Friday, April 29, 2011

Excuse me while I give Iowa the finger...

And I thought New Yorkers were full of themselves.

Are you from Iowa?  I’m sorry if I insulted you—but you really need a reality check.  Apparently, down the line of our crooked election system in America someone, somewhere died and made you important.

Recently, I read a column by some liberal moon-bat at The Atlantic who claimed that just because Sarah Palin didn’t have a “serious ground game” —whatever the hell that is—in Iowa  that must mean that she’s either not running or not serious about being a candidate for president in 2012.
Yes, I’m a Palin Partisan and have been an admirer of hers since 2008.   But this is not about a snub made in the media against her.  This is for all the political candidates who have to travel to Iowa every election cycle and forced to kiss the ass of Iowans all over the Hawkeye state.

And the Iowans are quite full of themselves these days by the way.  I’m not necessarily talking about the average, working class, Iowan putz who goes to bed praying to God every night the media will turn off it’s hot lights and go home.  No, I’m talking about the party bosses on both sides, the whoring delegates, the supporters on both sides—that’s who I mean.

You put a camera in front of their face and they’re yacking all about who’s kissing their ass good and who’s not.   Which candidate really knows what Iowans want and which that doesn’t.  They talk of who the candidate is that will go the farthest because they paid attention to the needs of Iowans, on the third day of the week, with a full moon out that night and on and on.

Why is this?   You would think that the pedestal that Iowa is put on by all political parties and the media that the state would change the nickname from “Hawkeye” to “Kingmaker”.   It’s just the opposite as Iowa and it’s caucus has the worst track record for predicting future presidents.

In fact, since the United States via the mainstream media have really drawn the public’s attention to the caucuses or primaries—going back some forty years ago—there has been at least thirteen elections.  Out of those thirteen elections ONLY TWO candidates who won in Iowa have gone on to win the presidency.   Those two are George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama.

In 1980, Regan lost in Iowa to Father Bush and then won the GOP nomination and became president.  In 1992, Bill Clinton lost to some dude named Tom Harkin (I don’t even remember who he was, what he did or if he’s even still alive).  Kerry won in 2004, but lost to Bush.  In 2008, Huckabee won, leaving McCain and Romney in the dust—only to lose to McCain in the end!  I could go on and on.

If the caucus in Iowa is so instrumental in predicting a president then we should have seen the presidencies of Bob Dole, Richard Gephardt, Walter Mondale and a few others. And let me just state the obvious, Iowa has SIX electoral votes.  New Hampshire has FOUR.  For a candidate to bust his/her ass in a state with a such an insignificant amount of electoral votes—when they could be doing damage in a state like Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana—makes no sense.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

To Birthers, Trump Chumps, It's Over. Trump's Still Democrat Plant. Go Away From Me

This issue is over. it's a dead end issue, moot point, distraction. like myself and many others have said, confront Obama on the fact that he's a left wing Red and that his policies are destroying America.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Chump, Libertarian Elf & Serious 2008 Deja Vu Headtrip in 2012

What would an election cycle be without Ron Paul?   As many of you know, Ron Paul announced he is beginning an exploratory committee to run for president in 2012.  Wow, what a shock, huh?   No doubt, as his track record in the past shows, he will once again be exploring ways to fail as a candidate.

Last night the kooky libertarian elf went on Hannity.  Paul was on his best behavior throughout most of the interview.  He certainly doesn’t want to reveal is shrill kookery to the independent, middle of the road voters this early in the game.  I would like to thank Hannity for bringing up the subjects of terrorism, Islamist extremism and Sharia Law during the interview.   Of course, Paul the elf muttered out the obligatory “it’s America’s fault” rhetoric on terrorism, Islam, Sharia law.  I swear, if I didn’t know better, I would think that Paul’s part time job was working the press office for the Texas branch of CAIR.

To further alienate himself from the patriotic American and pro Christian voting bloc, Paul the elf backed up Muslim antagonist aka “bridge builder” Imam Rauf and his “property rights” in regards to the construction of the Ground Zero Mosque.  After all, in Paul the elf’s mind, it would be simply un-American if a man with ties to various terror groups—many who Paul likely supports since they want to wipe Israel off the map—has the right to build their mosque aka community center just steps from where Arabs and Islam attacked us on 9/11.
If you want a good laugh you can watch the entire interview here:

I’m particularly fond of the part at 12:17 where the elf actually says that, as president, he cannot end the fed.  Well, Paul may be in a pickle here and I suggest every one of you use it as ammunition against Paulbots in your social networking travels.  As Paul says, the president cannot audit or end the Fed.  Okay.  The man, Paul the elf, who is now the chairman of a monetary committee who would have the power to begin the process of an long deserved audit of the FR, is going to waste the opportunity on another failed presidential bid instead of actually executing what he’s promised for years?   I smell a fraud.

The latest riot that I’ve been reading about Ron the elf Paul is that he’s actually a FREEMASON.  LOL, I’m not kidding.  Just go to google “Ron Paul Freemason” and see what you get.  It’s pretty friggin hilarious that Ron Paul is being attacked by fellow conspiracy kooks.   According to these people, he’s a “master mason” and part of the Illuminati. Uh-oh. 

I prefer to think of him as an anti-American, culturally suicidal ass.

Why Doesn't Donald Chump Run as a Democrat?

