Friday, February 22, 2013

Gun Control Another Example of Obamacrat’s War on Women

Sarah Palin is a prime example of the Democrat's ability to wage war on women. They waged a war on her in 2008 and they continue that war today.  Why? Because she's effective and unafraid.  Another prime example of the Democrat's war on women is gun control and the infringement on 2nd amendment rights.  Where are the elected officials on the right to exploit Colorado state representative Joe Salazar's absurd comments?  When are the elected officials on the right going to publicly state the Democrats historically have sided with the criminal and not the law abiding citizen?  When will the liberal Obamacrats get called out for their war on women that has going on for decades in this country? To the red diapers at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs: I prefer the perp peeing & puking on himself when he sees the damsel pull the glock from her purse.

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