Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Puttin the Pieces of the Palin Puzzle Together

In this edition, I put the pieces of the Palin 2012 puzzle together. Not if, not will she or won't she, she's running. It's not my opinion-- all you gotta do to come to the realization is to cross T's, dot the I's and do the math, evaluate her history, words, actions, character and it will all add up to a run for president. It's her time. She knows this. Sarah Palin also knows she can win. Also, she will run because she knows she's got nothing to lose. "It just doesn't matter".


Ernst said...

You are smart and articulate, I like your stuff Mr.L.
Orig from NJ but been on west coast for 2 decades. Your NewYork sound comforts me.

Odysseus said...

If she runs, gets the nomination, and beats Øbama, she is the new Reagan.

If she runs, gets the nomination, and loses to Øbama, she is the first woman to run for president on a major party ticket and is the new Barry Goldwater in conservatives' eyes.

If she runs but fails to get the nomination, she can be a kingmaker and can run again in 2016 or 2020, making her Ronald Reagan in 1976.

If she does not run at all, she is the new Geraldine Ferraro and can expect the same spectacular level of influence over Republicans that Ferraro has had on the Democratic party (i.e. None).

Given those choices, I say she'd be a fool not to run.