Saturday, May 28, 2011

Note to Obama Camp: Sarah Palin is STILL Trouble

In this segment, I confront two Rush Limbaugh callers: one bizarre caller who claims "we need to get behind Mitt". The other Vinny from Queens who doesn't want to support Palin because he feels she's been "destroyed" by the midstream media. If the GOP runs a generic republican who either loses OR doesn't keep his promises the GOP is over. Palin will most likely run for president. Dems & Obama camp terrified. Obama camp thought Palin "was trouble" then. Guess what, she's still trouble.
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J. said...

Mr. L,

I just listened to your latest audio post, and you 100% nailed it. In fact, I'll take it a step further: If Gov. Palin is our nominee, she won't just *beat* Obama -- she'll *smash* him to an electoral pulp.

Furthermore, in the following submission to C4P, I merely *begin* to explain *exactly* why Gov. Palin will beat Obama. If you can spare a few minutes, please read it, as I think it would be a great clarifier for people like Rush's caller Vinny, who are still willing to let the MSM choose our candidates for us:

Your radio post has inspired me to get off my butt and write Part II of my *specifically detailed* explanation as to why Gov. Palin will mop the floor with Obama.

Thank you so much for your work -- your message is urgent.

J. Rauch
Queens, NY

Mr.L's Tavern said...

Excellent post J. I do remember reading this back then in March. I read it again and you make excellent points. thanks for listening to me rant lol.

J. said...

Thanks, Mr. L, for the compliment. I have long believed that Obama is a paper tiger -- provided he's forced to face off against a certain kind of candidate, and I can't imagine a better one to send him packing than Gov. Palin. The MSM's going to say he's unbeatable, of course -- they'd never mention how he won political races earlier in his career. Competition scares him. And the idea of facing an opponent who won't back down is his worst nightmare. He couldn't bear a sliver of the scrutiny focused on Gov. Palin -- he'd wither like a tropical plant dropped in Death Valley. He *needs* the media to win; Gov. Palin will win by running against him and the media and beating them both.

By the way, a point I plan to revise in my follow-up piece is about his stated plan of raising $1B for 2012. He said that to intimidate milquetoast RINO candidates, thinking it made him sound formidable. Well, if you consider it, it makes him sound just the opposite: Scared.

Obama raised just over half a billion in 2008, much of it illegally. He knew he *needed* that obscene advantage, to drown out the opposition. Remember those 1/2 hour commercials right before the election? I remember someone joking that based on the amount of TV spots, one might think Obama was running unopposed.

Which is exactly what he'd love to do. He's not just a bad president, he's a bad character -- and he's a weak sister.

Looking forward to your next audio post,

J. Rauch