Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mr.L: Sarah Palin's War

After Judge Roy Moore's stunning victory in Alabama Senate race, Sarah Palin declares "We Can Win This War." Yes we can and yes it is a long political war.  Palin, Gorka, Bannon and the rest of us militant normals are out for scalps and many of those scalps have (R)s next to their names. Government needs more Roy Moores not more whores.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Mr.L: I Think I Saw a UFO Last Night

I tried to post this last night, Sept. 23 2017, but there was some kind of tech problem on YouTube and I couldn't get the video to load.
I was sitting on my back porch listening to music at around 10pm EST. It was such a clear night that, when I looked directly up to the sky, I could see a few stars. I saw this one star that was brighter than the others directly above me that was slightly north of the other four stars next to it. Approximately five minutes went by and I looked up again. That is when I saw a green light. It was the size of a dot and only slightly larger than the bright star I was looking at just a few minutes before. It appeared to be very high in altitude in the night sky. It was to the left of the bright star that was slightly north of the other stars in the sky. This green dot was flashing. The green color was as vivid in color as a traffic light. The flash was one flash per second. Again, this was directly over where I was sitting. I went inside to call my neighbor in order to get a second witness, but she was not home. I came back outside thinking the object had gone away, but it was still there. It then moved to the right slightly blocking the bright star. The green flashing dot all of a sudden changed to a red flashing dot. Same tempo of flashes and red color as vivid as a stop light. For approximately one minute it flashed red and then slowly drifted east all the while flashing. It moved east until the tall oak trees in my yard blocked my vision of the object in the sky.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Rep. Tenney... Did You Say FOUR MILLION Illegal Immigrants?

I was watching Stu Varney’s show this morning and he had on guest Representative Claudia Tenney a republican Congresswoman from New Hartfod, New York.  They were discussing President Trump’s recent talks with Democrats over DACA and other agenda items.

At the 1:35 minute mark of the clip is where I had my “Watcha talkin bout Willis?” moment.  The clip is below.

To her credit, she states that she wants to get more of the President’s agenda items along with the wall and border security in exchange for DACA.  But at that 1:35 mark Rep. Tenney says:

Did you hear that?

“DACA is just a part of an entire comprehensive immigration reform dealing with the FOUR MILLION people waiting to get legal citizenship here and we have a refugee program and work with people on those ends…”

I think Rep. Tenney just let the cat out of the bag.

FOUR MILLION?  Silly me.  Because I thought the fight over DACA was over 800,000 illegals.  Did the Congressman make an honest mistake and instead of saying 800,000 she said four million? That’s some mistake.  I think she would have corrected it by now.

Or did that mean that both republicans and democrats are trying to add in an extra four million illegals in with the DACA or comprehensive immigration program?

It sure sounds that way.

If that is what is going on here, this is criminal.  If President Trump, who campaigned against amnesty and for immigration control goes along with it, he is toast.

I did contact Congresswoman Tenney’s DC and New Hartford, NY offices and so far I haven’t heard back from either the Congresswoman or her staff.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Mr.L: Is President Trump Going Full Tilt Triangulation?

On its face, the President's meeting with Pelosi and Schumer looks like betrayal. But is this a case of Trump going full tilt triangulation on his enemies to the right and left?

Friday, September 1, 2017

Mr.L: Sarah Palin vs. The Negligent York Times

A Clinton appointed judge dismisses Sarah Palin's lawsuit against the negligent New York Times. But this dismissal could set Palin up for a successful appeal.