Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Email To NY Alderman & Arrogant Punk Dave Marston

About seven days ago, a woman in upstate New York wrote a simple email in support of gun rights to Alderman Dave Marston (D) Hudson City, NY.  Mr. Marston then sent Mrs. Johnson Smith a hate filled reply that you can read along with the full story here.   As a New York resident, I do not normally email my political representatives because many of them are Democrats.  Unless you support their ideology, your message will be ignored and thrown into a trash bin. 
This time I made an exception.  The worm has since made a statement to a few others who wrote to criticize him for his unhinged reply to a fairly reasonable initial email.  He states that he “accidentally” sent it, which is just a real cheese ball and cowardly excuse.  However, it’s an insight into liberal Democrat pathology.  That is, "I didn’t mean  to send it, therefore, I didn’t really mean to say it."  You know, it all depends "what is, is."
In the words of Hillary Clinton: “What difference does it make?”  Whether you accidentally sent it or not—you intentionally wrote it. 
My email to this punk is as follows:
Mr. Marston:
You should be happy to know that you're slowly graduating from a local disgrace to a national disgrace.
Read here and here.
You should declare yourself no longer fit to serve and step down immediately.  Not for even for the reason you sent that idiotic and juvenile rant, but because you were stupid enough to send it and not realize that it would eventually circulate.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

In Response To Mr.L Impostor's Dumb Anti Sarah Palin Video

On February 17, 2013, an anti Sarah Palin video was posted on YouTube.  This video was posted by a juvenile, coward imposter posing as Mr.L The video is an obvious fraud.  When you click on "mrltavern," no channel exists. If the video had been posted without using my screen name, I wouldn't have cared.  After all, I believe in free speech. But it used my name and that is clearly a violation of YouTube's impersonation and harassment rules. As of Tuesday, February 26, 2013, the Mr.L imposter video remains posted. The juvenile coward who posted this uses years old interviews, selective editing and statements out of context to make his points.  Why do liberals who claim "progress" and "forward" always regress and go backward? This video is my response...

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Anti Sarah Palin Video Is A Fraud and WAS NOT Created by Mr.L

This morning I was notified by a twitter friend that an anti Sarah Palin video was posted this week and the poser who uploaded it claimed to be me.   I could only imagine what type of cretin is responsible for this.  I still do not understand how YouTube would allow someone, without a YouTube account, to post a video like this using my screen handle “mrltavern”.  I’ve had that YouTube account since 2007 and it has been in good standing ever since.  When you click on the “mrltavern” under the video in question, you will see that the fraud account doesn’t exist. 
I thought when you post a video on YouTube you needed an account.  I also thought when you sign up for an account, you cannot use someone else’s screen name when doing so.  It boggles my mind how YouTube and Google allow such a fraud to take place.
The video is idiotic with plenty of selective jump cutting and editing of interviews of Sarah Palin throughout the years.  A conservative YouTuber could easily make the same kind of video of all Obama’s gaffes and blunders over the years.  I’d like to say that I’m outraged by this, but then I think of the miserable no life soul who is behind the fraud and all that goes through my mind is pure pity.  Yes, like Mr.T—I, Mr.L, pity the fool. 
I’ve since filed a copyright complaint with You Tube.  If you’re outraged by this fraud you can do what fellow conservative blogger and friend Mark America did:
Flag the video. With the flagging, select "Fraud/scam" under the heading of misleading, and I include a description such as: This user is attempting to impersonate another user in a very misleading way. If you click on the “mrItavern” link, it shows that the third character is actually a capital "i" instead of a lowercase "L" and that this user is attempting to mislead viewers into believing he is the actual MR L who has a popular YouTube channel. Here's the real Mr. L:  This must violate some policy for fraud.  Please remove the video ASAP.
Since many complaints have already been filed, nothing has been done.  Perhaps the Google/YouTube people are off for the weekend and hopefully the video will be removed when the weekend warriors return from their Valhalla of Decadence on Monday morning. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Gun Control Another Example of Obamacrat’s War on Women