Since Trump was a Democrat for most of his life and leans left, why doesn't Trump run for president and challenge Obama as a Democrat?

"The Polls Are Bunk"

In 2007, when Obama was losing terribly to Hillary in the polls during that summer, his campaign manager David FLUFF PLOUFFE sent out  mass emails to supporters saying “the polls are bunk” and do not believe them. Hillary was seen as the one who would easily win the nomination and Obama was still playing the role of the underdog.
Of course, Obama and POOF—like all dirty D’s the done dirty cheap lying Democrat D’s Do—were losing in the game, so they had to make some excuse up so that their base of pot smoking, patchouli oil smelling, college kids wouldn’t get demoralized over the fact that “the One” might get smoked.
While POOFE was being a Democrat deceiver,  I’m a believer.  The polls are not only bunk—THEY’RE BULLSHIT!
I swear people, when I see media outlets like Fox News and others citing WAPO/ABC News Polls and WSJ/NBC polls as credible polls like they did today, I just want kick my TV set in.  See the WaPo article with the poll here:
Barry’s in trouble but, of course, he’s certainly going to win handily against ANY of the Republican potentials.  Naturally.  Hey he’s even got a good lead over Mitt Romney, and no surprise, a double digit lead over the “unelectable” Sarah Palin.
BULLSHIT!  These polls are skewed heavily to Democrats and liberals.  And the independents that make up 30% of those polled, are they right or left leaning? Who knows!
See links covering this here:

Monday, April 18, 2011

Donald Trump Rubs Elbows With George Soros

Blurb in the New York Post that was missed reports that Donald Trump was rubbing elbows with Dr. Evil himself, George Soros.
Also see these articles. Birthers, conservatives, independents & the tea party should denounce this orange glow, combover fraud now.

All The More Reason Sarah Palin Should Run For President...& Win.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Trouble With Romney

The Trouble With Romney
I read the New York Post this morning and, reluctantly, the weekly Peggy Noonan column. Noonan is a centrist RINO who thinks she represents mainstream American conservative thinking because she wrote speeches for Ronald Reagan over thirty years ago. You can read her article titled “Obama Can Lose” here:

The traitorous Noonan—who supported, shrilled and voted for Obama in 2008—writes that even if the economy turns around, inflation calms and mid east unrest subsides, Obama will lose in 2012. According this shrill, the only way Obama will win is if the GOP fails to “nominate, recruit and support candidates who can speak to the entire country, who have serious experience and accomplishments, who are grounded and credible, then they will win centrist support.” She also claims that “Republicans voting in recent presidential primaries have tended to pick the candidates who are viewed as the moderate in the race — Bob Dole in 1996, George W. Bush in 2000, John McCain in 2008.”

What the hell does that mean? It means centrism has failed twice since Dole and McCain lost and Bush only narrowly and controversially beat Gore in 2000. Reading this I am offended by a political commentator like Noonan, who is treated like a guru by many in the media, is simply SO OUT OF TOUCH with no clear understanding of what is going on around in the country.

Think the majority of this country still wants centrism? One would only have to point to the freak out that occurred across the country when the so called “centrist yearning” public adamantly rejected the fake budget deal that passed last week.

The fact of the matter is, the majority of the country is tired of compromisers, appeasers, middle of the roaders and centrists. Which brings me to Mitt Romney.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sarah Palin's negatives rival Newt Gingrich's?

Washington Times writer Joe Curl claims Sarah Palin's negatives rival Newt Gingrich's. Really?

Lady Gaga Fan Sacrifices Cat for Concert Attire

Lady Gaga Fan Sacrifices Cat for Concert Attire --Angelina Barnes, 20, was charged for animal cruelty after reportedly mutilating her family's 15-year-old tabby cat in order to wear it to a Lady Gaga concert.                                                          

What I Think of Both Ron & Rand Paul

Ron Paul an Anti Semite Pork Spender Foreign Policy Psycho DIDN'T CREATE THE TEA PARTY

Give Rand Paul 10 Years, He'll Be Crazier Than His Father, 2012

Mr.L Body Slams Jesse The Pretender Ventura--CRA 79

In light of Jesse Pretender Ventura's latest derogatory comments on Sarah Palin, this clip has been posted. WARNING STRONG LANGUAGE. On January 17th, 2010, Mr.L of Mr.L's Tavern was guest host of ChimpsyRealAmerican 79. What you are about to hear is the Dave's Ananlytical Moment segment of the show "A Time for Cursing".

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let's Just Drop the Obama Birth Certificate Issue

It's 2011, let's drop Obama's birth certificate issue already. Want to get Obama on trampling on the US Constitution? Refer to his record, don't look for the birth certificate.

Hey Obama, Protect American Citizens on Border, Not the Libyans Immigration Border Chaos

Reaction to Obama's speech justifying war on Lybia. Why are we protecting Lybians and middle eastern countries' borders & not our own. Cartels committing violence against American citizens demands action. My thoughts on Immigration overall--not more but less immigrants please. Rollins College student speaks out on anchor babies & gets shafted by her leftist professors.

What Obama & O'Reilly Have in Common

Think Bill Oreilly "hearts" Obama? You may be right. Listen to the tale of two BO's. In this clip: Stanley Kurtz on stealh socialism, Obama & the Midwestern Academy. What O'reilly & Obama have in common.