Friday, February 25, 2011

America's First Dictator

Normally, I do not tap into the conspiratorial annals of my mind, nor do I take the “doomsday” approach to national/world issues. Yesterday, I couldn’t help myself. While driving to an afternoon appointment, I tuned into Rush Limbaugh. The conservative talk radio host discussed union thuggery and Democrat shenanigans currently unfolding in Wisconsin, Rhode Island and Indiana. He also spoke about President Obama’s recent proclamation to not uphold the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Limbaugh was basically outraged at the fact that Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, for now, could get away with such a thing. Then he engaged in a little fantasy scenario. However, I will explain how his fantasy became my nightmare after you read what Limbaugh said:

“Imagine, for the fun of it, Sarah Palin is elected president. I pick Palin only 'cause they hate her the most (and I'm not running). Imagine that Sarah Palin appoints scores of czars who are not confirmed by the Senate. These czars run the government out of the White House; they bypass the cabinet structure. Imagine that President Palin appoints as attorney general a politically partisan conservative. Imagine that attorney general takes orders from Palin on active cases, and she orders that attorney general to stop defending lawsuits against aspects of Roe v. Wade, to stop defending lawsuits against Obamacare, to stop defending lawsuits against the EPA's greenhouse gas regulations.

Imagine if President Palin directs her attorney general to sue California to enforce border security and to stop granting taxpayer benefits to illegal aliens, in violation of the supremacy clause. Imagine if President Palin did all this. Imagine President Palin ordering the Republican National Committee to work with businesses, managers and executives that contributed tens of millions of dollars to her campaign to defeat her political opponents (especially Big Labor) in places like New York, New Jersey, Michigan, California; intervening in the affairs of states. Obama's doing this. Imagine if President Palin did it. She gets hold of the guy that runs the RNC, says, "I want you to have meetings with businesspeople that contribute a lot of money to my campaign."

Imagine President Palin decides that she will not comply with federal court rulings that she disagrees with, as in Florida and Louisiana. Imagine, if you will, President Palin meeting weekly with CEOs of the oil industry, of the insurance industry, and of the health care industry in order to help them profit and prosper. Imagine if President Palin meets with these groups to try to repair the damage done by the previous president, Barack Obama. Imagine a State of the Union in a House of Representatives chamber: President Palin attacking the sitting justices of the US Supreme Court, humiliating them for a ruling in a case in a manner that she disagrees with.

Imagine President Palin hiring a fashion person and putting her on the public payroll and telling everybody what to eat while she and Todd eat whatever they want on trips to places like Vail, while her husband is eating hamburgers and fries and ice cream. Imagine President Palin sending her kids to the most expensive private school in Washington, while at the same time killing a school choice program for poor minorities in the inner city of Washington -- and, folks, I could go on and on and on. It explains everything, this sickening spectacle that is the left.”

At first, this all sounded like conservative porn. I was literally salivating because I know the left would freak out at the notion of Sarah Palin becoming president, let alone become such a president who would push conservative policies in the manner that President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have. Then I stopped for second. The dream was over. The lights flashed on in the porn theater and the nightmare began.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chris Christie 2012? I don't think so.

Christie 2012? I Don't Think So. He's wrong on radical Islam, Ground Zero Mosque, Presides over a NJ Cap and Trade Law, wrong on immigration. This and much more. If you're on the Christie 2012 bandwagon, you need to do your research. At best, Christie is a moderate hiding behind the no labels mantle. At worst, he's simply a liberal Republican who shifts with the wind. Gov. Christie, STAY IN NEW JERSEY!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Real Sarah Palin

This is who Sarah Palin is. Smart, plain speaking, witty and articulate. Not how the liberal media portrays her. Not how a mind slut like Katie Couric portrays her in an edited gotcha interview from 3 years ago. Watch the whole Q & A session from her appearance at the Long Island New York Association.
February 17 2011
Questioner: Kevin Law, a Democrat

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mr.L's Tavern Episode 62: While We Fight, They Plot.

While conservatives fight, the Marxists plot. The tale of two frauds: Ron Paul & Donald Trump at CPAC & why any of them cannot be taken seriously, let alone, win. Why is Rand Paul & the GOP devoting their time tweaking the Patriot Act & not destroying ObamaCare? What ObamaCare will look like in 2050. The Islamic Theocratic Federation, or, beginnings of the Global Caliphate in the middle east and more.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mr.L’s Tavern Episode 61: Reagan-esque

Celebrating what would have been 40th President of the United States Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday this week! The liberal media presstitutes are now comparing Barack Hussein Obama to Ronald Reagan. I don’t think so. For decades, these presstitutes have tried to destroy Reagan’s legacy. Now they try to steal it and give it to Obama. I pull that lie out of the mud by it’s roots in this episode. My thoughts on Egypt and more. You won’t want to miss this show. Happy Birthday Gipper, where ever you are!