Thursday, May 31, 2012

Geraldo Rivera's Comment On Military Nowhere Near Political Center He Claims To Occupy

So called centrist Geraldo Rivera makes some questionable comments about the military on his WABC show the day after Memorial Day that were no where near the political center he claims to occupy.  I'm sick of progressive liberals posing as "centrist" or "no labels" 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Did Tea Partiers Throw Sarah Palin Under the Bus Over Hatch Endorsement?

Sarah Palin throws her endorsement to Sen Orrin Hatch of Utah and some Tea Party conservatives want to throw this good conservative woman under the bus. I find it laughable that some conservatives are criticizing Palin for this endorsement. Did you forget 2010? Palin made 22 non Tea Party endorsements out of 64 in that election. Michelle Malkin supported Tea Party faker "Tricky Ricky" Santorum who had Big Government proclivities, a lifetime of unprincipled votes & who once publicly shown disgust for the Tea Party-- yet is now criticizing Palin for this endorsement. Others like former Palin supporter Tammy Bruce take low blow shots. Frankly, not sure where the Tea Party is going & not sure if I want to go with it if this they're going to flush good conservatives like Palin down the toilet over one endorsement.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why I Will Not RAH-RAH For Romney

After my last segment on the Ron Paul and Mitt Romney collusion, some PaulTards and PaulQaeda have accused me of secretly supporting Mitt Romney.  Like all of the other conspiracy theories they either drum up or blindly follow—it’s a ridiculous lie. 
Since 2010, when it was clear to me and others that the Republican establishment was anointing the next in liner Romney, I clearly made my voice heard that for a moderate Republican like Romney to go up against Barack Obama in 2012 would be a disaster.
Also, it’s come to my attention that some bloggers, pundits, Tweeps, Facebookers,Tea Party folk and plain old conservatives, who once supported non-Romney candidates are now enthusiastically RAH RAH-ing for Mitt Romney.
Let me make this clear:  I will not RAH-RAH for Romney.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Militant Gay & Leftists Bully Bristol Palin After She Disagrees w/FlipFlopping Obama

Militant leftists & gays attack Bristol Palin for speaking her mind on gay marriage & Obama's flip floppery on the issue. Many of the Nazis brown shirts were gay--something you will not hear in concentration camps known as the US Education system. Sarah Palin & Ronald Reagan get called out as homophobes by the liberal left & gay community yet, unlike Obama, actually stuck their political necks out for gays in the past.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Ron Paul & Mitt Romney are in Cahoots & Adam Kokesh is a Fraud

While Ron Paul supporters think that they will challenge MItt Romney and usher Ron Paul into the GOP nomination at the convention in Tampa this summer, the only thing that may be standing in their way IS Ron Paul himself. Ron Paul has made a deal with Mitt Romney long ago and Paul has sold out to the establishment by acting as the ultimate stalking horse for Romney. Adam Kokesh--head PaulQaeda--has uploaded a video on YouTube suggesting that Mitt Romney should be assassinated. Kokesh is a Ron Paul supporter and the reason the GOP, conservatives & Tea Party should avoid most of Paul's supporters at all costs for their radical, insane in the membrane views.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Peggy Noonan Gets It Wrong in Tale of Two Dicks in Indiana

Due to a You Tube glitch that I am trying to fix, I had to post this without a You Tube player. 
In an article featured in the Wall Street Journal today Peggy Noonan "makes the case" for Dick Lugar in Indiana and proves just out of touch she & other establishment Republicans are.  After Sarah Palin's endorsement of Dick Murdock, the State Treasurer is now polling 10 points over Dick Lugar.  Looks like GOP are not interested in Sarah Palin speaking at the Republican National Convention.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Vanity Fair Article, Obama's Woman Complex and Sarah Palin

Vanity Fair Article on Obama More Proof GOP Made Mistake Discouraging Palin
What do a popular radio talk show host, two female Governors, two authors and a white Aussie woman who once dated Pres. Barack Obama back in the day have in common? 
They’ve all exposed what Obama and close confidants in his administration do  not want revealed—perhaps the president has psychological hang ups when it comes to women.

This week in a Vanity Fair article called Young Barack In Love by David Maraniss reveals a few of Obama’s former gal pals in an article  On the whole, the article is a monotonous fluff piece highlighting twenty something year old Barack Obama meanderings around New York City back in the 1980s.  What is interesting is the excerpts from the diary of Genevieve Cook.   Cook was an Australian white woman who admitted to shacking up with Obama during what he has called his “lost period.”
At CPAC last February, the late Andrew Breitbart said that he planned to do a thorough vetting of Barack Obama in the coming months.  Sadly he passed away, but his Big sites continue to do the job of vetting the president that the mainstream media did not do.   Some believe that the tapes of Obama paling around with Prof. Derrick Bell—an advocate of the controversial Critical Race Theory—fell short.