long as the Federal government takes tax money from [Paul's] constituents, he will make every effort to return that money to his district."

Has he ever heard the term “two wrongs don’t make a right”? I think he has. If you followed some of his arguments against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan you’ll see that he has heard of this term. Was it not he, Dr. Paul, who claimed that just because holy war terrorists killed 3,000 people on our soil doesn’t give us the right to occupy their country and disrupt their sovereignty? I think you get the picture now.

Mr.L’ Tavern

1. $25,000 for the Brazoria County Sheriff to establish a “Children’s Identification and Location Database.” (what does that mean? Can someone say civil liberties?)

2. $8 million for the marketing of wild American shrimp.

3. $2.3 million for shrimp fishing research.

4. $3 million to “secure the acquisition of the McGinnes tract, protecting its critical natural resources and helping consolidate refuge inholdings.”

5. $5 million to expand the cancer center at Brazosport Hospital.

6. $200,000 for the Matagorda Episcopal Health Outreach Program to fund a “National Health Service Corp Scholar.”

7. $4.5 million to study the effects of the health risks of vanadium.

8. $3 million to test imported shrimp for antibiotics. (Does anyone think there is a big shrimp industry in Paul’s district?)

9. $10 million to repair the Galveston railways causeway bridge.

10. $1.18 million for “Personalized Medicine in Asthma”

11. $100,000 for a “data-driven automated system for nursing students on the Texas Gulf Coast.” (what?)

12. $257,000 to “prepare graduates from the doctoral program at the University of Texas Medical Branch School of Nursing to assume faculty roles in schools for nursing with a deficient number of doctoral level faculty.”

13. $1.4 million to buy buses for the Golden Crescent Regional Commission.

14. $2 million to buy buses for Galveston.

15. $5 million for highway spending.

16. $2 million to replace facilities for Galveston bus service.

17. $3 million to replace facilities for the Golden Crescent Regional bus facility.

18. $2 million to repair the Galveston trolley.

19. $2.14 million to renovate the Edna Theater. (this place has been closed since 1977)

20. $13 million for I-69 highway project.

21. $30 million the Texas Maritime Academy to refurbish a ship.

22. $4.5 million to maintain Cedar Bayou. Plus another $9 million

23. $15 million for “construction at GIWW Matagorda Bay.” Plus another $5.8 million

24. $100,000 to maintain Chocolate Bayou.

25. $2.5 million to maintain Double Bayou.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009



Go to the clip provided by Marty's Office:

I’ve included a clip that you should listen to above that gives chilling insights as to what the liberals and Obama plan to do to the two party system. I know you could sit and say, “ah what does that kook know! He’s just some caller on a talk radio program.” Maybe. Maybe not.

But this is the voice of the people and when I listen to this, it actually makes a lot of sense. Democrats and liberals are and always have been the political party that embraced fascism. They want total, absolute control. I laugh when I think of all of the Ron Paul losers, civil libertarians, don’t tread on me independents, constitutionalists and others who have been masquerading as conservatives but voted for Obama. These are the people who despised Republicans/conservatives and called for a rise of a third party during the run up to this election. Well, after hearing this, I’ll be shocked if we even have a two party system in America after four, or God forbid, eight years of this fraud called Obama.

Where are all of them now? Where are all of you’re voices now that you have a real, live dictator in the White House? What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue? Or do you now only want to talk about your I Pod’s now that your man is office? You’re all hypocrites. I guess it’s ok that Obama ditched hope and change for catastrophe and Great Depression. He now throws that around every time a microphone is in his face.

And where are all the “no war” libs? Obama is now increasing 17k troops to Afghanistan. Where is the outrage? Ff-in hypocrites.

While I do not question the talent, skill and resolve of our military, I do question Obama as Commander of the military. And I also question the American public. They will not be able to stomach a long term engagement in Afghanistan with yet another administration trying to win “hearts” and “minds” and fight “smart” war. Of course, Iraq was the dumb war. Or was it?

If, God forbid, the body bags begin to pile up during the “smart war”, I will be around to tell you I told you so. I’ve been saying since 2006, when casualties increased in Iraq and the media drooled, that perhaps the Bush administration learned from the British and Russian failures in Afghanistan and realized the casualties there had the potential of being 3x the amount lost in Iraq. Makes sense. The terrain is much more treacherous and the tribal strife makes any in Iraq look like a tea party.

According to those who declared Iraq a Bush failure declared that the military was under funded, overstretched and under manned. Ok, true. But it looks like Obama is going to make the same mistakes. You see, Fox News has reported that Obama is telling the Joint Chiefs to find ways to cut spending by 10%. In the spirit of fairness I’ll mention that the Congressional Quarterly announced that Obama has given the Joint Chiefs 527 billion or an 8% increase for non-war spending. Now, what does that mean? Because the last time I looked, we were in two wars.

Furthermore, is 8% enough? After all, we’ve been told by every one in the media and some bloggers for the past 3 years that our combat systems are wearing out and getting old. And spending on maintenance is up more than 80% from a decade ago.

So while I give him credit for the 8% that’s about I’ll I can give him. Keeping a foothold in Iraq, going into a potential disaster situation in Afghanistan, which some experts say could be Obama’s Vietnam, and monitoring hostile nations like North Korea and Iran, the military is going to need much more than 8%.

What should be stimulating defense is stimulating honey bee insurance. The money spent on precious honey bees could go to about nine utility helicopters and employ 1,200 skilled workers. Historically, defense spending has provided both jobs and security. It’s a shame President Obama isn’t stimulated by that factotum.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Should support Barack Hussein Obama from this day forward as the president of the United States of America?

I myself cannot. Why? Hussein. It’s his middle name. We’ve been talking about this for months. The media hasn’t touched it. Anyone with the courage to ask why isn’t he addressing the name Hussein or talking openly about his Muslim faith and background was labeled a Islamophobe, racist, someone who’s denying hope to the country etc. etc. It was happening in the media and it was happening on MySpace. Here’s the example in the media:

"To his credit, Mr. McCain scolded a radio host who repeatedly referred to 'Barack Hussein Obama' and later called him a Manchurian candidate."-- Nicholas Kristof, New York Times, March 9

"In the primary, aides to Mrs. Clinton referred to their rival as B.H.O.--initials of Barack Hussein Obama, including his middle name, which has been a politically sensitive issue--while Mr. Obama's team simply referred to him as B.O. The B.H.O. shorthand is frowned upon inside Mr. Obama's campaign headquarters, a warning for any Clinton staff members coming aboard."--news story, New York Times, June 26

"Then there have been the speakers at McCain-Palin rallies who continue, unchecked by the candidates, to refer to 'Barack Hussein Obama.' . . . The latest occurred Wednesday in Pennsylvania, when Bill Platt, the Lehigh County Republican chairman, mentioned Obama's former reluctance to wear an American flag lapel pin and said: 'Think about how you'll feel on Nov. 5 if you see the news that Barack Obama, Barack Hussein Obama, is president of the United States.' McCain-Palin spokesman Paul Lindsay said, 'We do not condone this inappropriate rhetoric, which distracts from the real questions of judgment, character and experience that voters will base their decisions on this November.' "--news story, San Francisco Chronicle, Oct. 9

"It wasn't always thus with McCain. In February he loudly disassociated himself from a speaker who brayed 'Barack Hussein Obama' when introducing him at a rally in Ohio. Now McCain either backpedals with tardy, pro forma expressions of respect for his opponent or lets second-tier campaign underlings release boilerplate disavowals after ugly incidents like the chilling Jim Crow-era flashback last week when a Florida sheriff ranted about 'Barack Hussein Obama' at a Palin rally while in full uniform."--Frank Rich, New York Times, Oct. 12

Here is an example of this way of thinking on MySpace. I made a comment I made on a person who calls himself Ali Akbar who wrote in his blog about the Iowa GOP primaries in the winter. I believe this person was one of the reasons for the division amongst online conservatives and republicans. He supported McCain, who at the time I didn’t support and I thought his response to my invoking the name Hussein on his blog reeked of non-Kosher fish. I wrote a comment that I thought Barack Hussein Obama would win. All he could do to address a fellow conservative’s concerns about the man’s middle name was something to the effect of “why do you have to bring up his middle name?” or “what does his beliefs have to do with it?” Akbar’s admission of guilt was that he later, months later, removed the comment from the blog.

