Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mr.L's Letter To RNC Chairman Reince Priebus

Chairman Reince Priebus
Republican National Committee
310 First Street
SE Washington DC 20003

Dear Chairman Priebus,
As a lifelong conservative Republican living in New York, I am disillusioned with the Republican Party.  Once again, it seems the party is not listening to the conservative base.  It is evident that the GOP will nominate another moderate, Gov. Mitt Romney, resulting in losing to Pres. Barack Obama and the Democrats in November of 2012. 
I am what you would call one of these voters who make up roughly 5-10% of the electorate.  We’re engaged, well versed on the issues, candidates, and follow the process very closely.  We do not show up to the voting booth in November to play eenie meenie miney.
On February 24th, The Hill published an article by Cameron Joseph reporting that the  RNC—the chairs, committeemen, donors—are considering changing the primary rules yet again to avoid a possible brokered convention scenario in Florida this summer. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Turn off HBO on March 10- Turn on REELZ March 11 for The Undefeated premiere

Think you know Sarah Palin?
On Sunday March 11, 8pm EST REELZ Channel airs the The Undefeated.  Encore Presentations for The Undefeated will air 10 p.m. EST on March 12 and 5:30 p.m. EST March 25.

The Undefeated is a documentary about Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s rise to political prominence.  Palin burst onto the national stage in 2008 running with Senator John McCain for the vice presidency of the United States. The documentary covers Palin’s political career spanning twenty years serving the state of  Alaska as Councilwoman, Mayor, Energy Commissioner and Governor.  It also covers her role in the historic elections of 2010 where she had a 67% success rate. Sarah Palin's endorsements yielded: 1 Secretary of State, 2 Attorney Generals, 6 Senators, 7 Governors and 37 Representatives into the House.

Sarah Palin was elected Governor of Alaska in 2006 after a corruption weary Alaskan electorate had enough of the good old boy establishment ruling over the state from both sides of the aisle.  Palin was the first female Governor of Alaska and had over an 85% approval rating.  She proved to be a hard charging corruption buster and reformer who took on her own party and passed one of the most complex and landmark energy and tax legislation in the state’s history.

By now, those who subscribe to HBO have seen the trailer for the upcoming original movie Game Change.  The film is based on a book by the same name.  The players involved in the making of Game Change have been exposed as Obama supporters and financial donors. The sources used in the book and  film are unsupported and unidentified.  The film’s portrayal of Gov. Palin has been panned by former agenda-less McCain aides as pure fiction. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

SOBs in GOP Fear Brokered Convention Look to Change Primary Rules Again

The SOBs in the GOP look to change the primary rules that they created last year to avoid possible brokered convention scenario in Tampa, FL as reported by The Hill . The RNC committeemen  and chairs basically want to stick to the same formula they've used in the past which usually leads to either defeat or close elections.  This is total insanity and we should all send angry letters of protest to RNC & GOP chairs across the country.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Jeb Bush, Broken Conventions, GOP, Iran & Obama

Jeb Bush tells Politico that he "used to be conservative".  And this is who the GOP establishment thinks will save them in a brokered convention scenario? Meanwhile, they still ignore the elephant with rimless glasses in the room. Rudy Giuliani's comments on Obama's Iran policy and why the GOP should be careful when it what it asks Obama to do re: Iran because they may get what they wish for and Obama may just get 4 more years.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

HBO Has A Wrap Sheet

In case you missed it, I spoke about HBO’s upcoming movie Game Change in a segment called Lies Damned Lies and HBO’s Game Change.  I saw the HBO trailer about a month ago.  Like most Sarah Palin supporters, I smelled blood in the water.  It was easy to see from the trailer that HBO—clear to many as just another network acting as a propaganda arm for Barack Obama and the DNC—had no interest whatsoever in portraying Palin fairly.
Why did HBO Films produce a movie about the former vice presidential nominee who is sitting it out in this race for the White House in 2012?  It’s really quite simple—as myself and journalists like Big Hollywood’s John Nolte pointed out, the Obama administration thought Sarah Palin would run, easily assume frontrunner status and be the biggest threat to Obama.  It is, in the eyes of many, the only reason HBO made this TV melodrama based on a book written three years ago and filled with over 200 unnamed sources trying to trash Palin’s reputation.
There’s another story that needs to be told when exposing HBO’s deception and Game Change.  I spoke about it in my segment but it is worth repeating  because I didn’t want it to get lost in my rant.   HBO has a rap sheet.  Recall if you will a popular PBS series from the early 1970’s called An American Family.   It is known by many in the television industry as the first ever reality show.  It followed the daily life of the Louds, an upper middle class family from Santa Barbara, California.  It was the first television show to ever document a family dealing with a gay son, as well having the heads of the family Pat & Bill Loud end their marriage on camera.  

