Monday, June 25, 2012

“They don’t call it illegal for nothing”

In 2010, when asked about her support for Governor Jan Brewer’s Immigration Bill in Arizona, Former Governor Sarah Palin said it plain, simple and best on the topic of illegal immigration:
“They don’t call it illegal for nothing.”
Two Fridays ago, President Barack Obama granted eight hundred thousand illegal aliens amnesty. Essentially, he’s broken the law by trampling over the U.S. Constitution and bypassing the Congress.  For Obama, it’s just another day at the office. I spoke about Obama’s latest egregious act extensively in a segment I posted the day after the president showed himself as a petty dictator.  It’s clear that illegal immigration is still a very important issue to the open borders left as well as the secure the borders right.
Today, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a ruling regarding Governor Jan Brewer’s Arizona Immigration Bill 1070.  I’ve read many headlines reading that because the provision 2B that allows police to check the legal status of people they encounter in lawful stops was upheld, this is some sort of victory.  
Let’s all not break out the Moet just yet.   

Friday, June 22, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why Romney Will Win in 2012 & Why Palin May Challenge Him in 2016 UPDATED

Why Mitt Romney will win in 2012 and why Sarah Palin may challenge him in 2016.  Voters may deliver Romney a decisive victory, not because they love Romney, but simply because they fear another four years of Obama.  Hope & Change became Smear & Fear in four short years.  Voters are tired of the Obama administration's lawlessness, arrogance, lies and want this long four year national nightmare of Obama to be OVER. But what are we getting with Romney?  Many believe that while Romney may slow the bleed of Obama, the Romney administration may fall short of saving America.  2016--enter challenger Sarah Palin. 

****Correction: I covered a lot of ground in this segment below posted yesterday and forgot to add one major point here.  One way Romney can lose in 2012 is if he chooses a running mate who is either un-vetted or controversial.  Case in point Ron Paul.  Plainly, if Romney chooses Paul as his VP then—due to Paul’s questionable associations, beliefs on Israel, “911 Truth”, immigration, and a foreign policy that borders on the absurd—I and many others will not vote.  I’ve made the case against Paul so many times now I can barely keep count.  My latest segment covered how Paul’s supporters may be disenfranchised with the Texas Congressman on the notion that he never intended to win in both 2008 and 2012 and may have taken them for a ride.  However, it seems like a few left over flying monkeys are going try to use their delegates to get him nominated as VP or something.
Then there’s the Governor of Puerto Rico Luis Fortuno.  Fortuno is not on the media’s radar currently, the same way Sarah Palin was not in 2008.  Though like Palin in 2008, his name is mentioned by those who follow presidential politics closely.  Back in December 2011, I said that if the GOP and Romney nominates Fortuno—who heads the New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico—it would be a mistake
I personally believe that Mitt Romney is going to play safe with his VP choice and possibly nominate a fellow boring RINO like Bob Portman or Tim Pawlenty.  This will likely not hurt or help Romney if he goes this way.  A wildcard could be Michelle Bachmann to try to recreate the Palin magic of 2008 that the Romney camp considers “poisonous.”  But I doubt it.  And the Palin magic of 2008 will probably never be re-created by anyone in the Republican Party anytime in the near future. 
Speaking of criticizing McCain’s “perilous” Palin pick in 2008, MSNBC Morning Ho host Joe Scarborough has an article in Politico today doing just that.  He claims that McCain chose Palin not because she had what it took, but because she was most likely to get a reality show out of it…or something.  Morning Ho also repeats the old lie that Palin gave us Barack Obama.  Am I the only one to point out the obvious in Scarborough’s piece?  Five paragraph’s down he writes: “And Joe Biden is one of the best things Barack Obama has going for him.”
Enough said.  Anyone now wonder why he has the lowest rated political morning show in the country? –Mr.L

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Barack H. Obama Plays The Green Card

In case you missed it, Barack H. Obama plays the Green Card. The so called Constitutional Scholar bypassed Congress and ran roughshod over the US Constitution by granting close to 1 million illegal immigrants amnesty by executive order.  Obama proves himself to be the angry black man he is by yelling at a reporter in the Rose Garden. I feel sorry for Black Americans. Obama will make them look bad years from now due to acting like a common thug law breaker in an Armani suit.  Where is Ron Paul the so called "Champion of the Constitution"? Why is he so silent while Obama violates the Constitution?  The dark side of illegal immigration why it's not a "victimless crime".  We cannot have an adult conversation about immigration in this country because there are no grown ups in the White House or the halls of power in Washington DC.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Sarah Palin Standard, Irrational Supporters & 2012 Fixation

And now, some tough love for some Sarah Palin supporters.This segment is an account of recent dealings with two deluded and psychotic Sarah Palin supporters. As a long time supporter of Sarah Palin, it's come to my attention that there are a few supporters who are quite irrational, have a tendency to demonize rational dedicated supporters and turn them into enemies. Supporters need to hold themselves up to a certain standard or else these irrational few will end up making all of us Palinites bad and drive good decent American conservatives away from supporting Sarah Palin in any political endeavors she may have in the future.

Monday, June 11, 2012

There's Trouble in Ron Pauldise

There's trouble brewing in the wondrous land of smoke & mirrors called Ron Paul-dom. Ron Paul supporters are not happy with son Rand Paul's official endorsement of GOP nominee Mitt Romney. Many Ron PaulTard/Qaeda are beginning to believe what I, Mr.L, have been trying to tell them for a very long time--that Ron Paul & the Paul family have been getting their support and monies and using it to run a campaign that they had no intentions of ever winning. Penny Freeman & other Paul supporters are beginning to come to the realization that Ron Paul & the Paul family have duped them.