Thursday, August 22, 2013

What’s Sarah Palin’s Next Move? Senate 2014 or President 2016?

Will Sarah Palin run for Senate in 2014 or for President in 2016?   Reading the Mark Leibovich book "This Town" reminds me why I don't want Palin in that town as a one of a hundred senators.  I want her running that town.  Contrary to what the well fed right and Bill Kristol say, Sarah Palin doesn't need to rehabilitate her image.  Yes, the GOP does need rehab, but has it hit rock bottom?  I don't think it has.  When it does, I don't want Sarah Palin running the intervention from the Senate.  Dealing with overly confident and cocky Ted Cruz supporters.  The Christie Paul feud continues to linger in the media like a bad fart in a car.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Is Barack Obama the First Closeted Gay President?

We all know that Barack Obama is a historic first black president.  But, is he also the first closeted gay president?  If Obama announced that he was gay during his second term, do you think that would be accepted by the majority of the American public?   Lord Christie of Trenton, bans reparative therapy, says gays are born that way.  The rotund governor of New Jersey says it—therefore, it must be true.   Prominent blogger, T Shoebat, gets booted off off of YouTube and Google for simply making a video where he declares his disagreement with the gay agenda.  Gay activists' selective outrage against Christianity and Judaism is cowardly.  They would never protest Islam in the way they protest other religions that disagree with their lifestyle.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Collision 2012-- How the gopE Anointed Romney, Bowed to the Consultant Class, Wasted Millions & Still Lost America

....and how they will do it again if they're not stopped. This is a review of the Dan Balz book about the 2012 campaign titled "Collision 2012."  The book spills the beans on both the Obama and Romney campaigns, but mostly focuses on the Republican Party primary battle of 2011-2012.  Collision covers much of what was already known about the primaries, but left many controversial subjects out.  The book is written by a liberal journalist, so it reads like a love letter to Obama and the Democrats. While Team Obama may know how to campaign and win elections, it's clear they do not know how to run the country.   Balz confirms what many conservatives knew then—Romney was not up for the job as the republican nominee.  Romney even considered quitting the campaign in May of 2011, right around the time that Sarah Palin started up her bus tour.  The book is somewhat of an indictment of the political consultant class.  The GOP looks like it is capable of repeating the mistakes of 2012 all over again as it appears that they are currently coalescing around  closet democrat Chris Christie for 2016.

Read 1776er comment about the book here:
I don't often agree with Peggy Noonan. More often than not I find her stuff too stuffy, if you know what I mean. A Reaganite turned Bushie. And mushie.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Who Cares About Team Rand vs. Christie Feud? I'm On Team Palin

Sarah Palin's 2009 claims of death panels in Obamacare have been vindicated.  The former Governor of Alaska appeared on Fox News this weekend to discuss how many prominent Democrats have admitted that the bureaucratic panel exists in the bill.  However, all that seems to be on the minds of the media is her choice to be on "Team Rand" during the Paul/Christie feud.  I personally believe the feud is phony.  I think it can be summed up easily as two attention whores seeking attention.  If I had a choice between Team Rand or Christie—I'd drink the hemlock.  I could care less about the Team Rand vs. Christie feud—I'm on Team Palin.  WaPo's Chris Cillizza's clownish article where he calls on  Christie to stand up to Palin proves why WaPo is headed for extinction.  If the GOP continues to listen to people like Cillizza and others in the LSM that dictate who the standard bearer of the right should be, extinction is on the horizon for the GOP as well.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

CNN's "Our Nixon" Reminds Us That Our Obama Is Much Worse

CNN’s documentary “Our Nixon” reminds the viewer that our Obama is much worse than the 37th president.  While watching the documentary, we are reminded that Nixon only had one scandal, Watergate, while Obama has a half of a dozen known scandals.  Other scandals such as Extortion 17, remain relatively unknown thanks to Obama’s lap dog, back rubbing media.  When Obama calls Benghazi and the IRS scandals “phony” he is telling us which scandals he fears the most.  While we can blame the media for helping Obama to get away with murder, we must also blame the inept and feckless republican leadership.  Anyone who thinks that the republicans have the political will to impeach Obama over his crimes against the American people are kidding themselves.  The republican establishment does not even have the balls to defund Obamacare.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

I'm Sick Of LimoLeftists Who Ignore Obama's Creeping Authoritarianism in America

Geriatric rockers Ann and Nancy Wilson protest of the imprisonment of pop tart band Pussy Riot in Moscow.  The group was put in jail after they desecrated Cathedral of Christ the Savior with, what Russians called, a vulgar and immoral political demonstration.  Notice how these so called brave leftists would never have the nerve to desecrate a mosque in Pakistan.  Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart are examples of how the entertainment industry has suffered both financially and commercially due to the mixing of left wing politics and art.  These loudmouths will defend a pop tart's free speech rights outside of America, but look the other when the Obama administration oppresses his political enemies, violate the Constitution and the rule of law in ways that would make Richard Nixon blush.