Friday, May 10, 2013

Benghazi—Calls For Help Obama Denied, Hillary Watched Them Die & Then She Lied

My thoughts on the Benghazi whistle blower hearings.  Why the Obama administration is turning paranoids into prophets. Hillary Clinton, like her husband Bill, lied to the American people.  Benghazi scandal bigger than Watergate or Iran Contra.  There is a vast left wing conspiracy to protect Obama's legacy and Clinton's reputation.  Just imagine if a scandal like Benghazi occurred under a Palin/Gingrich administration.  The liberal media cover up of Benghazi is something that would make dead Soviet Stalinists proud.  Is there more to learn about this cover up?  What's the real scandal behind Benghazi?
****Correction made where it is said that Hillary lied under oath.  When this segment was completed & posted on YouTube on 5/9/13 at 6:30 pm, Mark Levin revealed on his show that Hillary Clinton did not swear under oath in her testimony.  That was part of her agreement to get her to testify which means that she had no intention of telling the truth from the jump.

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