Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mr.L's Tavern Episode 58: Sarah Was Right

In this show: Sarah Palin was right on about the death panels and is vindicated. this week's revelations that the death panel legislation, dubbed as "right wing paranoia" by the shills in the media actually existed was snuck into the bill a year later. Is Palin's political star rising w such a revelation? Why Libertarians make me drink. Obama's end of the year "victory" press conference and why Obama reminds me of HG Welles "Invisible Man" and more.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mr.L’s Tavern #57: ObamaLeaks?

The third Wiki Leaks leak! Does the Obama Administration have something to do with the leak and/or are they enabling hacker Julian Assange? Is this part of a bigger conspiracy against America and a push to shut down the internet? Obama cannot understand why anyone would think he is a Muslim. I’ll give him a few ideas why. The Oregon Muslim Christmas Tree bomber and the growing Islamist domestic US threat. What happens when the US gets attacked by a nuke. Sarah Palin. Bonus: For the Chimpsy Talk hosts and CRN aficionados—I tell two fellow talkers to take a walk. Thanks for listening

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mr.L's Tavern Episode 56: Homeland Stupidity

In this show: The Democrat party keeps Nancy Pee-losi as minority leader. Trust me, it’s a good thing. Nancy Pee-losi’s behavior is much like Norma Desmond in Billy Wilder’s film “Sunset Boulevard.” Homeland Stupidity in America from top to bottom. Missile launches on the West coast—“don’t touch my junk” at the airports. Heads buried in the sand when there’s a jihad going on. Fighting terrorism isn’t about where you fight, but how you fight it. And more.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

And Then There's Sarah Palin...

One of the most interesting aspects of the election of 2010 was the American people rejecting a socialist agenda from a liberal Democratic super majority that owned the House, Senate and Oval. That socialist agenda—ramming the Health Care Law through Congress and Cap n Trade through the House—with an unbridled arrogance, riled up the electorate just 20 months after Obama was elected.

I wonder if we the people, the Republicans, conservatives, independents and democrats—the people who voted Democrats out on 11/2/10—have the fortitude to cut off the head of the snake. I’m talking about Pres. Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama called “the shellacking” that he and his party took last Tuesday, but you know as well as I do that liberals don’t compromise. They double down. He will make an appearance tomorrow night on CBS 60 Minutes and claim this election isn’t so much about his policies, but a failure to communicate.

Translation: “It’s not me. I’m still the great one. I did great things. I just didn’t explain everything the way I should have. Or, you’re all too dumb to understand my greatness.” Case in point.

On the heels of the most important and historic elections of the millennium that America has ever seen, people are already talking about 2012. Who will the GOP choose to run? Will an independent/third party run? Will Hillary run? Rumors abound that Obama himself suffers serious mental issues in the Oval. He doesn’t like to govern, prefers campaigning, is on anti depressants, drinks A LOT and may not seek a second term. There’s also a strong case building for his impeachment.

Who knows what will happen between now and November 2012. What I do know is, the Republican Party has many potential candidates to run against Obama this time around. For me, they all look pretty good.

No matter the contenders are in the primaries, I see no glory in savaging any of them with vicious attacks. I saw how that divided conservatives and Republicans in the 2008 primaries.

The only person I would have to hold my nose in protest and vote for would be Gov. Mike Huckabee. The reasons surround his pardon of the hardened repeat offending criminal, Maurice Clemons. Years after his clemency, Clemons would gun down and kill four cops in Seattle, Washington. While Huckabee didn’t pull the trigger for Clemons, his release certainly displayed bad judgment of the highest order on the part of the Governor.

Mitt Romney. I supported Romney heavily in the 2008 primaries before the Republican party decided to run the old gas bag John McCain. I could easily vote for Mitt. However, old Mitt should have an interesting time expressing to an electorate, one that voted out almost every Congressman who passed Obama care, why they should elect a former Governor who passed a similar social engineering welfare program in Massachusetts.

There are a few dark horses and I pretty much like them all. Texas Governor Rick Perry. Former RNC Chairman and Governor of Mississippi Haley Barbour. Sitting Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal. Jindal’s leadership during the BP oil spill was above and beyond what Pres. Shine and Glow could offer. There’s also Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana. At the height of the Obamacare debate, Daniels offered his own ideas proving that the Republican party wasn’t the party of “no” but rather “know”.
You could read that here: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704231304575091600470293066.html

And then, there’s Gov. Sarah Palin.

