Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Who Cares About Team Rand vs. Christie Feud? I'm On Team Palin

Sarah Palin's 2009 claims of death panels in Obamacare have been vindicated.  The former Governor of Alaska appeared on Fox News this weekend to discuss how many prominent Democrats have admitted that the bureaucratic panel exists in the bill.  However, all that seems to be on the minds of the media is her choice to be on "Team Rand" during the Paul/Christie feud.  I personally believe the feud is phony.  I think it can be summed up easily as two attention whores seeking attention.  If I had a choice between Team Rand or Christie—I'd drink the hemlock.  I could care less about the Team Rand vs. Christie feud—I'm on Team Palin.  WaPo's Chris Cillizza's clownish article where he calls on  Christie to stand up to Palin proves why WaPo is headed for extinction.  If the GOP continues to listen to people like Cillizza and others in the LSM that dictate who the standard bearer of the right should be, extinction is on the horizon for the GOP as well.

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