Sunday, January 29, 2012

If GOP Goes Into Smoke Filled Room They Better Come Out w/ Sarah Palin

The GOP establishment talking about going into smoke filled rooms & brokered conventions.  Problem with that is, they're looking to come out of the smoke filled rooms with moderates like Mitch Daniels & Jeb Bush. My thoughts on this & also the dizzy upside down electorate. Sarah Palin appears on Fox Biz Tom Sullivan shows possibly why Palin never officially ran for president. Did she say what it would take for her to make a late entry?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jan Brewer Obama Face Off Another Reason Sarah Palin Should Be GOP Nominee

The recent face off between Gov Jan Brewer & Barack Obama speaks volumes. I'm not the first to suggest that Obama has a woman problem. Many believe it's a deep psychological flaw where Obama wants approval from women & to dominate them at the same time. Sarah Palin is not easily controlled & the GOP screwed up by not supporting her candidacy in 2012.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ron PaulQaeda Charged in Firebombing of Lodi NJ Synagogue

Ron Paulqaeda strike again. Anthony Graziano aka PaulQaeda was charged with the Jan. 11 attack on a Rutherford synagogue & the Jan. 3 firebombing of a synagogue in Paramus.  This is after the previous death threats or "fatwas" issued on an Atlanta man a week ago & another Paulqaeda who issued death threats on Obama & family.  Ron Paul is not the tea party and no conservative should be holding hands with Ron Paul's Paulqaeda.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Romney Stumps Like a Lib & Why The Nomination Process Needs To Go On

Mitt Romney using Alinksy methods on Newt Gingrich bringing up 30 year old frivolous ethics charges leveled at him for which he was exonerated. Gingrich attacked like Palin was -- because he is a threat. Primary B.S. Don't tell me who to support. Rick Santorum is not squeaky clean. Ron Paul has an action figure. Why the longer the primary process is the better.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Ron Paul "Gets More Military Donations Than Any Candidate" Myth

Since 2007, Ron Paul & his Paulqaeda have been propagandizing that Ron Paul gets more military donations than all the other candidates "combined". This is quite impossible to prove and quite an aggravating myth put out there by the Ron Paul campaign & his mindless Paulqaeda. Also, what I thought of Paul's SC debate performance.

Ron Paul a ChickenHawk?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ron Paul Is Walking October Surprise & Who Are You Calling ChickenHawk?

Ron Paul is a candidate I shall not want. He's also a walking October surprise. There's no room for October surprise in this election cycle, therefore, Ron Paul needs to walk off the campaign trail. Is Ron Paul a chickenhawk? An investigative report by thinks so & questions his claims about his service. This and more.  Video by 147DegreesWest HERE

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ann Barnhardt Is Right--Americans Stop Being Nice to Enemies Foreign or Domestic

I agree with Ann Barnhardt-- the West has to stop being nice to the people--enemies foreign or domestic-- who want to destroy us and Western culture. Whether it be the Chinese or Islamists or our own president Barack Obama and the Marxist left. Why I dont care that Marines pissed on some Taliban and why politicians like Ron Paul are WRONG about Iran.

More Death Threats From Ron Paul Supporters aka Paul-qaeda

Ron Paul's kooky supporters yet again have issued death threats against an Atlanta man who made a joke about their God Ron Paul on Facebook. There are AL Qaeda and Paul-qaeda & from where I'm sitting I see very little difference. Again, the tea party & conservatives must distance themselves from this lunatic Paul & his Paul qaeda.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Contraception & Gay Marriage NOT the Most Important Issues Facing America

New Hampshire GOP debates an embarrassment. George Step-on-all-of-us sets up candidates with contraception questions. All these candidates in NH not one of them or the liberal debate moderates ask about the regulations crushing fisherman in New England. Gay marriage not the most important issue facing America today.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

What’s Next For The Alaskan Iron Lady?

After Governor Sarah Palin’s interview with Fox News’ Eric Bolling on the eve of the Iowa Caucus, I did a segment on my show where I stated that I will not be participating in any Sarah Palin reconsider or “earthquake” movements from now on.  If you missed that segment you may listen here.  I took some flak for it.  Who cares.  I believe after Palin’s interview with Bolling on Monday, she wasn’t reconsidering at this time. 

Granted, she then went on Cavuto the next day and was asked a very direct question.  Cavuto asked Palin if the GOP frontrunner starts to fall by the way side months from now and chaos ensues, would she reconsider?  Palin didn’t rule it out.  Yes, she did claim that “others” could get in.  Whether or not she is including herself in the “others” category—your guess is as good as mine. 

After October 5th, 2011 when Palin first said no to a presidential run, there was no one more disappointed than ole Mr.L.  I was one of the first people to say, if the establishment can ask Chris Christie to change his mind, then tea party conservatives could do the same to Palin.  The view from here says, she doesn’t want to do this at this time.  And if there is some secret plan for Sarah Palin to get in this race late, she would want to keep it just that—a secret.  The best thing we should do for her is be quiet.  Going around beating people over the head trying  to convince them she’s reconsidering, when that might not be the case, could be counter productive.  In short, she knows we’re out there.  The less media attention that she gets about this the better.  If Palin is planning to open the Bombay doors at the last minute, she doesn’t need her supporters blowing her cover. 

In the meantime, make no mistake—my support for Sarah Palin isn’t going to fizzle out.  She is still a young, experienced, capable, determined, strong conservative woman with a long life and career ahead of her.  So what’s next for the Alaskan iron lady?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why It Won't Matter If Ron Paul Wins Iowa Glorified Straw Poll

What if Ron Paul wins Iowa? so what. The real reason why Ron Paul runs for president and why conservatives should not worry about his candidacy. Why Ron Paul winning Iowa would be actually a good thing.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Until Sarah Palin SAYS or DOES different, I take her word--not reconsidering

Until Sarah Palin SAYS or DOES different, I take her word. She's not reconsidering a run for president in 2012. You don't like it, GO SCRATCH!  I still love Sarah Palin but I'm not reading tea leaves anymore.