Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sarah Palin Should Jump Off Denali Rather Than Accept VP Slot Again

It looks like Mitt Romney is the inevitable Republican nominee and now the media focuses on his VP choices. GOP establishment enablers like John McCain & others suggest that Sarah Palin run for VP again. If I were advising Sarah Palin, if Romney offered her a chance to be his VP, I would tell she'd be better off swan diving off Denali than accepting such an offer. Is the vice presidency all that's cracked up to be? How both the right & left media is using VP speculation to bash Sarah Palin. Whether Romney wins or loses 2016 may be Sarah Palin's for the taking and more.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Obama Lies to College Kids, Has Debt Gestapo Profit Off Student Loan Woe #dontdoubletalk

Obama speaks to Colorado college doper kids about student loan debt. He says #dontdoublemyrate I say #dontdoubletalk. As conservatives like Sarah Palin have said "forget about what Obama says, pay attention to what he does" While Obama lies to the college crowd about loans, the reality is that under Obama the Federal Government has amassed a bunch of loan collectors to act as the IRS & collect the money. I revisit an old segment from 2009 where I talked about the Obama's spendthrift lifestyle pre- White House.

Monday, April 23, 2012

EST. RNC & DNC Hacks Spare Obama Blame for Scandals & Throw Sarah Palin Under the Bus

Establishment RNC & DNC Hacks Don't Blame Obama for Scandals & Throw Sarah Palin Under the Bus on ABC's This Week. Matthew Dowd, former Bush/Rove operative now of the Americans Elect movement, scolds Sarah Palin for blaming Obama for GSA & Secret Service scandals. George Will & Peggy Noonan continue burying the conservative wing of the GOP with their RINO dirt. Why I wouldn't want any of these phonies in the foxhole with me in the political war to save America.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Secret Service & GSA Scandals More Examples of Goverment Gone Wild Under Obama

Recent scandals involving the Secret Service frolicking with Colombian Hoes and the GSA violating the public trust by squandering the tax payer dollars are more examples of government gone wild under Barack Obama.  Why doesn't Obama fire SS Dir. Mark Sullivan and also fire the 11 agents involved in the Hoe scandal?  After knowing about the GSA scandal for 11 months, why didn't Obama / Holder take action?  This is precisely why this country and our government need sudden and relentless reform.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Bashing Good Conservatives Doesn't Translate Into Book $$ for Michael Savage

This is a follow up to a segment I did on Michael Savage from November 2011.  Savage tells WND that he believes his poor book sales will result into an Obama victory in November 2012.  True? Or is Savage’s book sales and listener ship suffering because he constantly bashes good conservatives? 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What Game Change Could Have Been...

Sorry for beating a dead horse. I’ve discussed the Tom Hanks/Hollywood hit piece on Sarah Palin Game Change extensively in two segments.  The first was a pre-review called Lies Damned Lies & HBO’s Game Change and the second a post review following the premiere. 
There are remnants of Game Change circulating on HBO’s airwaves.  It pops up from time to time as I’m doing my normal ADD-like channel surfing.  Since the movie’s premiere, countless articles were written by some of the best conservatives in the blogosphere.  Esteemed film buffs panned the film.  Some skipped the HBO premiere and penned thoughts of the movie weeks later.  Others exposed the blatant lies and misrepresentations that Hanks and his cronies tried to pull off on the American viewing public as truth about Sarah Palin on the 2008 campaign trail.  Also, how this merry band of Melrose Avenue Marxists acted as part of a propaganda arm of the Obama administration—spending millions of dollars to trash Sarah Palin, who they once believed would be Obama’s sole rival and threat in the 2012 election.  

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What Sarah Palin Means by ABO (Anybody But Obama)

Obama campaign 2012 ad "It's On" gets taken down by regime. What does It's On mean? I think I know. Sarah Palin's appearance on the Today show that beat GMA & Katie "Koran" Couric in the ratings.  What does Sarah Palin mean by ABO (Anybody But Obama)?  Did Rick Santorum reveal on radio to the GOP strategy using Santorum to insulate Mitt Romney from attacks from both Obama & conservatives & the possibility of rigging a fake brokered convention. Why I do not want Rick Santorum as the nominee after a possible brokered convention.