I was compelled to write this after a friend and listener of my show—at least I think he still is—parroted many of the same attacks originating from the left about Palin. You know, the usual…“she’s dumb, a moron, uninspiring, she’s a gaffe machine, lower than that of a gas station attendant, etc.” Fill in the blank, she’s it.

Last week, aging pop star high school drop out idiot, Cher, did an interview with Vanity Fair magazine (a far left publication). They asked her what she thought of Sarah Palin. The mother of the transgendered hot mess now known as “Chaz” Bono, who owned as many failed marriages and affairs like I owned eye glasses throughout my life said, “Sarah Palin? I mean, like, come on. I mean, a dumb woman is a dumb woman.”

Again, this is the woman who once said that “she met a man, who she couldn’t believe was, like, the most intelligent man that she ever met in her life.” The man? Lol, Jimmy Carter.

Let me make this clear: It is still uncertain whether or not Sarah Palin will run for president. I will not force or can force anyone to like or support her. I will vote for the woman without hesitation. I believe that she’s fully competent for the job as president. I believe that she will surround herself with the best people who will help push her conservative agenda. I also believe anyone in her cabinet tries to lead her astray, she will have the instincts and moral courage to keep them in line.

Make no mistake, those who listened to my show and read my blogs know that I like and respect Sarah Palin. What angers me about certain people in the conservative camp happens when they parrot the same leftists generalizations and ad hominem attacks as leftist idiots like Cher, the View’s Joy-less Behar and actors like Matt ( I’ll never pay to see one of your movies again) Damon throw at her.

Let’s all remember, you will have to vote for someone against Obama in 12. If you decide you want to sit it out just because the candidate is not Mitt Romney—again—que sera sera.

I did not vote for Bob Dole in 1996 and sat it out. I greatly regret not voting to this day.

Rather than make this a hit piece on the person who came to one of my posts about Sarah Palin and baselessly attack her, I decided to simply list why I think she’s competent for the job through her DEEDS rather than her WORDS. I have no interest in having these “she’s stupid—no she’s not” arguments with these people any longer.

Remember, we already went through the campaign of Obama where he promised the masses much in words. His deeds ended up being something entirely different, which is why he and his party received the spanking it got last week.

Let me start off simple. Any Hollywood or Beltway idiot who cannot hold down a marriage has no reason to stand on the mountaintop on high and look down on Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin may have quit the Governorship in Alaska, but she didn’t quit her marriage. Anyone who sticks it out with their spouse for over 20 years and still remain very much together, gets my utmost respect.

Any woman who can have five children—one off in the military while managing another with a disability—while juggling a career, household and a small business is alright by me. You think it’s easy? You go and do it.

Also, this may sound sexist, but anyone who can hunt the meal, prepare the meal and cook the meal, is ok in my book.

About her decision to quit the Governorship of Alaska—it was probably one of the smartest decisions she has made. Leaving the Governor’s seat was looked down upon because purists simply thought she quit because she couldn’t handle the job.

Hence, the same crazy accusations George W. Bush endured. One minute they were calling him dumb as a rock. The next, he was the engineer of the most horrific attack on our homeland in American history.

Here, here. These people in one breath claim Palin is an idiot governing over a bunch of aborigines rubes in Alaska. The job couldn’t be more easy on the planet. The moment she steps down, she’s quitting because the job is too much for her to handle.

As I predicted in my blog over a year ago, she would never have been able to campaign for the candidates she endorsed in 2010—most of them won—while in the Governor’s office. The frivolous ethics cases filed by the leftist Alinsky-ites would have made it impossible and would’ve depleted her finances.

See my blog last year: http://mrltavern.blogspot.com/2009/07/palin-declares-independence-from-alaska.html

Instead, she realized her calling and stepped down assuring Alaskans that Gov. Parnell would be reelected. He did handily. From that moment on, she helped get many authentic conservatives get elected and raised millions for both the Tea Party organization and the RNC.

