Monday, December 24, 2012

Mitt Romney Wasted America's Time Running for President in 2012 Son Tagg Confirms

In an article in the Boston Globe, Tagg Romney reveals that his father Mitt Romney had very little desire to run for president and really wasn't interested in the job.  Therefore, Mitt Romney wasted millions of dollars in donations and everyone's time by running for president.  Did this shock us conservatives?  No.  Tagg Romney's comments in this article confirms what most of us conservatives knew about Romney already.  A important prerequisite for running for president is simple—you must want the job and also play to win.  If the republican party does not clean up its act in the near future it will be over as a political party.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sandy Hook Principal Should Be Time Person of the Year—Not Obama

Dinosaur media outlet Time magazine anoints Barack Obama once again as the person of the year.  In light of the Newtown, CT massacre, Time got it wrong.  The person of the year should be the late principal Dawn Hochsprung who was killed protecting her students.  Ms. Hochsprung’s heroic act is the personification of the message of Jesus Christ—sacrificing yourself to save the lives of others.  More thoughts about guns and rights in America.  Many hypocritical politicians, mostly liberals, pack guns but do not want you to have the same right to protect your personal sovereignty.  Exposing the progressive left’s shiny red ball syndrome.  

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Obamacrats Will Not Let Newtown Crisis Go To Waste

Discussing the tragic Newtown, Connecticut killings of 20 innocent children and several adults at the Sandy Hook School.  A senseless and heinous act committed by an obvious mental case is turned into a gun control debate by liberals in the media while the dead bodies are still warm.  Obama and his Obamacrats in the media, people like Alex Wagner on the media short bus known as MSNBC, No Labels fraud David Frum, Michael Bloomberg and others all use this tragedy to promote their anti gun agenda.  As usual, they ignore the facts and statistics involved.  Guns do not kill people.  People kill people.  Sarah Palin puts out a statement of sorrow for the victims and families. Leftists attack her for doing so.  Please know that if you did such a thing, you are in no way different than the sick bastard who committed these crimes. You are nothing more than a sufferer of the same sociopathic psychosis as the killer. Obamacrats and Thomas Sowell's "Vision's of the Anointed."   Why it may be progressive liberal do- gooder policies that allowed this heinous act and others like it to be committed.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thinking About God's Genius In Upside Down America

After watching the genius documentary called "Genius" got me thinking about God and Christ. Does the Lord work in mysterious ways?  I do not profess to be a prophet, but with our current upside down culture in America today—and the world, it's hard not to feel God's presence and think that it is HE who is trying to tell us how bad things are in society.  Re-election of Obama—upside down.  The organized left protesting people's right to work, but support rights to kill the unborn—upside down.  Federal government saying it will enforce marijuana laws when they refuse to enforce immigration laws—upside down.  "Genius" a documentary that uses one of pop culture's most loved figure, John Lennon, to get people thinking about God.  What exactly would society be like if we didn't not have faith in God, Christ, that gave us the Bible, 10 Commandments, morality and ethics?   Answer: Society would be much, much worse.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The GOP Doesn’t Have A Branding Problem. It Has A Communication Problem.

It’s said in this article that the biggest surge of immigration in modern U.S. history occurred in the mid-1990s to early 2000s when the economy was booming.  That’s telling and could mean that a great number of them prefer to come here during periods of economic prosperity, and not during times of economic decline that America is facing today.
I still do not believe that granting blanket amnesty is the answer for the republican party or America.  One republican president, Ronald Reagan, did so during a booming economy.  He did this under the agreement that giving 3 million illegals amnesty was the bargain and the immigration system would be overhauled in the legislature.  As usual with the Democrats, they didn't respect the agreement with Reagan and here we are today.
Reagan's good faith move reaped no benefit nor did it make any significant gain to bring such voters to the GOP.  The next was Jorge Bush who tried to push amnesty.  He received extreme backlash for such a move 2007.  Then the GOP thought the answer was running Juan McCain, the most pro amnesty and illegal immigrant friendly politician that the country has ever seen.  It still didn't work.  Like I said in my last segment about the spirit of the undefeated in this country—our values ie: pro life, respect for religion, religious traditions, traditional marriage, rule of law & fiscal prosperity & freedom—all resonate with immigrant groups.  Our values cross the racial and cultural divide.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Why Our Message is Undefeated & Teaching Democrat/Liberal Studies

Has God turned his back on America with the reelection of Barack Obama? The conservative values & message cross cultural, political, racial divide and remain undefeated.  Sarah Palin does what Reagan would do and calls Obama a socialist. Conservatives, don't let liberal democrats re-brand you to the public as something you are not.  Teach your low information voter friends, neighbors and family members democrat liberal studies.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Agenda 21: The International Socialist Plan To End, U.S. Sovereignty, Property Rights, Traditional Family & Personal Liberty

It can't happen here you say?  It's already happening here.  Right under our noses.  This is not tin foil hat conspiracy kookery. This is real world.  This informative lecture explains the who, what, when, where & why.