Saturday, September 26, 2015

Paid Political Consultants Are Nothing But Whores

Scott Walker became the latest casualty of the political consultant world.  The paid political consultant is no different than the hookers haunting the streets of Hunts Point, Bronx.  Sarah Palin warned conservatives of the permanent political class (PPC) and told the GOP to "furlough the consultants" at CPAC 2013.  Did they listen? With the demise of both Perry and Walker's campaign, it's obvious they did not.  Palin supporters cannot have it both ways. You cannot agree with Palin's comments about consultants and the PPC and expect her to hire such people for a campaign. If Sarah Palin is going to run --whether it be in a few weeks or a few years-- with her instant name recognition, star power that rivals Trump, her ability to get free media and raise funds, what the hell should she rely on whorish consultants to run her campaign?

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