Friday, February 17, 2012

Rick "Culture Warrior" Santorum Misses Chance To Expose Media Bias

I'm not a Rick Santorum supporter and not crazy about him as a candidate.  However, I am, as Rush Limbaugh and so many others on the right, appalled at the latest liberal media bias towards Rick Santorum.  Exhibit A: Santorum supporter and donor billionaire Foster Friess. He apparently got into a little trouble for his recent comment to MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell when he said that --in his day-- contraception was when "the gals put Aspirin between their knees, and it wasn't that costly.” 
Jocular?  Totally.  Old school?  Absolutely.  Humorous? Possibly.  Damaging?  Only if the Santorum camp tells Friess to apologize for it.  Which I believe they already did.  So it looks like Rick "the culture warrior" Santorum missed a great opportunity to expose one important battle in the culture wars today--liberal media bias.  This was a moment for the campaign to seize and make the point regarding such bias that Rush Limbaugh so astutely pointed out on his show just moments ago.  Watch the clip:
Watching the clip of the interview on MSNBC, you have to ask: where was all the shock, disgust and accusing Obama of guilt by association coming from leg crossers like Andy Mitchell and other Obama enablers in the media when the video of Rev. Jeremiah Wright belting out his anti-American, 911 Truth screed surfaced in 2008?
 Of course, there was no guilt by association.  No. Not at all.  Move along they said.  Nothing to see here.  Rev. Wright rant audio heard below.   Funny Louis Armstrong moving statue provided by IOwnTheWorld. –Mr.L 

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