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lies Damned Lies & HBOs Game Change

My thoughts on the upcoming HBO movie which should be about the entire election campaign cycle, all of it's players & "historic" election of Barack Obama,  curiously ends up being all about Gov Sarah Palin, John McCain's VP choice in 2008. Why did Hollywood wait to do a movie about a 3 year old book & air it around Super Tuesday? Guess? Also, Reelz Channel will air The Undefeated doc about Sarah Palin on March 11.  Also read Game Change Vs. Going Rouge

Friday, February 17, 2012

Stalinist Ron Paul Qaeda Get Mark Levin Booted Off Radio Station & Romney Paul Alliance

Supporters of Ron Paul like to say they support freedom and the Constitution. That is, unless someone disagrees with Ron Paul - then all bets are off.  Stalinist PaulQaeda DJ/Program Director gets Mark Levin taken off radio station.  Exploring the Ron Paul Mitt Romney alliance. If Mitt Romney plans on putting Ron Paul on the ticket -- he better think twice.

Rick "Culture Warrior" Santorum Misses Chance To Expose Media Bias

I'm not a Rick Santorum supporter and not crazy about him as a candidate.  However, I am, as Rush Limbaugh and so many others on the right, appalled at the latest liberal media bias towards Rick Santorum.  Exhibit A: Santorum supporter and donor billionaire Foster Friess. He apparently got into a little trouble for his recent comment to MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell when he said that --in his day-- contraception was when "the gals put Aspirin between their knees, and it wasn't that costly.” 
Jocular?  Totally.  Old school?  Absolutely.  Humorous? Possibly.  Damaging?  Only if the Santorum camp tells Friess to apologize for it.  Which I believe they already did.  So it looks like Rick "the culture warrior" Santorum missed a great opportunity to expose one important battle in the culture wars today--liberal media bias.  This was a moment for the campaign to seize and make the point regarding such bias that Rush Limbaugh so astutely pointed out on his show just moments ago.  Watch the clip:
Watching the clip of the interview on MSNBC, you have to ask: where was all the shock, disgust and accusing Obama of guilt by association coming from leg crossers like Andy Mitchell and other Obama enablers in the media when the video of Rev. Jeremiah Wright belting out his anti-American, 911 Truth screed surfaced in 2008?
 Of course, there was no guilt by association.  No. Not at all.  Move along they said.  Nothing to see here.  Rev. Wright rant audio heard below.   Funny Louis Armstrong moving statue provided by IOwnTheWorld. –Mr.L 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Conservatives Need To Pick Social Battles Carefully

Conservatives need to pick battles w/ social issues carefully re: flags flying 1/2 mast for Whitney Houston-- who cares? Why I think the possibility of Rick Santorum nomination would be a mistake for GOP. Open primaries & how Democrats Operation Chaos. Sarah Palin, Jeb Bush & brokered conventions & why this election may not be about breaking the rules.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bill Donahue of the Catholic League on Mark Levin Show re: Obama Assault on Church

Bill Donahue of the Catholic League appears on Mark Levin Show. Fill in host: Tom Marr. In this compelling interview, Donahue blasts the Obama administration for is complete unconstitutional overreach on the Catholic Church regarding assault on Catholic institutions requiring them to provide contraception eventually opening the door to someday forcing churches to perform abortions.  Pope Paul saw this coming 1968 when he said: "Who will stop rulers from favoring, from even imposing upon their peoples, if they were to consider it necessary, the method of contraception which they judge to be more efficacious? In such a way men, wishing to avoid individual, family, or social difficulties encountered in the observance of the divine law, would reach the point of placing at the mercy of the intervention of public authorities the most personal and most reserved sector of conjugal intimacy"-Mr.L

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sarah Palin's 2012 CPAC Speech Was Pitch Perfect

Sarah Palin ROCKED CPAC 2012 w/ thunderous closing speech. Reaction to it is proof rumors of her political demise greatly exaggerated. Palin took aim at Obama, heckled a heckling Occupest, preached pro growth for America and stressed the need for Americans to drain the 'wetlands' of Washington DC and end crony capitalism. Also, why Grover Norquists speech hints that the GOP may not be that interested in out seating Obama in November.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Sarah Palin!

Happy Birthday Sarah Palin. Former Vice Presidential Nominee, Governor of Alaska, Energy Commissioner, Mayor, City Councilwoman, Wife, Mother, Grandmother.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sarah Palin Attacked Like It's 2008 All Over Again

Some loser at The Blaze shows attacks Sarah Palin using incorrect facts. I dissect Hill writer Kris Kitto article Evolution of Sarah Palin. Kitto thinks he's being objective but uses sources that are anonymous or tied to the left. Why clowns like Mark Meckler have no respect and will be the death knell to the tea party movement.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Why 2012 Election Will Be Exit Strategy on Obama Policies for Voters

Is Obama establishing his civil security force he spoke about in 2008. Why 2012 Election Will Be Exit Strategy on Obama Policies for Voters. GOP candidates not perfect but voters may be looking at any of them as exit vessel from Obama. Mitt Romney sucks. Ron Paul proves he's the GOP Dennis Kucinich. LOL Roseanne Barr is running for president. What a circus!