Wednesday, April 2, 2014

US Needs Another Bush Paul Clinton POTUS Candidacy Like It Needs a Clap Epidemic

America has had enough of political dynasties and the "wife of, son of, brother of" POTUS candidacies. Is there much difference between Rand Paul and Jeb Bush?  Both are for amnesty.  Both call for the republican party to moderate or push to the left on social issues.  If we do not stand for social and cultural issues now, then when will we? Is Rand Paul simply an establishment republican who espouses libertarian populist speak?  Rand Paul is not feared by the establishment.  Some of he and his father's former supporters believe Rand is "controlled opposition." Paul should not be commended for getting applause at college campus that is known for its far left radicalism.  My horrifying online conversation with a libertarian re: amnesty  proves why libertarianism is nuts and doesn't work.

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