For that, she was thanked by the faceless checked pants idiots of the GOP establishment last week when they secretly leaked to the press that they were going to try to destroy her. In addition, some highfalutin Tea Party leaders would keep their distance of her when they were asked if she would be a serious candidate in 2012.

Regarding her resignation, I would remind the detractors that she once served as Chairwoman of the Alaskan Conservation Committee. She resigned from that committee when she discovered the rampant graft among the committee’s members. Out of that resignation she launched a successful gubernatorial run out seating Gov. Frank Murkowski.

I would also like to point out that George Washington, yes, he quit too. He quit the Virginia militia in 1794. Honestly, can you say you give a rat’s ass about that considering everything Washington would go on to accomplish?

One of the comments used against her is that she governed a state that only has 680, 000 people in it. Specifically said, “she’s governed less people than the Mayor of Orlando, Florida!!!” Well, if you think the Mayor of Orlando is qualified to be a steward of the United States just because of the number of people under his thumb, that’s your journey.

I mean, if you want to morally equalize running the city of Mickey Mouse to running a Alaska, a state that has over 50 billion barrels of oil and 1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves, I’ll let you go down that road.

Local politicians in my state that I know once told me, anyone who works in government on the municipal level will really know how to work with people. Sarah Palin spent 8 years on the Wasilla City Council and then as Mayor mostly due to her stance as a fiscal and tax hawk. She has a clear record of cutting property taxes and attracted new business to the town.

I love how people claim that, as president, she would be divisive and partisan. What about all of those Alaskan Democrats who loved Palin when she became Governor and promised to take on the corrupt bastards club in the state GOP? She did and most of those people who doubted her are now wearing orange jumpsuits.

One of those corrupt bastards has the name Murkowski and is the head of the Murkowski Alaskan family crime syndicate. One of them still lurking in Alaska is an interloping Senator who insisted on running as a write in candidate as a real conservative that Palin backed because she couldn’t handle losing her power. Her fate is still to be decided.

For 30 years, Exxon sat on a exploratory drilling lease in Alaska. No governor in 30 years could get them to drill. Palin came in, threatened them with several lawsuits and, in just a little over a year, Exxon finally began drilling at Point Thomson. She basically told one powerful, protesting Exxon executive that if they didn’t begin the drilling process, they shouldn’t let the door them on the ass on the way out.

With those corrupt bastards gone, the oil companies didn’t have the powerbrokers in the state government to protect him. She was able to use that leverage to devise a system of oil profit sharing that would financially benefit the citizens of her state. The oil companies protested, but again, Palin did not back down. They eventually caved and many average Alaskans got rich from that deal.

If you would like to know more about that pipeline she endorsed and so many others fought her on please read this:

Others worry about her grasp on foreign policy. At least Sarah Palin knows who the enemy is. I cannot say the say the same for Obama. Proof that she understands the importance of national security lies within her push for more SDI while still Governor in 2009. Palin hosted Sec. of Defense Gates in Alaska and pushed for more SDI in her state as North Korea began to flex it’s nuclear muscle in the Pacific.

This is a subject that Palin and Obama disagree on, with the president continuing down a path of “America loses-our enemies win” foreign policy with the possible ratification of the dreaded START treaty during the lame duck session of Congress.

Lastly, nothing could be more evident of Sarah Palin’s intelligence or sure fire political instinct when she addressed the “death panels” that exist in the Health Care bill.

While the politically correct news pundits seemed to dance around the obvious regarding the Obama Care bill, Palin rolled the dice. She came out publically against the obvious death panels hidden amidst the two thousand page bill.

At first, the commie leftists at MSNBC and elsewhere came out against her. As usual, they called her an “idiot, kook, dumb, insane” you name it, they said it about her.

Yet, socialist economists Paul Krugman and Robert Reich would eventually state on the record, this bill would deny medical services to those citizens, simply because they were aging or already in poor health.

No other, I repeat, no other political asshole or potential candidate was bold enough to come out, draw the line in the sand and make their case against this disgraceful bill so early in the game. Those who did only rode on her coattails.

Again, I’m not trying to make you like Sarah Palin. It’s too early in the game to know if she will run in 2012. She might not ever run and simply remain a conservative activist. And if she did run, it’s up to her to prove herself in the primaries to assure the electorate that she is up for the job.

