Wednesday, March 20, 2013

If Sarah Palin’s Big Flaw Is Resigning Then She Has No Flaws


Mr.L in Mr.L’s Tavern.  I wanna talk about this dig at Sarah Palin by Karl Rove which was in retaliation for Palin’s dig at him at CPAC. And I did have this transcribed by the way. You can find it along with this commentary at  I only did this once where I cut the audio and then gave it to a friend who’s a fast keyboardist to transcribe it because I think this topic is important to be in both the spoken and the written word. 
I wanna talk about the concept of resignation and Sarah Palin’s resignation. I know that I’ve mentioned it in a few segments in the past, but I’ve been wanting to speak about it for awhile and in light of Karl Rove’s asinine response to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, I thought it was high time to do it.  And really, what I believe was a declaration of war declared on a certain faction of the party, I’ve said this before, it’s a war on conservative grassroots, Palin supporters, rank and file tea party folk and it was declared by the republican establishment and people like Karl Rove and other pundit class open pie holes on the right. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sarah Palin ROCKS CPAC 2013- Says "We're Here To Rebuild A Country"

For a second year in a row, Sarah Palin ROCKS the stage of CPAC 2013.  The packed house and approximately seven standing ovations that she received explains to those riding the short bus in the mass media why she got to speak at the annual conservative conference.  Palin's speech was a brilliant mix between the humorous and the serious.  She brought the house down by mocking Nanny NYC Mayor Bloomberg by sipping a Big Gulp.  She compared Pres. Obama to Bernie Madoff.  She called out the crony capitalists, GOP establishment consultants and declared, "We are not here to rebrand a party. We are here to rebuild a country."  Palin tells those to encourage other's with common sense conservative principles to serve the nation. The question for Palinistas is, how do we encourage and convince Palin to run for national office?  Also discussed, is how Palin was mocked in 2009 for calling out Obama's impotence on missile defense in Alaska and the actions that the administration taking that prove she was right.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why I Don't Stand With Grandstanding Rand

Sometimes it's tough being a lone voice in the wilderness. But someone has got to say it.  Last night's thirteen hour filibuster should've been about rejecting Obama's nominee John Brennan for Director of the CIA.  Instead, the filibuster served as a platform for Rand Paul to air out old civil libertarian grievances against the Bush administration regarding national security. How quickly do people forget that Paul voted YES to three of Obama’s past nominees—John Kerry, Chuck Hagel and the fiscal socialist Jack Lew.   No doubt, Paul used this opportunity to politically grandstand for the 2016 presidential election.  However, the opportunity was missed to discuss Islamic radicalism in America and Brennan’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, as well as his involvement in the cover up of the September 11th 2012 massacre in Benghazi.  For these reasons, I do not stand with Rand Paul.
Oh yeah and to those republicans who voted for Brennan after they dined with Obama, you suck too. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Folly Of Big Tent Republicanism

The GOP establishment is on the offensive lately pushing the idea of "Big Tent" liberal republicanism to the low information voters via the media. I told you a few weeks ago that we are now in a war for the heart and soul of the republican party in America.  It's Sarah Palin grassroots conservatives vs. Rove Bush Family Republicans. Big tent republicanism is nothing more than a euphemism for big government, socialism and one party rule.  My predictions about Dr. Ben Carson are slowly coming true.  Marco Rubio and Rand Paul hang "for sale" signs on themselves and go to Wall Street.  Paul Ryan and others will soon follow.   Sarah Palin still speaks for average middle class working Americans who are fed up with Obama's lies and big government statism.  Once again, the great lady of Alaska has the balls to call out the Obama administration and the Department of Homeland Stupidity for stockpiling massive amounts of ammunition.  What is chilling about Palin's recent prediction is that most of her predictions have come true.