Sarah Palin is a prime example of the Democrat's ability to wage war on women. They waged a war on her in 2008 and they continue that war today.  Why? Because she's effective and unafraid.  Another prime example of the Democrat's war on women is gun control and the infringement on 2nd amendment rights.  Where are the elected officials on the right to exploit Colorado state representative Joe Salazar's absurd comments?  When are the elected officials on the right going to publicly state the Democrats historically have sided with the criminal and not the law abiding citizen?  When will the liberal Obamacrats get called out for their war on women that has going on for decades in this country? To the red diapers at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs: I prefer the perp peeing & puking on himself when he sees the damsel pull the glock from her purse.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Regarding Dr. Ben Carson—Proceed With Caution

Please note that this segment is not devoted to bashing Dr. Ben Carson.  I am simply asking questions about this relatively unknown who some conservatives are suggesting is the next savior and should run for president in 2016. What is with the "flavor of the month who ever comes along and tells me what I want to hear for president" mentality in the conservative movement today?  Why didn't Dr. Carson tell Sean Hannity who he voted for in the last two elections?  Frank Dunce Luntz's focus group proves that "swing" voters ARE the low information voters in America.  To those who wish to turn their backs on me because I choose to be the lone voice asking simple questions about Dr. Carson, be my guest.  I was not put on this Earth by the good Lord to be a people pleaser and blow smoke up people's asses.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sarah Palin Dismantles Obama SOTU on Twitter #SOTUGottaBeKidding

Sarah Palin explodes on Twitter during SOTU and responds to Obama's speech.  #SOTU becomes #SOTUGottaBeKidding!   Palin's response on Twitter and Facebook to Obama's recycled claims and promises was just what I was looking for last night.  Instead, we got Marco Rubio.  Jeffery Lord dismantles Karl Rove and the establishment republicans in his latest article. It's clear that Rove and his GOPe cronies have declared war on grass roots conservatives. As of February, 13, 2013,  it's Palin conservatives vs. Rove republicans.  It's a war people. So you better figure out what side you're on now.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More Moral & Societal Rot = More Mass Killings

Chris Kyle dead. Chris Dorner alive. The good Lord took the wrong Chris last week.  Multiple murderer Chris Dorner is being hailed and supported by dumb white liberals who have racial guilt and libertarians.  The vermin supporting Chris Dorner are sicker than he is. Citing "corruption in the LAPD"  as a reason to support a murderer is pathetic. Corruption is every where, yet, mass murder is no way to combat it.  To those supporting this murderer, you're only supporting more cultural and societal rot in America. It's likely that because of your moral degeneracy and glorifying murder for whatever reason will only lead to more mass killings.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Send Sarah Palin A Birthday Gift - Donate To Sarah PAC On 2/11/13

****This message is not approved or endorsed by Governor Sarah Palin, her staff or political action committee. 
As many Palinistas know, Monday February 11, 2013 is Sarah Palin’s birthday.  Many Palin supporters thought it would be cool to send Sarah a donation of $25 dollars or more to SarahPAC on 2/11/2013.  
Since her departure from Fox News, Gov. Palin vowed to use the $1.2 million dollars she has raised and devote it to help “shake up” the GOP machine in the year ahead.  Let’s give her a little extra boost on her birthday!
With all of the inside baseball shenanigans coming from Karl Rove and the republican establishment, it’s a relief to have someone like Sarah Palin out there speaking on behalf of the grassroots conservative movement.   
Gov. Palin’s anti establishment message isn’t just empty rhetoric.  She has lived it.  She fought the establishment on both sides while coming up through the political trenches in Alaska.  Never forget that Gov. Palin was one of the first targets of  the GOP establishment shortly after the 2008 elections. 
So donate—that is—if you can swing it in this horrible Oconomy. We know, times are tough.

Dreams From Rand Paul's Father

Rand Paul claims that he's thinking about running for president in 2016.  Translation: I'm going to do what my father did.  I'm going to run for president so that I can philosophize on Austrian economics, preach liberaltarianism all while raising my national profile, take my father's supporters money and never intend to win.  Remember the book by Obama?  Dreams From My Father?  The nonexistent record.  The questionable associations.  The radical mentors.What is his father's dream?  Can he disconnect with his father's radical beliefs?  Folks,  with only a few exceptions made, we can ask the same questions about Rand Paul as we did about Obama.