But enough of the bullshit. I’m simply tired of the people who continue to throw around the bored and tired “oh yeah, she’s dumb” comments. I really have no interest in hearing your generalized bullshit. If I want that, I'll subscribe to Vanity Fair or the New York Times.

Running for office is not about persona, sound bytes, style or high minded rhetoric. It’s about doing things. It’s about deeds over words.

Sarah Palin has done plenty. I wouldn’t count her out in the future.

Mr.L’s Tavern

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mr.L's Tavern Episode 55: Beware of the Lame Duck

Mid term election post show. Conservative victory in America. We won—big. It’s not over. The head of the snake has to be dealt with. Is the Tea Party a good thing? How did we get here—was it the Republicans or psychotic legislation from the left? Vote locally against big government and much more.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Was Dennis Rodman's Mother Doing in a Frank Luntz Focus Group?

Last night, I tuned into Fox News in the middle of the Sean Hannity show. Frank Luntz, pollster and author of the book “What Americans Want,” held a political focus group in the New York, New York Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada. The group discussion centered around, of course, the Harry Reid (D)and Sharon Angle(R ) Senate debate.

By now, most of you have heard of the Frank Luntz focus group. Luntz will usually put together a group of about 20-30 people from all different backgrounds and political parties. Many are passionate, some very insightful and others downright ignorant.

Watch the video below. It is about 13 mins long. Since it’s a lively group, you may want to watch the whole thing. If you do not, I would advise you to pay attention to the black female loudmouth in the front row who could easily pass as Dennis Rodman’s long lost mother.

The point to discuss comes around the 7:10 min mark where the group is asked if they think that Harry Reid is responsible for the fiscal mess in Nevada. Again, I suggest that you watch the whole clip to see Mother Rodman’s views. They are all pro Reid and pro Obama agenda.

Oh yeah, thanks to Johnny Dollar Youtube channel for posting this:

At the 7:10 mark you saw a conservative guy named Andy call out Mother Rodman as a person who agrees with Harry Reid “only because she’s a Democrat.” Mother Rodman gets very excited. Her head starts rolling and she claims that she’s the “president of the National Black Republican Round table.”

What ever the hell that is, your guess is as good as mine. I called the National GOP headquarters in Washington, they never heard of the “NBRR.” I called my local GOP office and they never heard of it. I called the Nevada GOP headquarters and, zilch. They never heard of it either.

They all did hear and know of an organization called the National Black Republicans Association. However, the president of that organization is not Mother Rodman. Instead, it’s a woman named Frances Rice. If you visit their website, you will notice that it is very pro-Republican/conservative with an anti Obama progressive agenda.


While Rassmussen and IBD Tipp seem to be the most accurate in the polling field, how on Earth can we really trust a survey of 1,000 random people and make that the blue print on how people are going to vote in any given election?

This is the reason why I’m starting to not trust polls and focus groups any longer. There’s simply a rat in a woodpile like Mother Rodman in every single one of them.

While this focus group is flawed, it gives us a glimpse into the minds of the mindless. Here you have a woman, Mother Rodman, who preaches how it’s not about party or “yellow Republican, yellow Democrat or yellow Independent.” But when she gets called on it, she claims she’s the head of some black Republican organization that doesn’t even exist.

This deceiver in dyed-fried hair would have made Alinsky proud.

For people like Mother Rodman, it’s not about party. It’s not about right or wrong. It’s not about the facts. It’s not even about the welfare of the country. It’s only about the person who will further their Afro-Centrist agenda, give more freebee welfare programs out, more food stamps, more unemployment benefits, etc, etc.

That person would be Harry Reid, Democratic panderer of minorities in Congress since 1983.

What is truly sad about people like Mother Rodman is she would willingly use deception and lie for a man like Reid, who has said some extremely derogatory statements against blacks in the past.

Worse, people like her continue to vote for the Democrat Party. A party that consciously keeps minorities on their “reservations,” known as urban slums, and make it impossible for many of them to get profitable employment so they can rise up out of them.

Frank Luntz and his organization should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this woman, a pathological liar, to participate in his focus group that is televised to millions nation wide.

Mr.L’s Tavern
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Monday, October 18, 2010

And You Think Your State Has Problems?

