Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My response to Liberal-tarian Doug Mataconis Sarah Palin Derangement Episode

My response to liberal-tarian Doug Mataconis' blog displaying an acute case of Sarah Palin Derangement Syndrome. Mataconis attacks LA Times writer for writing a positive piece on Palin.  He once again attacks Sarah Palin with usual unsubstantial liberal media Beltway establishment talking points. Why does Doug attack good conservatives on his blog, but treats a treasonous president Obama with kid gloves? Why is Mataconis so hung up on the issue of gay marriage? Why are people talking about 2016 already? This and more.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Obama, Satan's Necessary Idiot, Has Blood on His Hands

I am the Father Lankester Merrin of conservative internet talk.  Obama is Satan's necessary idiot.  He's a demon who mixes lies with the truth in order to wage a psychological war on the American people.  Do not listen to the demon. He is a liar.  He has blood on his hands in the matter of the Benghazi embassy attack and killings.  Hear me slay a member of the Hussein Church of the Perpetually Disingenuous and Misinformed in this segment.  If Susan Rice did not know facts of Benghazi why did Obama send her to the Sunday morning funny shows to inform the media?  Gen Petraeus' extra marital diddling just a smoke screen to cover something bigger in the Benghazi scandal.  Obama & the left policies centered on revenge against the Bush years highly immature.  Barack Obama on his way to becoming historic first black democrat president in the mold of Richard Nixon.

"Especially important is the warning to avoid conversations with the demon. We may ask what is relevant but anything beyond that is dangerous. He is a liar. The demon is a liar. He will lie to confuse us. But he will also mix lies with the truth to attack us. The attack is psychological, Damien, and powerful. So don't listen to him. Remember that - do not listen." -- Father Lankester Merrin, The Exorcist, 1974.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mitt Romney, Ron Paul & GOPe Only To Blame for 4 More Years of Obama

Elections have consequences. Proof of that is with Obama's post election press conference.  Meet the new Obama, same as the old Obama.  Who's to blame for the loss?  Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and the Republican establishment.  Blame them and blame often. Conservatives were right, GOPe were wrong: Mitt Romney shouldn't have been the nominee. Ron Paul is to blame by acting as a Romney campaign surrogate, helping Mitt secure the nomination and then ultimately lose the election to Obama.  Some dude at Red State apologizes to Sarah Palin. Rand Paul has evolved into a Democrat.

A compelling message from an angst ridden conservative New Yorker:

A long 10 days of darkness and cold due to destructive wind, rain, and snow produced a certain kind of anxiety and frustration all too familiar living in Westchester, NY. As depressing as that was, it paled in comparison to an even more foreboding darkness of spirit after the disaster of Election Day 2012.

Friday, November 9, 2012

My Post Presidential Election 2012 Rant

Barack Obama is re-elected. If anyone was wondering whether or not USA was suicidal & stupid Tuesday removed all doubt. And so it begins, Obama's 2nd failed term as a president. USA will finally get to see what a 2nd Jimmy Carter term would look like.  Why Mitt Romney lost. What about the voter fraud?  Where do conservatives go from here?  With the good graces of God, four more years of Obama will do for the Democrat party what the final years of the GW Bush administration did for the GOP in 2008 & more.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Is Obama's Katrina

Progressive liberals rushed to politicize Hurricane Sandy & blame it on global warming.  So I will do my own politicking -- Sandy is Barack Obama's Katrina.  Staten Island, NY is under water & people are killing themselves over basic necessities. Power outages & damage everywhere. FEMA slow going on help.  No better under Obama than under Bush.  Why? Simple-- big government is not the answer.  Chris Christie refuses help from non-union southern workers. The aftermath of Sandy--power outages, fuel shortages, deaths, gas lines & chaos, are all an indictment of statist, liberal, progressive policies & Democrat politicians like Barack Obama.