Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Muslim Beheading of UK Soldier Is Another Wake Up Call To USA

The recent Islamic beheading of a British soldier in Woolwich is yet another 3 AM wake up call to America.  There are differences and similarities between the Islamic attacks in Britain and Ft. Hood. When such a demonstration of savagery in the name of Islam occurs, we need to dry the tears, drop the flowers and make shift memorials and take to the streets and protest.  America still does not understand that the problems with Islamists in the UK and other European countries will soon be ours if we do not wake up.  What's the difference between American leftists and Islamists?  Not much.  Islamism and leftism are both evil and tyrannical.  Politicians like Obama and David Cameron are no different than Neville Chamberlin when it comes to Islam.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Obama Scandals on the Wall --Benghazi Is The Most Damaging Of Them All

Obama scandals on the wall, which is the most damaging of them all?  Is it Benghazi or IRS abuses or AP phone probe?  I think it the Benghazi cover up.  The dismantling of Obama's presidency lay in the following questions:  Why did you blame it on an anti Muslim video when you knew it was an Al Qaeda terrorist attack?  Who gave the two stand down orders?  Why were two stand down orders given if you had no idea how long the attack was going to last?  Or did you know how long the attack was going to last?  There are both practical and sinister explanations about what went on 9/11/2012.  Is Obama covering up something much more than we ever thought?  Was the night of 9/11/2012 a staged hostage event that went awry?   There are many scandal fires burning right now, but it is important to not let the Benghazi fire burn out.  Like I said in September 2012, this is worse than Watergate because no one died in that scandal.  Worse—the four men in Benghazi did not have to die that night.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Benghazi—Calls For Help Obama Denied, Hillary Watched Them Die & Then She Lied

My thoughts on the Benghazi whistle blower hearings.  Why the Obama administration is turning paranoids into prophets. Hillary Clinton, like her husband Bill, lied to the American people.  Benghazi scandal bigger than Watergate or Iran Contra.  There is a vast left wing conspiracy to protect Obama's legacy and Clinton's reputation.  Just imagine if a scandal like Benghazi occurred under a Palin/Gingrich administration.  The liberal media cover up of Benghazi is something that would make dead Soviet Stalinists proud.  Is there more to learn about this cover up?  What's the real scandal behind Benghazi?
****Correction made where it is said that Hillary lied under oath.  When this segment was completed & posted on YouTube on 5/9/13 at 6:30 pm, Mark Levin revealed on his show that Hillary Clinton did not swear under oath in her testimony.  That was part of her agreement to get her to testify which means that she had no intention of telling the truth from the jump.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Assclowns On The Left & Right & Sarah Palin Is Still In The Fight

Former Governor Sarah Palin gives another well received speech at the NRA ILA in Houston, Texas—proving to her foes that she's still relevant and not going away.  While the USA is falling apart at the seams, leftists lunatics from the church of the perpetually outraged believe that it is Citizen Palin tweeting the word "assclown" and not Obama the president who is a threat to the nation.  My advice when battling leftist Assclowns defending Obama and trashing Palin in comment threads is simple—flip that mofo.   In 2013,  the Obama presidency is over and irrelevant.  A majority of Americans are over Hype & Chains and want new leadership.  While there are Assclowns on the left, there are also Assclowns on the right. Why is talk radio protecting Marco Stoogeio Rubio?  Why is there a fake tea party organization scamming people into drafting Sarah Palin for the Senate?  I also talk about the parallels between Great Britain in the 1970s and America 2013.   Great Britain was saved by a great conservative leader like Margaret Thatcher.  In 2016, America could be saved by a conservative leader and that's Sarah Palin.