What if I told you there was going to be a political debate in your home state this evening featuring seven—I say seven—candidates all competing for screen time expressing their views on issues to the sheeple?

What if I told you that the political parties included were not only Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, but also the Green party, “anti prohibitionist party,” and get this “the rent is too high party?”

And what if I told you that among these political candidates taking place in the debate is a former member of the Black Panthers. Or another, an actual Madam—that’s right—a female pimp who claims that she should win because she ran a string of successful call girl businesses?

You’d probably say that I was insane or simply, not in my state.

Unless, of course, you live in New York.

That’s right folks. In my home state of New York aka The Vampire State, this political circus is set to unfold at tonight’s New York Gubernatorial debate at 7pm. Sorry you can’t see it for yourself, since you’re not from New York. Not to worry. I’m sure it is going to be so absurd and embarrassing that you’ll be able to see next day highlights on the national morning news.

How did this happen? A powerful local New York news channel teamed up with the liberal Hofstra University (same folks who brought you the Palin vs. Biden debate 08’ mediated by Obama supporter Gwen Ifil) and decided it was crucial that “all political voices to be heard.”

Before I prepare myself mentally in order to watch this lunacy, let me just add that the hooker debating tonight is none other than Kristen Davis. Davis, you might recall, was the service provider of Hoes to Elliot Spitzer aka Client #9 and former Governor (D) of New York. Spitzer was forced to step down and blind and failure David Paterson was appointed as Governor.

By the way, Davis is the candidate running on the “anti prohibition” line. Her platform consists of the legalization of marijuana, prostitution, gambling, and gay marriage.

And you think your state has problems?

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mr.L's Tavern Episode 54: Don't Ask, Go To Hell

In this episode: Election circus NY, CT & CA. Jerry Brown is political backwash. Obama's recent slander of the Chamber of Commerce. Crazy Carl Paladino running wild in NY. Reviewing 3 must own political books of the year. Don't Ask, Don't tell & my take on the gay youth who committed suicide on the GWB.And more.

Also visit:


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Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Think Glenn Beck Is Losing It

While listening to Glenn Beck string his audience on for 2 hrs on Friday October 8th, I realize Beck is either a total charlatan media whore or he's losing his mind. This is a short story of my journey into talk radio hell:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Seal Falls Off--Omen For 2012?

My friends, we can only hope that this will be an omen of what is to come for Obama and his gangster administration in 2012.
Yesterday, President “shine & glow” Obama spoke at a Fortune Magazine conference where it honors the “Powerful Women Summit” at the Carnegie Mellon venue in Washington, DC.
Just minutes into Obama’s speech, the presidential seal fell off of the lectern. See here:

Anyone see the symbolism? For other presidents past this may not seem like a big deal. Let’s not forget, this is the same man who, when he was just the president elect, changed the presidential seal to a symbol more to his liking. More obvious, Obama’s presidency is coming undone and falling off the hinges, literally, before our very eyes.

Notice the naked narcissism in his response: “You all know who I am,” the think skinned one said. A classic response from more humble statesman like Reagan would have cleverly said something like, “Mommy, I guess we forgot to pay the maintenance man again.”

Not here. No self depreciation humor here from a man who is a true believer in America, only when it is led by him. More like, "Gee, did that fall? Who gives a shit about that stinking heap of shit. Back to ME."

Again, let’s hope this is a sign that, in another year and a half, Obama will be out of office.

2010 is important. 2012 even more.

Mr.L’s Tavern

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Obama Still Thinks We're Stupid

It’s official: President Barack Hussein “soon to be one term-er” Obama still believes the American people are all stupid.

There are still plenty of stupid people in America. I’m talking about the Obama devotees who are still waiting for more change to come. While waiting, they attend communist rallies and desecrate the national mall in Washington, D.C. with their dirty, socialist paraphernalia.

When Breck boy, John Edwards, yammered about “two Americas,” he was correct. There are the commies and the patriots. The rats and the eagles. The stupid, and well, the rest of us.

Obama still doesn’t get the rest of us.

