Monday, June 30, 2014

Corrupt GOP Barney Caucus Does Mischief in the Magnolia State

In the Mississippi Senate run off, the GOP establishment with dirty tricks, race baiting and bribing, managed to squeak out a victory over tea party challenger Chris McDaniel.  In their effort to protect the fossil Thad Cochran at any cost, they may have caused a permanent schism between the republican party's moderate and conservative wings.  Sarah Palin on Sean Hannity was asked if a third party is necessary after what took place in the Magnolia state.  Her thoughts are on the minds of most conservatives.  That is, how much longer can a party survive when the leadership is constantly acting to undermine its own base? As usual, the left and the media had a holy field day with the GOP's Pyrrhic victory.  Words like "extremist" and "fringe" have replaced "racist" when used by old media to label conservatives.

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