Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Obama the Airbrushed President Has Got To Go w/Guest DC of CRA

Barack Obama, America's airbrushed president, must be voted out of office in November.  Special guest & friend, DC of Chimpsy's Real American, discuss the state of the 2012 presidential election.  The plan must be: 1) Vote for the Republican ticket against Barack Obama, not third party.  2) We must also work to secure the Senate, in the event that Obama wins.  3) If Obama wins, the GOP must be pressured to begin the process of impeaching Obama.  I also discuss Obama and the DNC's possible sinister plan to create one party rule in America if Obama is granted four more years.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Four years of Obama Drove USA & the World to the Bug House

Four years of the presidency of Barack Obama has driven America--and the World-- CRAZY. This whole nation has gone nuts thanks to the backwards assed failed presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.  Osama bin Laden is dead and the Blind Sheik will be released?   How's Obama's Nobel Peace Prize working for him? Ask the family of Amb. Stevens and the Navy Seals who were protecting him.  The frauds T-Paw, Bill Kristol, pill head Peggy Noonan all quit on Romney seven weeks from an election.  And they had the nerve to call Sarah Palin "quitter".

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Freedom of Speech is Under Attack

Freedom of speech is under attack in United States.  Obama media still pushing the narrative that the violence and riots at US middle eastern embassies is because of a low budget film. The Obama administration continues to lie and push that false narrative.  These were well coordinated planned attacks carried out by Islamic Supremacists.  Barack Obama, the left and even some on the right used the opportunity to attack free speech instead of the violent savage causing the mayhem.  If it was over a anti Muslim film—which it is not—is the chaos and violence justified?  Our will less political leaders fail to understand that appeasement never works with 9th century throwbacks.  Mark this down: principled, bold conservative women will save America.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Osama bin Laden is Dead & Islamic Supremacism is Alive

On the week of the anniversary of 9/11/2001, I wonder if America has learned the lesson of that day.  For those who have been listening to me for a long time, you may remember during the week after the killing of Osama bin Laden by the U.S. Navy Seals I said that you can kill a thousand bin Laden's and there will be millions to take his place.  Killing one man will not matter unless the ideology and motivation behind their heinous crimes are exposed. The governing elite, established order, both right and left PC obsessed media, politicians like Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton like to make apologies for the US Embassy riots and murders in the Middle East.  They like use PC terms describing them and they're treachery.  They like to tell the American public that's this is the work of a few radicals or groups like Al Qaeda.  I stand by what I said in Spring of 2011: no matter what you call it—Al Qaeda, Al Shabob, Hamas, Hezbolla, Arab Spring, Muslim Brotherhood, or 9th century throwbacks ripping our flag to shreds and killing Americans—it all goes under the same umbrella: Islamic Supremacism. Wake up America.

Monday, September 10, 2012

America Needs New Leadership-- NObama 2012

At the DNC 2012, Pres. Barack Obama dusted the audience with more hope & change fairy dust. He touted his record as a job creator, advocate for the middle class and healer. He asked Americans to give him four more years. He said, "You elected me to tell you the truth." Americans must remember they must pay attention to what Obama does. Not what he says.Obama affirmed to the American people: I am no longer a candidate.  I'm the president. Yes, that's precisely the problem.  It's time for new leadership.  Replace Obama 2012.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Obama & DNC Deserve No More Years

Conservatives, Republicans & Independents: GOD is trying to tell you something. The Democrat National Convention Freak Show of 2012 was the biggest get out the vote advertisement that the Republican presidential ticket could ever dream. Obama, Biden, Granholm, Pelosi, Reid & the rest of the DNC are evil, wicked liars that must be defeated.  If you're going to stand in line to buy a deep fried chicken sandwich, you can go vote to get your country back on the right track. Obama/DNC's plan for another four years is more of the same and therefore THEY DESERVE NO MORE YEARS.

Also, MAJOR caveat to what I said here is as always: Romney needs to grow a pair. A gigantic pair. He cannot rely on conservative talk radio and bloggers to do the heavy lifting for him. All the average person can do is vote. That's it. So he needs to prove to the American people that he doesn't have Ken Doll genitalia and grow a large pair and destroy Obama. Because if Romney keeps up with the nice guy class act nonsense Obama & the DNC will destroy him, as evident from the speakers, Obama/Biden demonstrated at the DNC freak show this week. If he loses Mr. Electable will go down in history as Mr. Loser and should NEVER be taken seriously for ANY presidential run ever again.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Clint Was Right If Candidate Can't Do The Job We Gotta Let Em' Go

Clint Eastwood was right with his statement at the RNC 2012: "If the guy can't do the job, then we have to let him go"  Obviously, USA needs to let Obama go.  But Clint's rule goes for both sides. But if Romney doesn't do the job, then in 2016, we have to let him go as well.  Corruption & top down Soviet style party power grab at the RNC. Sarah Palin didn't cry during her speech so why is Paul Ryan crying? Should good conservatives leave the GOP or should we tell the RINOs of the party and the GOP establishment operatives that THEY HAVE TO GO. NOT US.  This and more.