Saturday, April 20, 2013

I'll Tell You What's The Matter With American Politics

After watching CSPAN's Book TV panel with Michael Steele and Mickey Edwards, I know what's the matter with American politics—its politicians and political figures like them.  And if they are not the problem with American politics as a whole, they are the main problem with the Republican Party.  These two men on this panel are the personification of why the pejorative term RINO was made.  These men still believe that running moderate republicans is the way to win elections and save America.  Question: How many times do you want to run moderates and lose before you understand that isn't working?   We should not comprise with  leftists who are destroying the country.  We should not compromise with these fake republicans  who wish to enable the left's bad policies instead of a pushing back at them like a real opposing party. 
We should not compromise or work with them--- we need to destroy them.

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