Obama was in Wisconsin last week speaking to a couple of thousand snot-nosed, college dopers. Yet another attempt to sell more of his radical policies to the rest of the country. He still doesn’t seem to understand that—the person at the other end of the TV, computer screen or listening via car radio speakers—has had it with two years of hope, change or whatever lie that he’s trying to pull over on them.

But the guy cannot stop lying. He lies even when he doesn’t have to. Even at the expense of sticking his own size 11 foot in his mouth.

Take the GOP pledge. Obama criticized it in his speech in Wisconsin and said this:

“They call this the “Pledge to America.” That’s what they called it. And in case you wondered how serious they are about changing Washington, this pledge was actually written with the help of a former lobbyist for AIG and a former lobbyist for Exxon Mobil. You can’t make this stuff up, this is the truth.”

Well, maybe there’s a half truth along with the size 11 foot to put in his mouth. First, the so called lobbyist that he was talking about is a fellow named Brian Wild, who lobbied for two corporations and remains a GOP staff member. It’s also not clear how much power Wild wields as a lobbyist or what exactly his role was in writing the GOP Pledge.

Second, who cares? Seriously. I. Don’t. Care! The whole country is going to hell in a handcart, do you think I care if Brian Wild is a lobbyist? And who the hell is Obama all of a sudden? Stranger to lobbyists? For the love of Pete, the man has grown government more than any other president in just two short years.

Newsflash! The more you grow government, the more corporations feel the need to hire more and more lobbyists. When progressives like Obama grow government, K street grows with it. Case closed.

Lastly, did Obama say AIG?

The entire AIG bailout was orchestrated by none other than Obama’s treasury secretary Tim Geithner. And to be fair, the beginnings of these bailouts were done under Bush. Tragically, Obama kept feeding the beast.

In fact, the windfall profits that AIG executives received in March 2009 after driving AIG into the ground was allowed through a scheme that Obama, Geither and Bernanke engineered.

The government became owners of AIG. Obama and his cronies purchased notes of that company, and others, with your tax money. Once Obama came to power, the Treasury converted it’s stock from preferred to common stock allowing his administration to take over the company.

Now, many of the dopers in America who want to “bring it all down man” believe that government intervention and take over of these companies saved them from themselves—not so. AIG and GM sales and revenues are in the toilet while free market principled companies like Ford have prospered.

Here is Obama criticizing the Republicans because some lowly staffer, who just so happened to have lobbied for AIG, because he helped write their manifesto. Meanwhile, after the crafty take over of a private company by the government, Obama is technically the Chairman of the Board at AIG and other companies they shanghaied.

What I’m getting at is, Obama’s a stone cold liar. He shouldn’t bring up cases like AIG. When he does, conservatives and other patriots should use it an intelligence litmus test on the crowd he’s speaking to. If the crowd boos or shows resistance, they’re smart. If the people cheer, they’re stupid. Doesn’t matter if they’re black, white, brown, etc. They’re as dumb as dish water.

In David Limbaugh’s new book “Crimes Against Liberty,” a chapter is devoted to Obama’s fibs appropriately titled “The Liar.” It’s one of the bulkiest chapters in the book.

We understand why. So many lies, so little time.

Mr.L’s Tavern—Conservative, common sense talk

Monday, October 4, 2010

5 "German" Citizens Possibly Killed in Drone Attack

Just about an hour ago, the politically correct media reported that 5 "German" terrorists were apparently killed by a US/NATO drone attack in the region of Wazhu-a-stan near Pakistan.

German? Really? I wonder if their hair blond, skin pale and eyes pale blue. I wonder if they hold the common German last names like Fritz, Schmidt or Schneider. Most likely, not.

This may seem like a throw away headline of little or no importance to some, I happen to think it's a big deal.

These misers are not Germans, they're Islamic terrorists who happened to have citizenship in Germany. To call them Germans is an insult to the German culture and country.

Put it to you this way; how would you feel if Islamic terrorists who just so happened to have American citizenship status, were caught plotting attacks on IS European allies and they were dubbed "American?"

Since FBI and CIA officials have warned the greatest terrorist threat is coming from Muslims who hold American citizenship, we might not be too far off from it.

