Sunday, August 21, 2016

American Journalism Collapsed Before Our Eyes in 2008

Today I woke up the same way I wake up every day with coffee, internet news on the tablet and cable news on the TV.  I clicked over to the NY Post to read columnist Michael Goodwin’s article “American Journalism Has Collapsed Before Our Eyes.” Go here to read it.

I agree with Goodwin one hundred percent.  Is the media pulling all the stops to try to take Donald Trump down?  Absolutely.  On cable and nightly network news, it is wall to wall Trump coverage 24/7.  Most of it is negative. Meanwhile they virtually ignore Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

Benghazi?  It’s old news.  The Clinton Foundation is operating like a money laundering scheme?  It’s a nothing burger.  Is Hillary’s health an issue? Move along nothing to see here.  Do they ask why Hillary wore a wool coat at an outdoor east coast fundraiser in 90 degree heat in August?  Never.

The bias is undeniable.

My beef with Goodwin is that his article reads as if this all started with the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump.  It did not.  The year that the media and mainstream journalism collapsed before our eyes was 2008.  Sean Hannity has often referred to the year 2008 as “the year the media and journalism died.”

It was clear to everyone with a thinking mind that the mainstream press knob-slobbed then Senator Barack Obama while he was running for president.  But they really went off the wall when Governor Sarah Palin was picked as John McCain’s running mate.  With the national introduction of Palin, for the first time in the entire election cycle of 2008 there was a clear and present threat against Obama.  The media clearly had to take her down.

They had every reason to worry.   For the first time in the general election race, McCain was up in the polls right after Palin’s thunderous RNC acceptance speech.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Fake Republicans For Hillary

Due to some technical problems that I've been having in the production process, my latest segment will be audio only, no visuals. Enjoy. -Mr.L