Thursday, May 24, 2012

Did Tea Partiers Throw Sarah Palin Under the Bus Over Hatch Endorsement?

Sarah Palin throws her endorsement to Sen Orrin Hatch of Utah and some Tea Party conservatives want to throw this good conservative woman under the bus. I find it laughable that some conservatives are criticizing Palin for this endorsement. Did you forget 2010? Palin made 22 non Tea Party endorsements out of 64 in that election. Michelle Malkin supported Tea Party faker "Tricky Ricky" Santorum who had Big Government proclivities, a lifetime of unprincipled votes & who once publicly shown disgust for the Tea Party-- yet is now criticizing Palin for this endorsement. Others like former Palin supporter Tammy Bruce take low blow shots. Frankly, not sure where the Tea Party is going & not sure if I want to go with it if this they're going to flush good conservatives like Palin down the toilet over one endorsement.

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