Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What Would President Kirkman Do?

The second episode of Designated Survivor was so disappointing last night, I actually regret writing this the other day.  People's Cube sums it up perfectly here:
 RUSH weighs in:  "The first episode was kick ass. First episode is great. Episode two, they blow it. These people on the left cannot keep their liberalism out -- and it's always been there. Don't misunderstand. What's happening now is they are in our face.They are using prime time television entertainment shows to preach to us, to belittle us, to mock us, to make fun of us to advance their agenda or whatever. There's no wonder why ratings are down."

CLINTON: The other day, I saw Donald saying that there were some Iranian sailors on a ship in the waters off of Iran, and they were taunting American sailors who were on a nearby ship. He said, you know, if they taunted our sailors, I'd blow them out of the water and start another war. That's not good judgment.
TRUMP: That would not start a war.
CLINTON: That is not the right temperament to be commander-in- chief, to be taunted. And the worst part...
TRUMP: No, they were taunting us.

That was a transcript from Monday night’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. First, I will just point out the obvious.  The only person on that debate stage who helped start a war—in Iraq—is Hillary Clinton.  I’m sure that Hillary, her cronies and worshippers would like you to forget just how Mrs. Clinton lost the Democrat nomination to Barack Obama in 2008.  As Secretary of State, Hillary and Obama went to war, illegally, in Libya with absolutely no plan whatsoever once they leveled Muammar Gaddafi and his government.

Other than Hillary being totally unlikable, craven and untrustworthy, if I had to choose one thing that turned the Democrat left base over to Obama in 2008, it was her vote to go to war in Iraq. She tried to run from it, parse it, spin it, but she could not hide from it.  Recall this moment from 2006 of Code Pink leader confronting Hillary over her vote.

And now here she stood on the debate stage, in one of the most egregious cases of projection, trying to paint Donald Trump as a war monger and herself as the diplomatic dove with superior judgement and temperament.

As for Trump, I didn’t think his debate performance was horrible as the media make it seem, but he missed many opportunities to hit Clinton on several issues including when she brought up his comment about blowing an Iranian ship out of the water after they taunted the Navy.

Here is what Trump should have articulated at that moment: