Thursday, July 16, 2009


Dear Dr. Savage,

I’ve been a listener of your program ever since your show was syndicated on WOR in New York. I’ve bought all of your books and donated money to your legal fund. I will still listen. I’m doubtful that I’ll ever donate to your fund again and the sole purpose that I’m writing to you today is that I’m slowly losing all respect for talk show hosts like yourself, Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, Levin and etc.


On your July 15th show, you and a guest presented an unbelievable case against the Barack Obama Health Care plan which, I agree, will be nothing about insuring the uninsured and only about control of the masses. Then you began railing against Republicans, in particular, Sarah Palin.

You read from an article by Ellis Washington which chastises Republicans calling them the GIP (Grand Irrelevant Party) instead of the GOP. Ok, I can take criticism of the GOP and Sarah Palin. But, then you read a quote from Sir Edmund Burke who said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”.

Ironically, you and the other talk show titans are doing just that. You simply sit at your golden microphones day after day and talk yourselves to death and still you do nothing. Again, I respect that you get on the air and present the truth to a population that is bamboozled by lies from the mainstream media on a daily basis. However, I think you and the talk show hosts of America can do more.

Question: What could I do? Answer: A lot.

This health care bill was on the horizon for months. I’ve listened to you threaten to organize a march and stop road traffic in America for issues less critical. Couldn’t you have organized a march on Washington? Couldn’t you or any of the other talk show hosts organized one million people out of your millions of listeners to make a statement that we are not welcoming in the ruination of America?

Instead, you all continued to be good men who do nothing. All you do is give out information and tell us to call our Congressman and Senators in one breath and, in the other, you tell us it’s pointless because we don’t have a representative government. Also, I’m beginning to see NO difference between talk show hosts who hide behind microphones and Congressmen who hide behind their voicemails or secretaries.

Yeah, that’s right. You talk to thousands of unknown callers, most of who you can give a damn about. Most of you don’t even have an office with an assistant to call or even email that, when I send the email, it will be read and not thrown into some spam folder.

As you can see below, I’ve copied all of the major talkers on this letter. I want you to know that this is not so much about you but ALL of you. As a working class, conservative putz, I have no voice and no activists. Afro-Americans have NAACP and Al Sharpton. Latinos have LaRaza. Gays have Act-up, Liberals have Code Stink and who actually use THEIR POWER to create change.

And what do we have? Stugots!

All thanks to powerful influential men like you who do nothing while evil triumphs.

I often dream about a day when all of you so called titans of talk radio would put aside your petty, childish radio wars and come to an agreement that America is in dire straits. But this time you’re going to do something about it. That maybe one or two of you, or dare to dream, all of you would have a come to Jesus moment, band together and fight against the take over of America by stealth communists.

Then I woke up. Ahh, what a burden it is to be a dreamer in such a competitive, ratings obsessed and profit driven world.

Best wishes,

Conservative, working class putz
New York

Glen Beck
Sean Hannity
Rush Limbaugh
Mark Levin

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Well, there they go again.

Sarah Palin resigns and the left winged media, newspapers, blogs spun into action against her. More speculation and double standard. CNN’s Rick “Hit & Run” Sanchez asked another anchor if she stepped down because she was pregnant again. On the same network, some fatso Candy Crowley speculated whether or not she was reading from a teleprompter. Could you believe this when we have the TOTUS at the helm?

“She’s done. She’s finished. She’s over.” It’s all that you hear.

One blogger, Max Blumenthal is crying about an alleged embezzlement scandal that that remains unproven. Allegedly and according to Blumenthal, she gave a contract to a company of good old boys in an exchange to build her lake house.

You gotta be fucking kidding me right? Maybe next week they’ll be comparing her to Bernie Maddoff. This of course comes from Blumenthal who is still harping on whether or not Todd Palin, or even Sarah, was part of the secessionist party in the 1990s. I hate to break to Blumee, but there are a couple of Governors in America who have publically raised the idea of succeeding from the union recently. It’s a shame that such a genius of the blogosphere would miss that.

Yesterday, I posted a rebuke to a Vanity Fair hit piece on Palin and you can hear it below. The writer, Todd Purdumb, had rehashed many of the 16 ethics probes which have all been thrown out. Yet, if this so called embezzlement story is something that is so well known around Alaska, why didn’t the great Vanity Fair writer include it in his piece?

Where was all of this stellar reporting when Obama’s home was purchased with the help of Tony Rezko and possibly other foreign dollars? So easy how the left in this country forgets about those 13 condemned buildings in Obama’s Chicago’s district belonging to Rezko. Notice how the left is completely silent to the fact Obama has given GE 1 billion dollars in soft environment contracts.

As you may know, GE owns the MSNBC family of networks. GE CEO Jeffery Immelt is on Obama’s economic advisory board. Hmmmm. That would explain why the entire MSNBC family and a majority of it’s anchors dirty their knees for Obama on a daily basis.

So even if this “scandal” with Palin comes to fruition, I could care less. And I would like to thank Palin from the bottom of my heart for getting Michael Jackson off my TV screen this weekend. I’d much rather see her face than his.

Would I have liked to see her finish out her term? Sure. But I think I know why she did it. Palin has a book deal in the works which could be followed up with multiple speaking engagements around the country. A speaking venue for a political figure like her will likely take in 100k per venue. Fighting off all of these so called ethics probes has left her broke. She cannot go public speaking all around the country while remaining as the Governor of Alaska.

Oh yeah and to the all of the geniuses in the media: people who are broke are usually not corrupt.

Does this mean she’ll run in 2012? I don’t know.

I do know this: If unemployment continues to rise past 10%, if people in this country keep getting taxed beyond belief while some arrogant clod like David Axelrod lie and tell the press that Obama lowered taxes for 95% percent of the population, if Obama keeps telling us that the nation should follow the model of California as it gives out IOU’s and goes bankrupt, this little episode with Sarah Palin will be easily forgotten.

And frankly, if she did, nothing would please me more than to see the rotten left winged socialist in this country bleed from their eyes. Or worse:

Off to a cook out. Getting smashed. Have a great day all.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


We told you so dummies….

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about or watched the video above. I get such a feeling of satisfaction when I see Helen Thomas, one of the most far left prog-lib (progressive liberal) and supporter of Obama, frustrated and demanding for the “openness” and “transparent” government that Obama promised during his campaign. Of course, their talking about the show town halls that Barack Obama puts together filled with Union members, supporters, Acorn members and screened emails and Twitter messages from the “little guy”.

To Helen Thomas, members of the White House press core and to any other liberal or douche bag moderate that got this not ready for prime time player into the highest office of the land I say…

We told you so dummies.

You were warned. You were warned not only by those of us conservative Americans, but by many former citizens of the former Soviet Union who had fled that country years ago to make a better life here. They’re voices rang the loudest. After all, they were the ones who knew Communist propaganda all to well. They ran from it. We as a majority in this country were embracing it. Oh, the horror…

I watched this clip at least five times just for kicks. I did it to watch both Press Secretary Robert “Mr. Stay Puft” Gibbs squirm and to see the buyers remorse in the eyes of Obama’s most ardent supporters.

Something else crossed my mind. In between the Michael Jackson coverage, you’re still hearing all about Mark Sanford’s infidelities in the media. Again, I’m not condoning what Sanford did. It was idiotic. Although, I would have to question the timing. The leak occurred right around the same time the Democratic Congress rammed through Cap and Fraud. The press had Sandford’s emails since the winter. To spring them on the public now would appear….curious ( Dr. Evil finger to mouth;).

But that’s an argument for another time. I heard a liberal pundit call out Sanford and say something to the effect that “when Republicans do this, the crime is more damaging because they are supposed to be a party of family values and principles”. True. Sanford, sans this infidelity, was pretty conservative. He promised his constituents conservative values. He’s broke the promise.

But why isn’t Obama held in the same regard? I would argue that, in just six short months of his presidency, Obama has committed a political infidelity on the American people. He’s promised an open and transparent administration and, according to his supporters, he’s not delivering.

These show town halls are just the tippy top of the ice berg. Obama’s blackberry, which he refused to give up, is off limits to the Freedom of Information act and because of that, the public can never see who or what he’s emailing if necessary. Also, when NPR starts asking about why they cannot see the logs to account for those who go in and out of the White House to see the president, you’ve got a problem.

His disapproval ratings are beginning to show it with each climb.

Those who voted for Obama to fix the economy, how’s that been working for you as we inch toward 10% national unemployment? Obama was elected because he convinced many of the vulnerable minds of this country that he could fix the economy. Instead, he opts to fix the planet with the Cap and Trade legislation. Which is a tax. He said he would never raise taxes on anyone who makes under 250k. But, what is a tax on your air conditioners and home heaters? A national sales tax? A cigarette tax? A health benefits tax? Alcohol tax? Telecommunications tax?

There’s no limit to Obama’s infidelities. Could you imagine if there was 10% unemployment under Bush and the next day he came out and said that his stimulus was working? Obama did. Could you imagine if John McCain were to come out, after the Dept. Of Labor said X amount of jobs have been cut and said that, if it weren’t for the stimulus an X amount more jobs would’ve been cut? Obama did.

And it’s not the end. And I hate to tell you, it’s only going to get worse.

Host of Mr.L’s Tavern w

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Last night, I watched a documentary that gave me another reason to cancel my HBO subscription. What else is left to watch on HBO anyway? I mean, how many times can you watch Meet The Parents? And this new series about vampires, True Blood? Let’s face it, when Entourage is the only half way decent show on your network, it’s not saying much.

The documentary, which was very boring and biased, is called Shouting Fire: Stories from the Edge of Free Speech in America. The way the creators, Martin and Liz Garbus (Father/Daughter) portrayed the endangerment of free speech in America, they should’ve called the doc Stories from the Edge of Liberal Free Speech. Right Free Speech, We’re Willing To Throw Under the Bus.

