Tuesday, June 11, 2013

When Sarah Palin Says We’re Screwed You Should Worry

When Sarah Palin tells America we're screwed, you need to listen and worry. Most of Palin's observations and predictions that she's made via Facebook, Twitter and the media were correct. Sarah Palin, unlike any other potential candidate for president, is the only one who has the moral high ground to call out Obama's radical appointees like Samantha Power and Susan Rice. She warned us of Obama's radical associations in 2008 when John McCain and his campaign advisers were too cowardly to do so. The loss of McCain to Obama in 2008 happened for a reason. With all of his scandals going on Obama says, "Trust us." I say, "Convince us." He can't. What does Sarah Palin and all the whistle blowers blowing on Obama have in common? A new E-Book by a Romney campaign speechwriter vindicates Sarah Palin's comments against the GOP establishment's consultant class. The RNC has not learned their lesson in 2012, will continue to rely on the career consultants and "architects."

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