Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sarah Palin Dismantles Obama SOTU on Twitter #SOTUGottaBeKidding

Sarah Palin explodes on Twitter during SOTU and responds to Obama's speech.  #SOTU becomes #SOTUGottaBeKidding!   Palin's response on Twitter and Facebook to Obama's recycled claims and promises was just what I was looking for last night.  Instead, we got Marco Rubio.  Jeffery Lord dismantles Karl Rove and the establishment republicans in his latest article. It's clear that Rove and his GOPe cronies have declared war on grass roots conservatives. As of February, 13, 2013,  it's Palin conservatives vs. Rove republicans.  It's a war people. So you better figure out what side you're on now.

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