Saturday, February 20, 2016

RE: Glenn Beck's Latest Jiggery Pokery

On Thursday, Sarah Palin posted this about Glenn Beck.
This has been yet another episode in the ongoing feud between the former Governor and the talk show host.  Apparently, Glenn did not like the public mutilation of his genitals on Thursday, so he posted a response, playing the victim, for which I will respond:

"I just read Sarah Palin's Facebook page."
Bullshit. You probably read it the second it was posted. One of your cronies told you about Palin's post immediately.

"There is a problem in our society. Anger, vitriol and hatred are growing. Politics are coming between us as people."
Yes there is Glenn and you have contributed to the growth of that anger, vitriol and hatred on your talk radio show, now defunct Fox News show and Blaze TV.

"There are many political organizations, like Media Matters, that have taken people like Sarah and me on for years. I have stopped reading them or spreading their lies and spin.
Their lies are hurtful and nasty."
Don't blame Media Matters for your feud with Palin.  Anyone with a brain knows that Sarah and her husband treated you with nothing but kindness and respect.  It was YOU who drew first blood.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016