This is just another example of America marching toward the path of national suicide.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Mr.L's Tavern Episode 53: Welcome Back Carter

Reliving the days of Jimmy Carter in the days of Obama. Comparisons between the two worst presidents of the U.S. Economy, malaise, misery indexes, Islamic terrorism. Once again, explaining why the Ground Zero mosque is wrong for the blind, deaf and dumb. Louis CK's lewd comments about Sarah Palin.

Friday, January 8, 2010


These days it seems like the American people, those who actually voted for Obama, are slowly finding out the difference between CANDIDATE OBAMA and PRESIDENT OBAMA. CANDIDATE Obama seemed to be the everyman, all the answers and able to deliver a chicken to every pot. PRESIDENT OBAMA has left something to be desired. He seems lost. Glib. Aloof. Incompetent. The grey hair is starting to close in and he wears more dark eye shadow than a Jersey Shore female goombah.

But he lies well. Or does he? You saw him standing up there at his press conference today regarding Flight 253 which, could’ve been known as the Christmas Day massacre, if not for brave passengers who were willing to go balls to the wall and give the crotch bomber a wedgie that he’d never forget. This press conference came after two separate attempts to make nice after a “systemic failure”. After his dominatrix of a Homeland Stupidity Chief declared victory and failure all in the span of 24 hours. After his Assistant Security Advisor John Brennan declared that there was “no smoking gun” when regarding Matullab the terrorist.

Brennan. What a putz. This is the same John Brennan who, in 2003, was in charge of Terrorist Technology (ie: mining data of terrorist incidents or attempts around the world). He was supposed to deliver to the State Department the statistics for 2002 on terrorist activity and he left out a month of data. And yes, that was under George W. Bush. But I was told that Obama would be a break away from the Bush Administration. Obama refuses to fire this putz. Some break away.

Obama basically got up there in the past couple of days and recited the old lines of “systemic failure” and “failure to connect the dots” and the usual glib bullshit. Obama’s two step makes Janet’s look modest. The other day he was basically calling for the CIA’s head and calling out the failure of the intelligence community. Yet today it wasn’t quite hell fire and brimstone. Obama stated something to the effect of it would be hard to place the blame….you get the picture. Why did he do this? I’ll tell you.

Someone came alive in that White House with the smelling salt to call off Obama’s usual empty populous rhetoric and making evil out of the CIA, FBI or anybody but the actual enemy of Islamic Jihad. This is because someone must have taken a refresher course in policy to realize that in 2004 a little ditty was passed called the Intel reform and terrorism prevention act. In that document, the CIA was no longer in charge of “connecting the dots.” So while David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel were very quick to lay all of this blame at the doorstep of the CIA and the various and sundry in the intel community, they may find out that they have just set up their boss for one doozy of a systemic failure.

In the investigation of flight 253, they’ll see that the responsibility of connecting the dots was taken AWAY FROM the CIA with the Intel Act of 2004 and was placed into the hands of National Intel director Dennis Blair. In short, it’s not the job, according to that document, of the CIA to connect the dots anymore. And as the investigation unfolds they will find out that the CIA passed all info to the NCTC and that they had the access to send all info to the higher ups meaning cc: Napolitano, Brennan, Clinton, Gates, Obama.

Although many in the intel community will tell you that a president who makes an enemy with the CIA, the people who are providing you with intel, or as the bureaucrats call intel “tools”, is just a silly fool. But like I’ve said before, Obama loves to engage in populist double speak. He’s got to make a villain out of someone. He made a villain out of George Bush, John McCain, Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin or any Republican or conservative.

During the Health Care push, he choose to make villains out of the insurance companies and drug companies even though he was in bed with all of them. After all, HMO’s and Big Pharma gave more to Obama in 2008 than they did to McCain or to BOTH GW Bush campaigns of 2000/04. When vilifying those “fat cats” didn’t work, he and his leftist in the media, who personify those in the German bund, vilified the Tea Parties.

Obama is doing the same thing with the intel community and when he engages in this populist double speak he proves that there is no adult leadership in his administration. This also alienates the CIA, who will most likely be vindicated when the investigation unfolds in their favor and forces Obama’s size 13 foot into his own mouth.

Someone ought to tell this president that globe trotting the world and jet setting across America as a darling hopeful candidate for prez is a lot different than actually being president.

Shit, I’d settle if someone would just let him know he’s president.

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