Monday, June 3, 2013

Is POTUS On Sarah Palin's Bucket List?

At the Indy 500, Sarah Palin gave an interesting answer to a reporter’s question about her political future. She also said that attending the Indy 500 was “bucket list stuff.” I speak for many in the conservative movement when I say, I hope becoming President of the United States is listed on her bucket list. To Obama supporters who still defend him and look the other way at his administration that is embroiled in four known scandals, how do you live with yourselves? True, there’s no hard evidence of Obama’s direct involvement in any of these scandals…yet. Regardless, the common thread in all of these scandals is no responsibility, transparency and accountability. May the Karma Fairy pay visit to those suffering with PDS very soon. Sarah Palin speaks to the 2013 graduating class of Republic High School and tells the town that helped her father 49 years ago, “You Got Us On Our Path.”

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