Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Obama Still Thinks We're Stupid

It’s official: President Barack Hussein “soon to be one term-er” Obama still believes the American people are all stupid.

There are still plenty of stupid people in America. I’m talking about the Obama devotees who are still waiting for more change to come. While waiting, they attend communist rallies and desecrate the national mall in Washington, D.C. with their dirty, socialist paraphernalia.

When Breck boy, John Edwards, yammered about “two Americas,” he was correct. There are the commies and the patriots. The rats and the eagles. The stupid, and well, the rest of us.

Obama still doesn’t get the rest of us.

Obama was in Wisconsin last week speaking to a couple of thousand snot-nosed, college dopers. Yet another attempt to sell more of his radical policies to the rest of the country. He still doesn’t seem to understand that—the person at the other end of the TV, computer screen or listening via car radio speakers—has had it with two years of hope, change or whatever lie that he’s trying to pull over on them.

But the guy cannot stop lying. He lies even when he doesn’t have to. Even at the expense of sticking his own size 11 foot in his mouth.

Take the GOP pledge. Obama criticized it in his speech in Wisconsin and said this:

“They call this the “Pledge to America.” That’s what they called it. And in case you wondered how serious they are about changing Washington, this pledge was actually written with the help of a former lobbyist for AIG and a former lobbyist for Exxon Mobil. You can’t make this stuff up, this is the truth.”

Well, maybe there’s a half truth along with the size 11 foot to put in his mouth. First, the so called lobbyist that he was talking about is a fellow named Brian Wild, who lobbied for two corporations and remains a GOP staff member. It’s also not clear how much power Wild wields as a lobbyist or what exactly his role was in writing the GOP Pledge.

Second, who cares? Seriously. I. Don’t. Care! The whole country is going to hell in a handcart, do you think I care if Brian Wild is a lobbyist? And who the hell is Obama all of a sudden? Stranger to lobbyists? For the love of Pete, the man has grown government more than any other president in just two short years.

Newsflash! The more you grow government, the more corporations feel the need to hire more and more lobbyists. When progressives like Obama grow government, K street grows with it. Case closed.

Lastly, did Obama say AIG?

The entire AIG bailout was orchestrated by none other than Obama’s treasury secretary Tim Geithner. And to be fair, the beginnings of these bailouts were done under Bush. Tragically, Obama kept feeding the beast.

In fact, the windfall profits that AIG executives received in March 2009 after driving AIG into the ground was allowed through a scheme that Obama, Geither and Bernanke engineered.

The government became owners of AIG. Obama and his cronies purchased notes of that company, and others, with your tax money. Once Obama came to power, the Treasury converted it’s stock from preferred to common stock allowing his administration to take over the company.

Now, many of the dopers in America who want to “bring it all down man” believe that government intervention and take over of these companies saved them from themselves—not so. AIG and GM sales and revenues are in the toilet while free market principled companies like Ford have prospered.

Here is Obama criticizing the Republicans because some lowly staffer, who just so happened to have lobbied for AIG, because he helped write their manifesto. Meanwhile, after the crafty take over of a private company by the government, Obama is technically the Chairman of the Board at AIG and other companies they shanghaied.

What I’m getting at is, Obama’s a stone cold liar. He shouldn’t bring up cases like AIG. When he does, conservatives and other patriots should use it an intelligence litmus test on the crowd he’s speaking to. If the crowd boos or shows resistance, they’re smart. If the people cheer, they’re stupid. Doesn’t matter if they’re black, white, brown, etc. They’re as dumb as dish water.

In David Limbaugh’s new book “Crimes Against Liberty,” a chapter is devoted to Obama’s fibs appropriately titled “The Liar.” It’s one of the bulkiest chapters in the book.

We understand why. So many lies, so little time.

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Debbie said...

This president reminds me of a troubled child who is always screaming "he did it." Barack knows not how to take responsibility for his own failures. The finger is pointed at us, all of us. Barack refers to black people as mongrels,chastizes his own base and as you said, thinks Americans are "stupid."

He alone who owns the youth gains the future- (Adolph Hitler)

Simply stated - the man is incompetent.