I’d like to say I was shocked, but I knew it was coming. Throughout the whole documentary, NOT ONE mention of the Fairness Doctrine which is a mission for Democrats to muzzle talk radio. Not one word about talk show host Michael Savage being added to a British watch list by ousted homeland secretary Jaqui Smith. Not one word about the peaceful assemblies of tea parties that were lampooned by liberal media elites.

I tried to keep my self control. I did throw a tissue box at the screen. Obscenities flew around the room. But then I remembered, it’s not TV, it’s HBO. I thought, let’s not forget, HBO ( Home Barack Office), was the same channel who served as media apparatchik for Obama when he won the presidency. They followed up that historic moment with that appreciation concert for the One called We Are One.

We Are One. I just got douche chills reading that out loud.

While watching this documentary, I wondered, did the creators Martin and Liz Garbage, ever hear about an ABC movie called Path to 9/11? You ever wonder why you cannot go to and get yourself a copy of that film? Well, because Bill and Hillary Clinton and various and sundry liberal Democrats won’t let you. They put a kabal on the film being distributed and riddled the network and producers with lawsuits to suppress re-runs of that film every year around that awful day. Why? Simply, because it shows Clinton in a bad light. Well then, where are the so called champions of free speech banging on Oliver Stoned’s door after his chop and slop film on George W. Bush and dark noir of Richard Nixon?

You might ask, what did these champions of freedom of speech in America feature in this so called documentary? The usual. McCarthyism. They can’t forget it. They also can’t come to the realization that it has been proven that there were people trying to destroy this country back then and working for the enemy. I wondered, why aren’t they featuring Julius and Ethel Rosenberg? After all, they were the most high profile case in the McCarthy Era! And, after all, the American left has championed the couple as poster children of right winged persecution. Perhaps, they weren’t featured because they were actually communists plotting with the enemy to destroy America all along!

Last fall, a co-defendant of the Rosenbergs, Morton Sobell, independently gave a statement that he believed the couple was plotting against America. According to him, a fellow comrade, they were passing atomic secrets off to the Russians.

It also featured the story of mass indoctrinator Ward Churchill who called the victims of the World Trade Center “Little Eichmanns”. And it actually places what happened to Churchill in the context of McCarthyism. However, what the creators or, should I say, propagandists didn’t mention was that Churchill was thrown out because of the back lash of the public and not by the government. They also forgot to mention that Churchill was charged with academic fraud and reinventing history in his classroom. I personally believe that Churchill’s greatest crime was putting activism above teaching. We certainly have enough of that going around the country. If you stepped foot on any college campus of America, you’d know what I mean.

In the effort to clear the air about free speech in America, Shouting Fire barely highlights the viewpoint of the other side, that would be the right or even indpendents in this country. They give Ken Starr a total of two minutes. Conservative writers Daniel Horowitz and Daniel Pipes get very little time as well. What about all of the scientists in America and the world who have been telling you that global warming is a fraud? Why don’t you go look at the emails from the EPA to find your answer. And I’ll mention this again, no talk radio hosts, who are under fire the most in this country, were featured in this fraud. Instead it’s filled with schmaltzy liberal Jewish academics, lawyers who gleefully call out right winged extremism. They even threw in a Rabbi for fun.

It’s pathetic. The film begins with the highlighted words from the first amendment “Congress shall pass no laws” regarding the suppression of free speech. The filmmakers neglected to mention that the Democratic Congress, many times, have tried to pass the Fairness Doctrine, in order to muzzle the last voice of the little guy: Talk Radio.

The largest crime of liberal bias in the film comes with the narration of Debbie Montasser. Montasser was the principal of the Brooklyn Madrassa who was believed connected to a controversy involving a T Shirt called Infitada NYC. However, the doc barely gives mention to the fact that Montasser, when first accused of the passing around these shirts, never confirmed or denied that they were of her own doing. The filmmakers also failed to include ANY of the writers from the New York Post who covered the story daily for their say in the matter.

Lastly, let’s not forget who Martin Garbus is. He’s a Jewish/American who’s parents fled the pogroms of Poland to come to America for a better life. It’s amazing how this same Garbus doesn’t have anything to say about the current Obama administration’s lust for government power and take over whether it be the big banks, auto, health industries or what light bulbs you can and cannot use in your home. I would love to know what Garbus thinks of Obama’s statement on the 2008 campaign trail where he stated he wants to create a civilian national security force that would take the place of the military. I think a man who came from the Jewish struggle would find that offensive to civil liberties, yet, he left it out. Let’s not forget that Garbus is the lawyer who argued for Neo Nazi’s right to free speech and to demonstrate in the 1970’s.

I’m sure that went over well when he told those in his circle of Jewish family and friends that he was going to do that.

Perhaps going after the “right wingers” in this film is his day of atonement.

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