Thursday, September 10, 2015

RE: Glenn Beck's Hate Rant on Sarah Palin & Stop Iran Rally

At the Stop Iran Rally, Sarah Palin gave one of her best speeches, one that was reminiscent of the one she gave in Madison, Wisconsin with Andrew Breitbart in 2011.  Apparently, Palin got Glenn Beck's Magic Underwear in a wad and he decided to trash her on his low rated radio show on 9/10/2015. After years of clownish, buffoonish behavior on radio and TV, Glenn Beck should not be calling ANYONE "clown."  If you should ever run into Glenn Beck in person, please be sure to tell him, "Mr.L thinks you're a crazy putz" and "What exactly did Sarah Palin ever do to you that gives you the reason to trash her on your show" and please report to me with that information.

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