Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sarah Palin In Charge Has a Nice Ring To It

The left, media and some on the right freak out over 17 words uttered by Sarah Palin at the NRA Stand and Fight Rally of 2014.  Did her comment really offend Christians?  What really offends Christians?  How about: Obama using the IRS to target Christian groups. Obama using the federal government to force churches to get permits allowing them to baptize people.  Obama making churches offer contraception.  Obama mentioning Islam in an Easter message that he gave this year when Islam has nothing to do with a Christian holiday.  Muslims killing Christians and burning churches all over the middle east while Obama does nothing about it. 
Thankfully, Sarah Palin defended the comments that she made about water-boarding.  Palin made it clear to an MSNBC reporter that, if she were in charge, she would do whatever it takes to protect Americans and the homeland.   I'd bet a majority of Americans would agree with and have trouble arguing against that follow up statement.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Those Pushing Romney 2016 Are Sniffing Glue

With Chris Christie's popularity plummeting and Jeb Bush's latest comments about illegal immigrant law breakers committing "acts of love," the GOP establishment is running out of slip and fall moderate candidates to force upon the conservative electorate for 2016.  Rumors abound that the establishment is looking to get behind Mitt Romney for 2016 once again.  If you think Mitt Romney should be the nominee in 2016, your official certificate of insanity awaits.  Joining this chorus of lunacy is none other than talk show host Tammy Bruce, who recently wrote  an article in the Washington Times in support of Romney 2016.  I explain why this rumor/pipe dream is not only insane, but also makes absolutely no sense.

Friday, April 4, 2014

What I Would Like To Say to the Republican Establishment in Defense of Sarah Palin

This clip from the 2013 comedy "The Heat" pretty much sums up what I would like to say to the republican establishment in defense of Sarah Palin. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

US Needs Another Bush Paul Clinton POTUS Candidacy Like It Needs a Clap Epidemic

America has had enough of political dynasties and the "wife of, son of, brother of" POTUS candidacies. Is there much difference between Rand Paul and Jeb Bush?  Both are for amnesty.  Both call for the republican party to moderate or push to the left on social issues.  If we do not stand for social and cultural issues now, then when will we? Is Rand Paul simply an establishment republican who espouses libertarian populist speak?  Rand Paul is not feared by the establishment.  Some of he and his father's former supporters believe Rand is "controlled opposition." Paul should not be commended for getting applause at college campus that is known for its far left radicalism.  My horrifying online conversation with a libertarian re: amnesty  proves why libertarianism is nuts and doesn't work.