This was the response by so many leftist idiots, low-stream media pundits and Snopes reading, fair-minded moderates and Islamists posing as 18 year old bloggers trying to throw a grassroots monkey wrench into the GOP campaign. Well he lied. He bobbed and weaved. He was elusive about it. He had his campaign manager serve certain media outlets with lawsuits to prohibit them from saying that his name was Hussein and reduced all of us as a “right wing nut” or rouges of the republican party. To him and all of you who said that…I say, F-U!

Barack Hussein Obama is just another run in the mill, duck and weave, pompous, elitist, race baiting liberal politician. Ask yourselves, Why didn't he just fess up? Why not level with the American people who were suspicious and nervous about his name and origins? Now, he slaps us in the face with it while taking the oath. He wasn't told he that had to say it. Reagan didn't say Wilson and I don't think Jimmy Carter said his middle name either. Not every president has to use the middle name at the oath. He CHOSE to say it just to piss most Americans off. A sort of "look at me now F-u" thing. Believe me, I tried to show a little faith. I tried to think positively that maybe he won't screw us over. I tried to think maybe he won't be so bad. Until I heard that name. Now I cannot respect a man who cannot even come clean about himself, his past, his family, religion, medical records, how many packs a day etc. etc.

I also cannot respect a man who, every chance that he got, invoked the memory of MLK when was it not MLK who said we should judge a man by his character not by the color of his skin??? Did the mainstream media judge him for his character? What is Barack Hussein Obama's character anyway?

And on this race thing...

Hussein Obama’s family in Africa came from the Luo tribe in EAST Africa. Weren't the blacks in Africa who were sold into slavery and sent to America from WEST Africa??? So what in the hell does he know about being the descendant of a slave? In fact, he knows just as much about it as a white, red-headed Iowa stepchild. As for his religious beliefs, as he has tried to keep them hidden too, we believe him to be closet Muslim. If that is true, then his Muslim ancestry has an equal impact, if not more, on the blacks who were sold into slavery. The Arab Muslim slave trade of blacks was said by historians to be of greater magnitude than the European slave trade.

To my conservative brothers and sisters, republicans who are waiting for the city on the hill to turn the lights back on and even to the moderates who have conservative/gop leanings, now’s not the time to waiver, get disillioned with the conservative movement or the Republican Party. The whole country now has the Hussein Hangover. It will probably be suffering from the Hussein hangover for a couple of weeks, maybe a month or maybe a year. And if a terrorist attack GOD FORBID does happen on our soil, whether during his admin or after it, his little middle finger to Americans by saying the name Hussein will come back to bite his ass in a big way and potentially ruin what this egomaniac calls “the Obama brand”. What’s the presidency all about now? Marketing? Advertising?

When thinking of the Hussein hangover, when the party favors are put away and history becomes just that, I think of that ole’ saying “the bigger he comes, the harder he shall fall”. Or my personal favorite: “Humpty dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses, all the kings men…” You get the picture. And I think they’re already putting the pieces of the puzzle together. I don’t like Jon Stewart, really I don’t. I don’t think he’s funny and to me he’s just another phony TV host who is only as good as the nerdy comedy writer backstage. But I give them credit for doing this skit. It’s what I’ve been saying all along. If you voted for change, I’m sorry to say, you’re buyers guilt is near. You didn’t get hope and change. You got Bush v2.0 with a Clinton CD Rom.

Thanks for reading.