Friday, August 10, 2012

Wake Me When It's 2016

This one is for all of those conservatives out there that wish they had a different GOP nominee other than Mitt Romney.  You are all truly aware of what is at stake if Barack Obama gets a second term. I, like you, am uncertain that Mitt Romney & his campaign and the GOP establishment  understand what is at stake. Frankly, Romney has been running for president since 2008 yet his campaign is acting like amateurs.  This segment was inspired by a bunch of Romney supporters I caught on twitter today who were whining like little bitches at the fact that Sarah Palin didn't endorse Romney yet.  This is for them too. If Romney wants Sarah's help, perhaps he should ask for it. Also, Andrea Saul -- the Romney communications aide with plenty of teeth and little brains.  This and more. Wake me when it's 2016.

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