Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Note To GOP Leaders, You Didn't Stop Sarah Palin

In 2010, the Republican establishment vowed to stop Sarah Palin. They failed.  In 2013, the former governor of Alaska shows no signs of stopping and remains a strong voice for constitutional conservativism.  Sarah Palin remains a political force due to her pitch perfect message against corruption, cronyism and both party establishments in Washington.  That same message resonated with Alaskans and carried her all the way to Governor's office in 2006.  If she wants it, that message could also resonate with Americans and carry her all the way to the White House in a few years.  Prediction: Obamacare will do for Obama and the Democrats much like what Hurricane Katrina and Sunni/ Shiite civil war in Iraq did for Bush and the Republicans in 2008.

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